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BlackJet Reviews

BlackJet traces its roots back to 2012 and was originally backed by Uber Co-Founder & Chairman Garrett Camp. The idea was basically to be Uber for the jet-set, eventually settling into a membership model whereby people paid an annual fee in exchange for access to a network of private jets on which they could book seats.

BlackJet Reviews-Dean Rotchin
Dean Rotchin

They are currently managed by the founder and CEO Dean Rotchin. However, the promised-to-be “Uber for Jets” suddenly ceased operations in May 2016. Its CEO blamed inaccurate press coverage and a lack of capital as the reasons for its demise. The CEO even wrote:

“In the last few days, there was some inaccurate bad press that stunted membership sales, a critical team member stepped down unexpectedly, near-term and longer term financing opportunities were delayed, and it became impossible to continue,”

In this review, we’ll be writing and observing how it was to use BlackJet. Take time to judge if they are worth the shot or worth the shut.

What is BlackJet?

Basically, BlackJet is the world’s largest private jet by-the-seat booking company.  BlackJet Technology provides confirmed seats on private jets in seconds on all our available routes.  BlackJet is not an owner or operator of aircraft.  Flights are provided by professional aircraft operators who are authorized by the FAA and DOT to provide on-demand air charter service for hire.  BlackJet handles the booking, concierge, logistics, and membership services related to the private jet seat service and private jet charter offerings.
BlackJet Reviews-page
See how awesome they are? Checking on their official site, it was quite obvious why black is their theme color. Black expresses power, elegance, and formality, which pretty much explains what private jets are supposed to mean.
BlackJet Reviews-mobile appBlackJet also has a mobile app. In 2013, BlackJet had released their mobile app for iOS users or for iPhones. This idea was to help travellers book their private jet away from keyboards and straight to their mobile devices.

BlackJet Reviews of Customers

We tried looking for BlackJet reviews online and just by looking at their feedback, it is safe to assume that they are not a scam nor a fraudulent travel company. Customers are looking forward to fly their luxurious yet affordable service again with no hesitation. Even though BlackJet is not a BBB-accredited travel company, they had made sure of the leniency of their services all throughout.
BlackJet Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   https://www.blackjet.com/
  • Contact Number:             800-916-JETS
  • Contact Email:                 info@blackjet.com
  • Fax Number:                   561-689-7099
  • Head Office Address:       1675 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite One West Palm Beach,
                                            Florida 33401 United States


BlackJet is a whole new way to fly and lives at the intersection of private aviation and the commercial airlines. BlackJet members enjoy the convenience, reliability, and private jet experience at prices you would expect from American, Delta or United first class. As promised, they had provided an exclusive service to customers and even if they had already ceased operations, we are looking forward to the rebirth of BlackJet in the future.

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Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews

More commonly known as “The Lone Star State” in the US, it has the best barbecue joints around. Texas is the second most populous and the second-largest of the 50 states in the United States of America. Did you know that “Texas” came from the Caddo Indian word ‘tayshas’ meaning “friends” or “allies”? Back in 1927, Dallas proposed a joint airport with Fort Worth. Initially, the proposal was declined by Fort Worth; each city had opened their own airports.

joint proposalBut in the long run, the proposal was made effective in 1961 after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) refused to invest more money in separate Dallas and Fort Worth airports, since Fort Worth’s airport was eventually abandoned by then.

In 1973, the public international airport was established. The airport opened for commercial service as Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport on January 13, 1974, at a cost of $700 million. The joint Texas city airport was rebranded to what it is known today as “Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport” in 1985.

Airport Facilities

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas–Fort Worth area in the U.S. state of Texas and is largest hub for American Airlines. DFW has enough facilities to accommodate customers. Let us help travellers to enumerate some of them.
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews-facilities
Multilingual information boards can be found throughout Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. In addition, interactive visitor information centres are located near the baggage reclaim areas, providing information about the airport and public transportation.

DFW Airport Ambassadors, who are stationed throughout all terminals, provide assistance, including directing passengers to connecting flights, baggage reclaim, and other airport facilities.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews-shopsThere are more than 100 food and drink outlets at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, ranging from snack bars and fast food counters to à la carte dining establishments, including a high-end restaurant in the Grand Hyatt hotel .

In all, there are more than 100 shops offering everything from cosmetics and drinks to Texan souvenirs (think cowboy hats and boots). Duty-free shopping is available to international passengers in Terminals A and B.

Since Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is operational for 24 hours, workstations offer free power outlets and USB ports for charging. Free WiFi is also available throughout the airport, along with numerous fixed internet kiosks.

Getting To and From

There are airport connections from the south on highways 183 and 360, or from the north on highways 114 and 121. All exits are on the left. From central Dallas, head north on Interstate 35E, continue (northwest) on Route 183, turn off onto Ramp DFW Airport, and then continue (north) on International Parkway North toll road. From central Fort Worth, take Route 121 (Airport Freeway) all the way to the International Parkway junction. The International Parkway leads directly to the airport.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews-Dallas Area Rapid TransitThe Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), located inside Terminal A, is convenient for connecting to the Dallas Amtrak Station. The Amtrak Station is located in Union Station at 400 South Houston Street. Travel time by DART public transportation should be about 1 hour, depending on the time of day you are traveling.

Location – Traffic – Service

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is situated 24km (15 miles) northwest of Dallas and 29km (18 miles) northeast of Fort Worth, serving as a hub for American Airlines, Ameriflight, and UPS Airlines. DFW is the second biggest airport in the US with 17,207 acres, 5 terminals, and 7 runways. It is also the ninth busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. The public type airport had served domestic and international flights with more than 64 million passengers last year.
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews-American Airlines

Airport/Terminal Map
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews-map

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Reviews & News

Like other airports we wrote about, DFW had also garnered an overall score of 4/10, which is obviously below the average rating. According to 108 Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport reviews, the airport is not organized and confusing. Some customers had even said they had an inconvenient experience at DFW and will avoid the airport at all costs. But above all, travellers are mainly complaining about the airport staff’s lack of customer service skills. To see more of these Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport reviews, click here.

The whole airport is currently undergoing a huge renovation and improvement project scheduled for completion in 2018. While the work is carried out, a number of gates will close temporarily, check the official website for the latest updates on this. Coinciding with the renovation project, a new terminal, Terminal F, is in the planning stages.
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:           DFW
  • Phone Number:       +1 972-973-3112
  • Website URL:           https://www.dfwairport.com/
  • Address:                  International Pkwy, DFW Airport, TX 75261, United States


It seems like DFW had been going through a lot lately. But, the development in process might resolve the complaints of the frequent travellers. We are looking forward to see the improvements of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in 2018. Despite these negative feedback, their ranking was not affected. In fact, they leveled up from 62nd last year to the 58th spot this year.

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SeaPort Airlines Reviews

SeaPort Airlines Reviews-SasqutachThe US-based regional airline based at Portland International Airport traces its roots back to 2008. The airline provides commuter services in the west of the USA and has a total of 7 destinations, particularly to (3) in Arkansas: El Dorado, Harrison and Hot Springs, (2) in Oregon: Portland and Pendleton, the last (2) in Memphis, Tennessee and Houston, Texas. SeaPort Airlines has 5-all Cessna 208 Caravan fleet. This aircraft type is a single-engined turboprop, fixed-tricycle landing gear, short-haul regional airliner and utility aircraft that is built in the United States by Cessna.

SeaPort Airlines Reviews-pilotWith the Cessna 208 Caravan fleet, 9 passengers can fit inside the single pilot aircraft. SeaPort Airlines uses the callsign “Sasquatch” to communicate with air traffic controllers. The carrier played off this in early 2013 when it introduced “Roger, The SeaPort Airlines Sasquatch” as the airline’s mascot. Following the company slogan “Hometown service. Worldwide connections,” SeaPort Airlines’ key people are the following:

  • Timothy Sieber (President)
  • David Perlitz (Director of Station Operations)
  • Noel McDermott (Director of Operations)
  • James Beebe (Chief Pilot)

Flying with SeaPort Airlines

SeaPort passengers are required to check-in, pick up their boarding pass and drop baggages at the ticket counter. We have friendly and capable staff to assist with check-in. Please be advised that passengers must show a valid government-issued ID at the time of check-in, and may be required to provide additional information to the customer service agent, including body weight and carry-on weight verification for aircraft weight and balance purposes.

In accordance to SeaPort Airlines’ policies, passengers should be checked-in no later than 30 minutes prior to departure to make a flight. Travellers arriving after the 30 minute cut-off will be re-accommodated pending seat availability.
SeaPort Airlines Reviews-passengersBaggage allowance is up to 50 lbs. No checked bag is to exceed 62 linear inches in size. Each passenger may carry one personal item, such as a purse, camera bag or small electronic device, briefcase or small backpack. SeaPort Airlines Reviews-inflightCarriage of e-Cigarettes and Marijuana is prohibited either for passengers or crewmembers because SeaPort Airlines operates under federal aviation regulations.

To grasp more of what it’s like on board with SeaPort. Check their “The SeaPort Experience” page:

User- & Mobile-friendly Site
SeaPort Airlines Reviews-page

The official site of SeaPort is easy to understand. As it is modernized, it’s not complicated to navigate the page. The main page promptly shows the company slogan and option to search and book for flights. The later part of the page gives passengers more travel deals they can look upon and information regarding the airlines’ services and policies. Travellers can also access information regarding SeaPort’s destinations and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram shown at the bottom part of the page. SeaPort Airlines also has a separate page acting as their blog site for latest news and updates.
SeaPort Airlines Reviews-page2
SeaPort doesn’t have a mobile application but the official site was actually designed to be compatible for either PC or Mobile versions.

SeaPort Airlines Reviews of Customers

It wasn’t hard to find SeaPort Airlines reviews online, but majority of them are for employee reviews such as on Indeed and and Glassdoor. Yelp had shown 34 SeaPort Airlines reviews which pretty much shared how it is like to fly with them. SeaPort might have promptly shown their policies and regulations but they aren’t as strict as they sound. As the most recent review said:

“The pilots even allowed us to sit in the pilot seat at the end to take some pictures with them (also in front of the Cessna).”

To see more of these SeaPort Airlines reviews and feedback, click here.
SeaPort Airlines Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      http://www.seaportair.com/
  • Contact Number:                +1 503 970 49 78
  • Contact Email:                    info@seaportair.com
  • Head Office Address:          7505 NE Airport Way, Portland, Oregon, 97218, USA


At first I thought SeaPort Airlines was one of the major airlines in the United States. Knowing it’s a regional airline, I didn’t quite expect much from the airline. However, after writing this review and after reading through several passengers’ feedback, they are not your average regional airline. Who knows? It might be in the future. They’ll be next working side by side like their partner airlines Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.

Have you flown with them? Feel free to share your experience below.