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Kiwi Reviews

Not only online, but also on Reddit, Skypicker has been famous or maybe infamous all over the net. But today, we are not going to talk about Skypicker; rather, we’ll see more about its new development to Kiwi. Let’s discover why a travel site which started in 2012 had to change their name in just
four years.

Kiwi actually started from a 2-guy basement with nothing but an idea of revolutionizing the online travel industry. In 4 years, they now have over 560 employees making their dreams happen. All team members of Kiwi are passionate and that got the company off the ground.

Kiwi had advised customers that previous bookings with Skypicker will be carried over to the new branding, and the booking management or reservation won’t be affected. As promised, Kiwi will remain with the same relentless dedication for cheap flights and complete customer satisfaction. Now, let’s look at the domain of Kiwi.

Know More About Kiwi

Kiwi is an online travel agency with groundbreaking Virtual Interlining technology and a focus on exceptional customer service. Their unique flight search algorithm allows their customers to combine flights from airlines that do not normally collaborate into a single itinerary, often resulting in significant savings.
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There are more than 600 notable passenger airlines operating in the world. Some of them operate autonomously; some of them cooperate with others, creating alliances to be able to offer more destinations. Unfortunately, many low-cost carriers do not have cooperation agreements with the big airlines, severely limiting the combination options available to travelers.
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Kiwi removes this limitation by allowing travelers to create itineraries from nearly limitless flight combinations. The German magazine Focus found them to be, on average, 28% cheaper than the competition while, in some cases, the savings can be as high as 90%.

Kiwi also has a mobile version of all these services which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. The functionalities and features of the travel app are a complete replica of the PC version. The travel app will provide customers with one-click access from mobile to their boarding passes and e-tickets.

For any questions regarding flight search or  booking, their customer service is available 24/7. However, given that the customer service is operational for 24 hours a day, Kiwi reviews are not as pleasing as the company sounds.

Kiwi Reviews From Customers

Remember earlier when we said that they are actually infamous on Reddit? A topic actually started on Reddit wherein travellers had been commenting about false results showing on the travel search engine. Low-cost airfare which are non-existing is the top-ranking topic from those comments. Apart from that, Kiwi reviews on TrustPilot show several complaints about Kiwi, but we can’t read them since they are in a foreign language.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                  https://www.kiwi.com/us/
  • Contact Number:            +1 202 844 4159 (US)
                                           +44 203 808 5910 (UK)
                                           +1 613 699 4479 (CA)
  • Contact Page:                  https://www.kiwi.com/en/content/feedback
  • Head Office Address:       Bakalovo nabrezi 2, 639 00 Brno, Czech Republic


Kiwi Reviews-kiwiIf you’ll base your deduction with just the appearance and features of Kiwi, undoubtedly, the travel site seems to be one of the unique structures and services. However, if you’ll take time to read and understand consumer complaints, these make you think that Kiwi is just a show. The reason of changing the name for betterment seems to be in question. Why Kiwi? What does it have to do with the fruit with brown fuzzy skin and pale green flesh? Feel free to leave a comment below.