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TACA (Transportes Aereos del Continente Americano) airlines was founded in 1931 by the Synergy Group based in El Salvador. For 75 years, TACA provided service for air travel to millions of people. In 2009 it was announced that TACA would  merge with the Colombian airline Avianca which is affiliated with Star Alliance. Upon the completion of the merger, on May 31. 2013, Avianca took over the management but upheld the great services TACA was renowned for. With a fleet size of 44, TACA, which is called Avianca El Salvador now offers 50 destinations and 22 countries.

Fly with Ease

Booking flights within this airline is a piece of cake. First search for the flight deal you want according to your destination, then book it, after that enjoy your flight. The company promotes the idea of convenience for the sake of each customer. Most customers find it very easy to book flights and even check in to the airline. Avianca promises all customers that each flight will take-off and land on time.

Avianca’s website is organized for customers to have easy access to deals and information. They can also check the status of their flight and new updates issued by the company itself.

Ups and Downs

Avianca El Salvador airlines is known to provide good quality service to their customers. But there are certain people who would beg to differ. There have been some good reviews and some bad ones. A number of people appreciate the convenient and excellent service of the airline staff. According to some feedback the attendants for every flight were very generous and polite when catering to their passengers. However, there were many complaints regarding the slippery leather seats and less than appetizing meals. There were negative comments stating that Avianca has the tendency to change flight status on the spot, for example; adding stopovers, this might be a counter-statement to other reviews saying that all flights land on time.

Avianca Mobile

Just like other airlines and travel companies, Avianca created its own mobile application to provide a more-convenient way to search and book flights for its customers.

LifeMiles program

To expand their services, the company decided to establish a certain program to reward loyal customers for their trust and faithfulness. LifeMiles covers a variety of benefits, like offering VIP lounges for some leisure time with your family and friends while you wait for your flight to take off, as well as great discounts for travel necessities. This program is distributed not only for Avaianca El Salvador but to other affiliated airlines as well. LifeMiles was the improved version of AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA to enhance the companies service and also compete with other airlines.



Customers conclusion

For some customers, Avianca El Salvador offers great service, from booking right up to the destination. Unfortunately, bad reviews are quick to catch up saying that Avianca may not be the ideal airline to book with. Despite all of that there are still a number of loyal customers who would prefer to fly with Avianca.

This review is written to inform everyone about Avianca’s current situation including their service and customer’s feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or question!