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Travelocity Logo Reviews

Travelocity Reviews

Travelocity started in 1996 as a subsidiary for the Sabre corporation, a travel technology company based in Southlake, Texas, United States. After being founded, Travelocity began helping the world solve their travel dilemmas.

Travelocity provides an array of offers like vacation packages, cruises, hotels and more. They of course promote whatever deal they have going on to customers based on their booking information to ensure customers hit the sky for as little as possible. The interface for the website is quite handy and easy to understand just like most travel agencies. They also have a clean mobile application for customers using smartphones.

With travelocity.com, the company allows customer to book flights, arrange land transportation, and check in at hotels. Nothing new actually, but one fun and unique thing about Travelocity is their advertising campaign called “Roaming Gnome.”

“The Roaming Gnome”

The Roaming Gnome is an advertising campaign of a gnome travelling from one place to another, hanging out on the beach, enjoying some tea on a flight, so on and so forth.

Travelocity Reviews the roaming gnome



Advertising aside, what really counts is the service they provide.

They did a good job with the roaming gnome campaign but  unfortunately, reviews about their actual service is generally bad, really bad.

Customers were furious when some of their expectations weren’t met and complaints were raised for the following;

  • Mistakes in flight arrangements – for example, customers were booked to a destination they did not chose and required them to pay to alleviate the issue, not cool.
  • Bad cancellation policy – travelocity does give refunds on flights, but only serves as the middle-man between the customer and airlines, hotels, and car rentals. If you purchase a hotel and later decided to cancel it, there would be no refund. So, their cancellation policy is quite useless.
  • Best price deals often change at the checkout page
  • Poor customer service

Review status

Consumeraffairs.com has a review section for Travelocity, and as you can see, the results are devastating. They received a total of 880 reviews, out of that only 211 reviews were considered to be included in the entire rating system. Out of those 211, three were nice enough to give 5 stars, one 4 star, one 3 star, 8 2 star, and the remaining hundred and ninety six were a depressing 1 star! The final average result as you can easily guess was one single star, overall.

ConsumerAffairs Travelocity Reviews

Maybe consumer affairs was just biased for some reason, right? Let’s take a look at Trustpilot as well, just to be sure. This time they got a commendable 3-star rating. Which is an improvement, but is it something to be happy about? You be the judge.

TrusPilot Travelocity Reviews

Some of the people who gave it a one star stated that travelocity even deserves no star at all but unfortunately one is the minimum vote. Ouch.

Travelocity Reviews

“Go and smell the roses” this is travelocity’s slogan, but by the sounds of it more people got pricked by the thorns on those roses before ever even getting the chance to take a whiff.

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