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Safi Airways Reviews

The first and largest privately owned airline from Afghanistan was established in 2006 and managed by its founder as chairman and CEO, Mr. Ghulam Hazrat Safi. Now, it is quite obvious where the name of the international airlines originated from. The airline operates as a subsidiary of the Safi Group and Safi Airways Ltd is their parent company. Safi Airways is headquartered in Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan with its main hub at Kabul International Airport.

Safi Airways carries the slogan “The International Airline of Afghanistan” which pretty much explains their purpose. They cater flights from 9 destinations (including the base) which are Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Herat, Islamabad, Jeddah, Kandahar, Kuwait, Mazar-i-Sharif and Mashhad. The fleet consists of 5 aircraft: (4) Airbus and (1) Boeing.

On Board Services and Safi Airways Reviews
​​The international airline of Afghanistan has two cabin classes: Economy and Business. There’s not much information online regarding the services of each cabin class. However, we gathered these images below for reference of the interior of Economy and Business Class.
Safi Airways Reviews-inflight
According to several Safi Airways reviews, the airline’s staff were friendly and accommodating, but the downsides include meals that are said to be inedible and delayed flights. These complaints might be the reason why the airline had only gathered a 4/10 overall score rating from Skytrax.

One reviewer even said:complaint
“Safi Airways are terrible. The cancelled all their daytime flights for Feb 2016 at some point in January 2016 but never told me my flight (11 Feb) was cancelled until I contacted them. I rebooked with flydubai. I contacted the Customer Services dept and asked when I was due to be informed by the airline about the cancellation but they just fobbed me off.”
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Safi Airways’ frequent flyer program is called “Saffron Rewards”, points earned per flight with Safi Airways are called stubs and once traveller had acquired 7 stubs they are entitled with a one-way ticket and 11 stubs for a return ticket. To learn more about this program and procedures, click here.

Website Services
The official page of the airlines is new, well it will be modernized since the airline was just established earlier this 2006. As expected the site is actually well organized and neatly presented. It provides travel and booking information, special offers, destinations, program benefits and news. Like other airline websites, Safi Airways main service is to let customers search and book their flights online. An option to check and manage their booking is available.
There’s actually a separate page on the website where Safi Airways educates travellers to why they should choose them over other airlines. This “Why Safi” page, includes photo gallery, career opportunity and more about the airline company itself. However I was upset that they don’t have a page for on board experiences like meals, entertainment and cabin classes.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                          www.safiairways.com
  • Contact Number:                    +93 (0) 20 22 22 222
  • Contact Email:                        info@safiairways.com
  • Fax Number:                           +93 (0) 20 220 2058
  • Head Office Address:              Quai-e Markaz, Shar-e-Naw near Kabul City Center, Kabul, Afghanistan

The airline seems at the pace where they are still discovering what’s right from wrong, maybe because they are just a new airline. But it has been a decade since it was established. I guess they need more time, since they have a lot of room for improvement. Hoping it won’t cause any casualties though.

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