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Gatwick Airport Reviews

Gatwick Airport initially started as an aerodrome back in the late 1920s; the first terminal was built in 1935. Though, the major development of the airport was made in the 1950s. Now, Gatwick Airport is known to be the second-largest airport in London. Today, let’s discover more about the airport’s origins.


Gatwick Airport Reviews-foodWith the airport that serves more destinations in the United Kingdom, LGW or London Gatwick Airport had carefully prepared for the number of passengers that travel through them every day. Their information centers are handled by a multi-lingual staff and they’re operational for 24 hours. This  is one  of the ways of knowing the whereabouts of the airport’s facilities.

There are several restrooms located throughout the airport, and showers are available at the Regus Express Business Lounge. There are also free charging ports at the airport, just to keep your devices fully charged. To stay connected? WiFi connection is free for the first two 45 minutes. Because, it will require you to sign up again after the first 45-minute consumption.Gatwick Airport Reviews-shops

Since the airport is open for 24 hours, they tolerate overnight travellers. But, it should be expected that the most available spot to sleep on is the floor, though their benches have armrests. Food establishments are not all open for 24 hours as well; they operate depending on the stores’ varying schedules. The same goes for the stores, but three of the duty-free shops are open all-day long.


Gatwick Airport Reviews-national-expressThe cheapest way to get to and from London and LGW is by airport bus services. But, there are also other means of transport, such as the National Express which approximately takes 2 hours’ travel time. Taxis can be more accessible because they can take you to London in just an hour. If by means of driving, the airport is directly accessible from the M23 motorway.

Location – Traffic – Service

Gatwick Airport Reviews-british-airways
Gatwick Airport is about 28 miles south of London. LGW operates as the hub for British Airways, and had successfully accommodated 40,269,087 passengers last year. The public international airport has more destinations served in the United Kingdom compared to other London airports. Gatwick Airport’s top destinations are Barcelona, Dublin, Malaga, Amsterdam, Madrid, Dubai, Geneva, Copenhagen, Alicante, and Faro. LGW has only 1 runway and 2 terminals.

Airport/Terminal Map
Gatwick Airport Reviews-map

Gatwick Airport Reviews and News

We tried to read 503 London Gatwick Airport reviews posted on Skytrax, and the only thing we noticed was that travellers were not that happy with LGW’s services. Majority of the feedback are complaining about the airport’s long and unorganized lanes. One reviewer even said:

“I think that Gatwick airport is one of the worst I use as a chauffeur. Short stay car park never fully open and very difficult to navigate. No heating in arrivals. Even writing this the phone signal connection is bad. I can’t believe they think they should have an extra runway as they can’t even manage what they have now.”

Though, on a positive note, a plan of creating a link rail between Gatwick and Heathrow Airport is being on project and they will consider it being called “Heathwick” once it’s done.
Gatwick Airport Reviews-logo

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:            LGW
  • Phone Number:        +44 844 892 0322
  • Website URL:            RH6 0NP, United Kingdom
  • Address:                    http://www.gatwickairport.com/


Despite the low rating online with 4/10, Gatwick Airport had been more than keen on managing their ways to fix their flaws. They’ve been continuously working on developments and adjustments for their future in the travel industry. It was never easy to accommodate thousands of passengers on a daily basis. But, even so, LGW is on the 45th rank on the top 100 airports in the world.

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Parkopedia Reviews

Parkopedia Reviews-eugene-tsyrklevich
Eugene Tsyrklevich

The online parking encyclopedia traces its roots back to 2009, and was founded by Eugene Tsyrklevich who also serves as the travel company’s CEO. The name Parkopedia is a combination of the words parking and encyclopedia. Think of Wikipedia, but for parking spaces.

What is Parkopedia?

Parkopedia is where you can find a lot of information about parking: where a space is available, if it can be booked, if it can be paid for by credit card or if you’ll need coins. Their aim is to be a Wikipedia for all things parking-related. Parkopedia combines the two concepts in order to allow people to find the cheapest and most convenient parking available, no matter where they are or where they are going.Parkopedia Reviews-features

Parkopedia is the world’s largest parking information provider used by millions of drivers every month online and through its iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps. The travel site mobile app works in 75 countries, across 6,308 towns and cities with no fewer than 38,018,900 parking spaces. It can be accessed online, by SMS, as a mobile app or inside the car navigation systems of some of the world’s most recognized car brands.

Parkopedia’s information also appears inside the navigation systems of companies including Audi, BMW, Ford, Garmin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Peugeot, Toyota, Volvo, and VW.

Navigating through the official site of Parkopedia, it’s quite noticeable that the web page is similar to an online library search site. Thus, it gives you the option to “Where would you like to find parking?” The website of Parkopedia gives you more of the option to download and install their mobile app from the App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. Options to get the link are found at the bottom left or at the top right of the page.
Parkopedia Reviews-pageTravellers could also add parking maps to their website, license their parking data or promote their parking space. Either of which, the features are found at the center of the page next to the search box.

Parkopedia Reviews of Customers

We looked at several Parkopedia reviews; we found comments at the Google Play Store, and iTunes. The good news: they got an overall score of a 4/5-star rating. The bad news is the most recent feedback are actually complaints. On a positive note, one reviewer recently said, “Find places to park wherever I go I hate paying for parking. This app finds me free or cheap parking in every city I visit.”
Parkopedia Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   http://www.parkopedia.com/
  • Contact Number:             +44 77 2952 1888
  • Contact Email:                 support@parkopedia.com
  • Contact Page:                  http://www.parkopedia.com/contact-us/
  • Head Office Address:       24 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HF, United Kingdom


After reading through several comments and reviews about Parkopedia, we are convinced that this travel site is one of the best reliable sources to find parking you prefer. It might have been that Parkopedia was recently established, but the idea was actually a great help for people like us who travel to places we are not aware of: especially since some places have their own parking rules. Have you used Parkopedia before? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Since it has been a year, we will be starting to write new reviews about the travel sites we once wrote about last year, just to give you a heads up of the current status or changes of a particular online travel agency. Things can change in a span of a year, that’s why we decided on re-writing some of the written travel search engines and give you the freshest feedback for 2016.

In this review, we will be re-talking about Just The Ticket.

Just The Ticket Reviews 2016

Just The Ticket was founded in 1986 as a retail and corporate travel specialist. They are a proud member of Civil Aviation bonding scheme ATOL and International Air Transportation Association. Just The Ticket is currently headquartered in Marylebone Street, London. According to their company description, they provide excellent service with a team of professional staff. One thing noticeable about them is that they are proudly showing their membership in IATA and  the Civil Aviation Authority.

How does Just The Ticket Work?

Since the last time we wrote a review about Just The Ticket, they haven’t changed their interface ever since. It’s still not modernized and it’s quite complicated to navigate and use. In a nutshell, their overall layout is pretty plain, and I think that attribute is not good for the agency. There are a lot of ways they can improve their website through simple design and innovation.

pageMoreover, Just The Ticket offers various types of travel services including flights, city breaks, hotels, car hire, and more. A customer first needs to click the travel service he or she wants to avail of before going to the actual booking page. Most agencies these days include the booking page wherein customers need to fill out information like origin, destination, etc on their homepage. The site was developed by Adactus; it looks like there hasn’t been any development.

Just The Ticket also provides tailor made holidays and has specialist products, which include online brochures, where travelers will find an enormous choice of long-haul holidays. Unfortunately, Just The Ticket doesn’t have a mobile application for mobile services.

Just The Ticket Reviews 2016 From Consumers

There aren’t many reviews for Just The Ticket, but obviously, their site needs to be fixed. However, Just The Ticket might be providing excellent service to their customers; maybe they care more about customer satisfaction than fame? Or they don’t care about anything but just sales. We wouldn’t know, due to the no-progress even after a year of writing a review about them. The company slogan “The Discount Air Ticket Specialist” now doesn’t fit them.
Just The Ticket Reviews 2016-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                    http://www.justtheticket.co.uk/
  • Contact Number:              020 7291-8111 / +44 20 7291 8122
  • Contact Email:                  sales@justtheticket.co.uk
  • Fax Number:                    020 7291-8129
  • Head Office Address:        3b Marylebone Street London W1G 8JB


It doesn’t seem like Just The Ticket has any plans to make an upgrade. Like really, they got a lot of room for improvement. We can’t expect a travel app from them, if their interface alone was left out from being noticed. On a positive note, they encourage clients to visit their office in London. They also have two separate phone lines to provide domestic and international travel services.

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Bedbooker Reviews

Bedbooker traces its roots back to 2012, but without any legit information online on how it started or who owns or runs the business.  If you’ll try to check their Linkedin accounts, three names will appear as the director and administrator of Bedbooker: Lauren Heaton, Jason Bradley and Christian England. All of the three key personnel mentioned just stated that they are working with Bedbooker, but never stated any responsibility or duty. This makes it no reliable source for Bedbooker.

Booking with Bedbooker

Bedbooker is yet another lodging booking website where travellers can book their reservation via searching and comparing 792,363 hotels results from the travel site’s search engine. It is indicated on Bedbooker that cancellations are free on most room bookings. There’s also an option to subscribe with their newsletter service or see their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Bedbooker Reviews-page
In this review, to provide an example on how Bedbooker works, we search for hotels in Falmouth, Massachusetts from June 6 to 13 with 1 room for 2 adults. The result page is easy to understand with the option to filter search by name, star rating, distance and price. Facilities are also an option shown on customizing the search which include information if the hotel has free wifi, free parking or if it’s air conditioned.

Bedbooker offers booking prices which are live; what you see is what you book. Unlike other hotel booking sites, after making a reservation, customer just have to sit back and Bedbooker will do the rest, because the guests just have to show up and pay. But, please be reminded that some hotels require pre-lodging payments.

Bedbooker Reviews of Customers

Looking for feedback online is impossible for Bedbooker. I don’t know why. Maybe no one has dared to book with the new travel startup yet or Bedbooker keeps erasing their consumers’ complaints to keep their record clean. Whatever is the real reason behind it, Bedbooker holds a bad reputation. One of my friends actually suggested I write a review about Bedbooker, since she had booked with them once and had the worst experience of travel booking ever. Bedbooker Reviews-complaint

She said that the travel site is just established to acquire sales, not customers. Her birthday surprise for her 50-year-old mom was almost ruined after finding out her booking was not reserved in a specific hotel. She had to re-book the reservation on the spot, good thing the hotel was good at accommodating immediate bookings.
Bedbooker Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                         http://www.bedbooker.com/
  • Contact Number:                   +44 845 689 9825
  • Contact Email:                       customer.support@bedbooker.com
  • Fax Number:                          +44 870 741 0962
  • Head Office Address:             Block A Windy Bank Hall, Green Moor, Wortley, Sheffield S35
                                                  7DQ, United Kingdom


Seriously, at first, I thought Bedbooker means someone booking a travel vacation while slacking on the bed, laptop. Now, writing a review about Bedbooker made me realize more things about them. Bedbooker is a meta search engine where customers can book for a hotel, b&b, and property rental. But, judging through the Bedbooker reviews we found earlier, it’s really doubtful to use Bedbooker.

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Travelrepublic Reviews

There’s not much information posted online as to how Travelrepublic was established, but on their Linkedin account, it shows they were founded in 2003. The privately held travel company has been operating for 13 years now. Now, with the limited descriptions shown online regarding Travelrepublic, let’s go ahead and probe further and discover if Travelrepublic is one of the travel sites you should be looking on to book with.

The Republic under Travelrepublic

Upon visiting Travelrepublic, it will shortly provide an option to sign up to their newsletter service appearing at the top of the page, above their customer service number.
Travelrepublic Reviews-page
Basically Travelrepublic is yet another European travel site where travellers can search, compare and book their flights, hotel reservations, car rental and cruises packages. As I look on Travelrepublic, for some reason it reminds me of the old site of TravelSupermarket. Moving forward, it seems like Travelrepublic is proud to show they are a full member of ABTA; they even displayed their ABTA No. on their page.

Searching through their travel search engine gives customers results from 305,187 hotels and 555 airlines they’re partnered with. They even provide a list of not so overrated destinations worldwide on their “Recommended for you” section and feature several other “Hotel Deals” on their main page alone.

Travelrepublic is a user-friendly web page. Likewise, we tried using the travel site for a sample search (for Hotel Deals); while waiting for the results, they guarantee us that options shown will be the lowest provided. Here’s how their results page looks like:
Travelrepublic Reviews-result pageAll results can be filtered by bed & breakfast, room only, star rating, property type and even an option to select the facilities available on the said hotel.

As said on their company description, they are one of the largest and most well-established online travel agencies in Europe and have been successfully helping people book their hotels, flights and other travel arrangements. But we don’t need just words, let’s look through Travelrepublic reviews.

Travelrepublic Reviews of Customers

Well, we shouldn’t let bygones be bygones when it comes to travel experience over fraudulent action in the travel industry. According to 9 recent Travelrepublic reviews, it shows that the European-travel site had been garnering a lot of complaints with their said “helping people for over 12 years”. It is quite obvious that they are doing the opposite.

Travelrepublic Reviews-complaintsOne reviewer even said If you have any kind of problem they don’t want to know! I booked transfers with them, they use a company called A2B transfers who are terrible do not turn up and you are left making your own way to airport! Travelrepublic are not interested! I will never use this company.”

This proves that after booking, Travelrepublic will care less what happens to you after. I guess I can consider this mean.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      https://www.travelrepublic.co.uk/v2/
  • Contact Number:                020 8974 7200
  • Contact Page:                     https://www.travelrepublic.co.uk/v2/contact-us
  • Fax Number:                       020 8974 7228
  • Head Office Address:          Clarendon House 147 London Road Kingston upon Thames,
                                                Surrey KT2 6NH United Kingdom


I am not quite sure whether to trust or not to trust Travelrepublic since their web page layout seems good enough and reliable, but consumers are narrating a different kind of story. Either we base our theories over physical appearance or over personal experience. It’s your discretion, your choice.

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Icelloly Reviews

Icelloly Reviews-Founders
Adrian Walton & Lesley Etienne

Icelolly is not a dessert. It’s not a food or a recipe. It is not something that will make you freeze or is to be kept cool. Definitely not a member of the ice cream family. Icelolly is a travel site which was founded in 2005 by Adrian Walton and Lesley Etienne. However, in 2013, the company had undergone a £17m management buyout by Manchester’s Palatine Private Equity. Adrian and Lesley had even said:

“The last 8 years since we launched Icelolly.com have flown, and we have enjoyed some great times along the way. We have worked with some fantastic people, and we are confident that Dave Clayton, the management team and Palatine private equity will steer the company where it needs to go.”

In 2013, Dave Clayton who has 23 years experience in the travel industry, having spent 11 years at Global Travel before, had became the CEO of Icelolly and teamed up with the Palatine Private Equity. Moving forward, recently, Icelolly now has a new CEO, Mr. Andrew Latham. To see the news about him as the new leader of Icelolly, click here.

What To Expect of Icelolly?
Icelloly Reviews-page

Icelolly is a Bradford-based holiday price comparison provider which means they are not responsible for any booking or payment, but are only focused on providing results or sets of rates from different holiday booking sites. Icelloly Reviews-Giovanna FletcherThis only means that customers gets the cheapest or the best package deal from a wide range of holiday providers. Customers have the option to make a direct destination search or be inspired by their “Any Destination” to be inspired for more attractions worldwide.

Their company slogan “…because you’d #ratherbe on holiday” encourages travellers to maximize their holidays and have a tour. Icelolly works only with highly reputable independent travel companies. Last week they even announced that Ms. Giovanna Fletcher will be featured as their “Celebrity Mum of the Year”.

Icelolly Reviews of Consumers

After searching and reading over some Icelloly reviews online, it pretty much shows that the holiday comparison site is gaining a lot of positive feedback from its consumers but others find this not a form of business since it’s quite related to cybersquatting as explained with our LowFares Review.
Icelloly Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?
Aside from the actual page (https://www.icelolly.com/), customers can also reach Icelolly on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. The links to these following social media accounts are located at the bottom right of Icelolly. Travellers can also get to know more about Icelolly’s company description on their Linkedin account. Their headquarters is at 1st Floor, Park Row House Park Row Leeds, LS1 5JF, United Kingdom. Icelolly has a separate page for a list of contact numbers. As explained earlier, Icelolly doesn’t do the booking. The list on the contact us page re numbers of several holiday booking sites where the results are shown.


As of now, we have no major problems with Icelolly. However in time, it will really cause a big problem if Icelolly can’t independently make holiday rate searches and offerings on their own. We can’t just benefit from the efforts of others. Have you used Icelolly? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Monarch Airlines Reviews

The British charter airline which was established in 1967 by the help of the Swiss Mantegazza family commenced operations the following year as a subsidiary of Globus Getaway Holdings. Monarch Airlines’ growth in years has now been globally recognized to cater air services to Europe, USA and 40 other destinations. The airlines has a total fleet size of 33 and operates at Birmingham Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Luton Airport and Manchester Airport while being led by their current CEO, Andrew Swaffield.

The Monarch Kind of Flying
To avoid problems on board, Monarch is following the allocation method of providing designated seats to passengers. However, if the traveller has their own prefered seat selection, a small fee is needed to be paid for this additional service. Apart from seat selection and allocation. Monarch also offers seat with extra legroom space.
Monarch Airlines Reviews-inflight
The England based charter carrier prepares a variety of English meals and even Italian and Thai food on board. The traditional English breakfast, sandwiches and snacks are part of their meal selection. *Special meals are also offered but should follow reservation accordingly.

Official Website and Mobile App
The website looks really good. Organized and the mood itself is enticing. Lately, they are promoting the “Colour your summer” theme on their page and it actually shows flashing images of coloring destinations around the world. However, one thing I noticed about the site is, as I navigate, some pages and headings are malfunctioning even after refresh.
Monarch Airlines Reviews-page
On a positive note, Monarch Airlines lets customers to search and book flights online. Extended services include car rental, hotel reservations and even holiday package offers. To convince travellers more about this monarchical airline of United Kingdom, they have social media and a blog site that customers can check out! Moreover, all these services are also accessible on their mobile app which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Monarch Airlines Reviews of Customers
Unlike other major airlines in United Kingdom, Monarch Airlines pretty much has been a little left out from customer reviews. Since according to Skytrax’s Airlinequality.com, the airline had garnered an average total score of 5/10. Based on 413 Monarch Airlines reviews, the seat promotion is actually appalling since it majorly affects the corregidor space and the cabin was not that clean. But on a positive light some reviewers are really thankful that the cabin crew were friendly and really hardworking.
Monarch Airlines Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      www.monarch.co.uk
  • Contact Number:                +44 1582 400 000
  • Contact Email:                    general.enquiries@monaqrch-airlines.co.uk
  • Fax Number:                      +44 1582 411 000
  • Head Office Address:         Prospect House, Prospect Way, London Luton Airport,
                                              Luton,Bedfordshire, LU2 9NU, UK

The charter airline that has been operating for almost 5 decades now is not part of the world’s top 100 airlines but had been recognized simultaneously for several awards such as being the “Best Charter Airline” two years in a row, “Best Leisure Airline” and “Airline of the Year”. These recognition only proves that Monarch Airlines is not actually a bad airline, they are just going through ups and downs. It’s always worth flying with them.

Have you flown with Monarch Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Since it has been a year, we will be starting to write new reviews about the travel sites we once wrote about last year, just to give you a heads up of the current status or changes of a particular online travel agency. Things can change in a span of a year, that’s why we decided on re-writing some of the written travel search engines and give you the freshest feedback for 2016.

In this review, we will be re-talking about Opodo.

Opodo Reviews 2016
The pan-European travel site was founded in June 2011 by an association of several European airlines including Air France, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, KLM and Lufthansa. Opodo has its registered office at Villanueva, 29, 28001, Madrid, Spain but is actually headquartered in London, United Kingdom and 12 other brand sites. 99.4% of the travel company is owned by Amadeus IT Group and also a member of European e-travel group, ODIGEO since 2011.
Opodo Reviews 2016-owner
The first leader of Opodo was Mr. Giovanni Bisignani, who was the former CEO of Alitalia and current CEO of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Now lets see what is Opodo’s functionality:

How does Opodo work?
Basically, if you access Opodo it’s easy to navigate because it promptly shows the option to search for the customer’s desired destination, either one-way or multi-stop. Recently, Opodo offers up to 20% saving if travellers will book a flight with a hotel reservation. The option for booking hotel reservations is based from 855,000 plus hotels worldwide. Opodo will initially let customers choose what kind of payment method they prefer prior to searching.
Opodo Reviews 2016-page
However, given the strong side of the overall service of the page, the Opodo reviews 2016 were the main reason why we decide to write a review about them.

Opodo Reviews 2016 from Consumers
Since then Opodo had always been receiving poor comments from consumers. This overall rating got worse now. On SiteJabber, Opodo reviews 2016 show that the travel site had garnered a 0.1/5 score rating. What’s worst is the same concern was not solved. The reason why Opodo had been consistently receiving negative feedback is because some booking were not actually reserved with the airline and hotels. When you try to reach them, they are often unreachable. Customers consider themselves lucky if they’ll receive a response via email after a month long.
Opodo Reviews 2016-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   www.opodo.com
  • Contact Number:             00 44 121 281 3360
                                            0044 800 368 3866 (Toll Free)
                                            Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm
                                            Weekends and bank holidays 9am to 2pm (BST).
  • Head Office Address:       Waterfront building, Hammersmith Embankment,
                                            Chancellor’s Road W6 9RU London, UK

Points To Reconsider
Well in that case, it is safe to say that Opodo Customer Care Team lacks the ability to be responsive towards consumers’ concerns. This is in fact proven by a lot of Opodo reviews 2016 showing online and continuously adding up everyday. This review is somehow a reminder for travellers who are planning to book with Opodo. Stay away with them. Unless you are a hundred percent sure they won’t fake your booking and they won’t leave you hanging.

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