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Statravel Review

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Statravel Review

There are amazing stories behind online travel agencies, rich histories worth knowing about. But travelers sometimes have very little or no interest at all in this kind of information. So all in all, travel agency’s should really focus on their present situation.

One interesting agency is STA? Let’s meet STA.

Origins and Ownership

STA (Start the Adventure)Travel was founded in 1971 by the Australian Union of Students. Different sources says that Dick Porter and another student founded the company in 1976.

In 1979 the travel business became insolvent and was acquired by Diethelm Keller Group. After that the travel company started to grow year by year. The current CEO is John Constable who was appointed in November, 2012. John is with Sta Travel since 2006.

CEO of Statravel, John Constable (Statravel Review)
CEO of Statravel, John Constable

What people are saying

Things are not looking good for Sta Travel, there were several negative reviews on Trustpilot.com and Productreview.com.

Trustpilot.com online review rating for Sta Travel (Statravel Review)
Trustpilot.com online review rating for Sta Travel
Productreview.com online review rating for Sta Travel (Statravel Review)
Productreview.com online review rating for Sta Travel

Sta Travel promises to provide the best deals possible for the sake of all customers. Unfortunately, the customers themselves says that Sta Travel doesn’t provide the best travel deals and are not reliable. One guy wrote this as the subject of his review, “Would not recommend this to someone I hate,” this is not even the worst one, another customer said, “Probably the worst Travel Agent.”

According to one review, Sta Travel tends to misrepresent products. To build up with this complaint, several customers claims that there are a lot of instanced when Sta Travel asks or demands for extra fees without providing any reason at all.

Their customer service was also targeted for being unethical and unresponsive. Sta Travel really needs to do something about these reviews.

The Website

Homepage of Statravel
Homepage of Statravel

Sta Travel focuses on promoting their deals on their website. There is a gallery of deals and underneath it is another set of deals with their destinations and prices. The “Search and Book” function allows customers to easily look for the flights they want that conveniently meets their budget. They provide flight, hotel, car, train and bus deals.

Sta Travel services is pretty flexible, they provide extensive services and benefits for people working abroad. Everything is on the homepage, most customers probably have no interest to open their “about us” page anyways.

“STA Travel” – Mobile Application

The mobile application helps customers manage their itinerary more conveniently. Most of the features on the website are included in the application, meaning, booking travel services through smartphones is a piece of cake.

Customer Service

Their customer phone support is not operational 24/7, but they are open every day of the week. Their phone line is open from 9:00 to 20:30 from Monday to Saturday and 10:00 to 17:30 on Sunday.

They also provide email support and to make things better, live chat support. Customers can submit their suggestions, complaints and questions through the feedback section. Of course they have a FAQs page especially for customers with disabilities.

Meet Sta Travel

Sta Travel’s main headquarters is located in Zurich, London and Australia. Through the years, the company expanded to establish branches in different countries like USA, Japan, Malaysia and more. Sta employs over 2,000 individuals scattered all over the world. Sta Travel was nominated for Australia’s Leading Travel Agency in 2015, Flight Centre ended up taking the award. The most recent award Sta Travel recieved was in 2010 when they were named as Australia’s Leading Travel Agency by World Travel Awards.

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.statravel.co.uk
  • Contact number: 0333 321 0099*
  • Contact Email:  proof@statravel.com


Sta Travel has a rich history, but sadly, the present defines and determines the company’s efficiency as a travel service provider. Sta Travel needs to do an evaluation to see the factors needed to be improved. Did you find this Sta Travel review helpful? Don’t forget to leave you comments.