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Travel2be Reviews

I was trying to search for a particular flight on Justfly, till I stumbled upon this Spanish-based travel site. It quickly piqued my curiosity since it offers a very low airfare deal. The purpose of this review is to check the credibility of Travel2be and see to it if the prices shown and offered on their site are 100% legit. Shall we trust Travel2be? Well, let’s find out.

Travel2be Reviews-travelgenioTravel2be is recently being compared with Travelgenio, since both of them are from Spain and the performance feedback are the same. To be honest, Wikipedia doesn’t even have an information regarding Travel2be and there were only limited information about the travel site online. The only biography about Travel2be is found on their page, at the “General Information: About Us” section.

In which this section only denotes they were sharing their 15 years of experience in tourism and modern technology. A travel company composed of passionate travellers and they even mentioned:
“We have dedicated our lives to what fascinated us the most: “to be and to make travellers”


Travel2be looks very simple, but don’t be deceived. In the past, we learned that majority of not modernized website pages often are little early signs of illegit travel companies. Travel2be uses turquoise as their color theme, which makes the overall page mood calm and relaxing. However, I am having difficulty reading some of the content or displayed information since the contrast between grey and white is not a good option to use as the primary colors on your main page.
Travel2be Reviews-page
On a positive note, what I noticed below, Travel2be site can be changed to 27 other languages and as for payments via credit card, they accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners Club一as obviously shown on this screenshot:
Travel2be Reviews-language and payment
Travel2be also offers special deals newsletter, wherein travellers just have to type in their email address and hit subscribe一to be subscribed. But please be extra careful on booking because some travel sites like this can be a hidden fraud. And we are right about that, by checking Travel2be reviews:

Travel2be Reviews-complaints

It wasn’t that hard to find several Travel2be reviews, since complaints are shown from end-to-end. In this review, we based our research from Trustpilot and we are really appalled with the Travel2be reviews shown there. Majority of the customers had even long paragraphs of complaints, some are even cursing Travel2be but most of them are bottomline not really happy booking with the travel site一they felt fooled. Can’t blame them, checking these Travel2be reviews, it’s quite noticeable that the complaints keep coming every day.

Check them out here.
Travel2be Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                        http://www.travel2be.com.au/
  • Contact Number:                  +1-6465687508 / +34-911-390-763
  • Contact Email:                      info@travel2be.us
  • Fax Number:                        +34-91-754-5683
  • Head Office Address:            Albasanz 15, Edificio A, 2a planta, 28037 Madrid, Spain

Never Consider.

I was hoping for a better company description or at least an exact year when was the company founded, who are the founders, list some of their so-called passionate travellers and lastly stop fooling other people.  As mentioned above, Travel2be reviews alone are enough to convince us that this travel site is not the one you should be booking. I think I just wasted my time studying about this Spanish-based travel company, but at least this review will be a great help to warn you, to STAY AWAY from Travel2be!