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Top 5 Best Airports in the World

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Top 5 Best Airports in the World
Top 5 Best Airports in the World-airport
Today, we thought of a way to inform travelers of the best airports in the world. We list down the Top 5 Best Airports in the World. Please be reminded that the list is not personally made, but is ranked by trusted sites such as Skytrax: The World’s Top 100 Airports of 2015. Some sites had already written reviews about each airport that will be mentioned. We’ll try our best to let you know why they are part of the list of the best.

#5 Haneda International Airport (HND)
Haneda International Airport

Formerly, the 5th spot was owned by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), but last year Japan had raised their glass from 6th up to the 5th rank. HND is located in Ōta, Tokyo, 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) south of Tokyo Station. The hub of the flag carrier of Japan, Japan Airlines, and also of All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Air Do, and Solaseed Air, HND has 4 runways and 3 terminals wherein in 2014, the airport had accommodated a total of 72,826,862 passengers; 90% are domestic flights

#4 Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Hong Kong International Airport

The list of Top 4 to 1 is always consistent with its ranking and had always been on the spot. Last year’s number 4 is still on the fourth spot, Hong Kong. HKG is located 34 km (21 miles) northwest of Hong Kong Island. The hub for the famous airline “Cathay Pacific” and also for Air Hong Kong, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express, Kalitta Air, and UPS Airlines, HKG has 2 runways and terminals which are home to one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings. Statistics show that last year, the airport had accommodated a total of 68,488,000 passengers.

#3 Munich Airport (MUC)
Top 5 Best Airports in the World-Munich Airport

The defender of the 3rd spot is Germany’s international airport. MUC is located 28 km (18 miles) northeast of Munich. The airport is the hub for the largest airline in Europe: “Lufthansa,” and also for Air Dolomiti and Condor. Known as the 32nd busiest airport in the world and yet again keeping winning the “European airport championship” against other European airports in eight years, MUC has 2 concrete runways and 2 passenger terminals which accommodated 40,981,522 passengers in 2015.

#2 Incheon International Airport (ICN)
Incheon International Airport

The gatekeeper of the second rank is the descent from South Korea. ICN is located located 50 km (31 miles) west of Seoul. The hub for the national and largest airline in South Korea, Korean Air, and also for Asiana Airlines, Eastar Jet, Jeju Air, Jin Air, and Polar Air Cargo, ICN operates with a single terminal and 3 runways. However, plans are made to develop a second terminal for expansion in 2017. In 2015, Incheon International Airport had accommodated a total of 49,281,420 passengers according to IIAC.

#1 Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)
Top 5 Best Airports in the World-Singapore Changi Airport

The sin that has consistently ranked as number one since, then goes to Singapore. SIN is located  at the eastern end of Singapore in Changi, approximately 17.2 kilometers (10.7 mi) northeast from Marina Bay. The hub for the second best airline in the world, Singapore Airlines, and also for Jetstar Asia Airways, Scoot, SilkAir, and Tigerair, Singapore Changi Airport was considered as one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia that has 3 runways and terminals. Well, it explains everything how they accommodated 55,448,964 passengers in 2015.

If you were actually expecting Hamad International Airport (DOH), sorry they didn’t make it to the Top 5 rankings. HMD is on the 22nd spot in 2015, which was a big jump from being 75th in 2014. Next time, we’ll be providing you the list of the Top 5 Worst Airports in the World.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the countries of  the airports mentioned above, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.