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SyrianAir Reviews

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SyrianAir Reviews
Let’s travel to Syria today and talk about their national airline: SyrianAir.

Syrian Arab Airlines, or operating as SyrianAir, traces its roots back to 1946 with 2 propeller aircraft routes between Damascus, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zour and Al-Qamishli. Initially, they had financial difficulties which caused the suspension of services in 1948. WIth the support of the government, SyrianAir commenced operations in 1951. From then, the airline had been growing its fleet size and routes.

Though unfortunately, a crash accident happened in 1953 that killed all nine on board, the airline’s operating permit was cancelled due to that. SyrianAir was allowed to fly again in 1954.

In time, SyrianAir merged with the largest and oldest airline in the Arab world, Misrair. The merge’s aim is to form the United Arab Airlines (UAA) though this didn’t last long because in 1961, SyrianAir was reborn in order to take over UAA’s operations in Syria and to become the new national airline.
SyrianAir Reviews-aircraftNow, SyrianAir is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization and Arabesk Airline Alliance with a fleet size of 10 aircraft and has orders for new Tupolev, Ilyushin and Antonov aircraft, although deliveries have been delayed by the ongoing war.

Flying with SyrianAir

SyrianAir provides two travel classes on most of its planes with the aim of providing all the comfort services available to passengers. The satisfaction and the comfort of our passengers are amongst our most important priorities in the air and on land. These objectives are catered for throughout the different stages of a flight; booking, checking in, boarding, onboard services, dismounting, luggage handling, assistance at the arrival destination.

SyrianAir Reviews-EconomyEconomy Class –  passengers will experience a spacious seat arrangement as well as head rests that can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort. With the touch of a button, it is possible to get into your preferred seating position by manually adjusting the back and foot rests. Talking about meals, SyrianAir serves two types of meals that are comprised of red and white meat depending on the choice of customers. A variety of light meals based around a collection of sandwiches are also provided on short routes after the main meal.

SyrianAir Reviews-Business ClassBusiness Class – passengers get to experience seats that recline up to 72° with total control allowing you to adjust the angle of your legs into a position that provides the most comfortable seating position for your back. Meals are prepared from three selections of red meat, white meat, or both along with appetizers, salads and Damascene sweets using ingredients of the highest quality. These come in addition to western pastries and breakfast meals made up of cheese, honey and other complimentary sweets such as cakes, gateau, etc.

The Official Website

To book a flight using their official website, customers have to select on “Service” found on the headings of the page. This will lead to a page where travellers have the option to book a flight or hotel room. It’s kind of funny that they also provide an option to download the airline’s national anthem.  Well, maybe that was just like an advance option to download because first on the list will be an option to have a downloaded copy of their station map.
SyrianAir Reviews-page
Back to the main page. It’s quite obvious that their web page is not modernized and it’s very heartbreaking to see that. But I guess since the war is still ongoing, it’s hard for them to find time to update their official website.

SyrianAir Reviews of Passengers

Looking at SyrianAir reviews, the ratings are low obviously, a very low 2/10 overall rating, but we can’t rely on these 23 SyrianAir reviews because they are dated back to 2009. In short, there are no latest reviews posted online for feedback regarding SyrianAir services, although we saw that the flag carrier of Syria was listed as one of the airlines with the worst Economy Class services on board.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                  http://www.syriaair.com/SAA/HomepageEn.aspx
  • Contact Number:            +963 11 245 0088
  • Contact Email:                rb.london@syriaair.com
  • Fax Number:                  +963 11 221 3060
  • Head Office Address:      PO Box 417, Youssef Al Azmeh Square, Damascus, Syria


SyrianAir Reviews-European UnionDid you know that in 2012, the European Union (EU) imposed new sanctions on Syria which affect SyrianAir? How? The sanctions include that the airline cannot conduct flights to the EU, or buy any new aircraft which contain European parts. SyrianAir was forced then to suspend all its operations to the EU.

SyrianAir has assured its customers that it is pursuing a court case with the European Union for unjust sanctions based on biased claims of transporting weaponry. This had been denied by Russia. The European Union has been discreet about this matter.

We can see that SyrianAir is undergoing a lot of casualties and difficulties ever since. It’s a good thing that the airline never resorted to closing down.

Have you flown with SyrianAir before? Feel free share your experience below.