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RwandAir Reviews

“Fly our dream to the heart of Africa”, this has been the company slogan of the national airline of Rwanda. Initially the flag carrier was known as “Rwandair Express” and recently began operating in 2002. It is in 2008, when the airline had tried and planned to extend their network, services and fleet. In 2009, the airline had rebranded to RwandAir and the reason for eliminating the word ‘express’ is to let the travellers know that the airline doesn’t just operate in small regional routes but to other international routes.

In 2010, the first CEO of the new rebranded airline was appointed. Rene Janata introduced the frequent flyer program Dream Miles and really helped a lot in the development of RwandAir. However, for some unexplained reason, Janata was replaced by John Mirenge as the CEO on the same year.
RwandAir Reviews-aircraftNow getting to facts, RwandAir has a total fleet size of 8 aircraft: (4) Boeing and (4) Bombardier and follows codeshare agreement with the following airlines: Air Uganda, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways and Proflight Zambia. RwandAir is headquartered and operates in Kigali International Airport and has been an IATA member since May 2015.

On Board Services and RwandAir Reviews of Customers
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The flag carrier had been receiving mixed RwandAir reviews online. On Airlinequality, RwandAir garnered a total of 6/10 score out of 23 RwandAir reviews. However, it’s quite contradicting how reviewers comment about the airline’s flight attendants. Some passenger said they were rude but the most recent review had noticed that the cabin crew were full of smiles. On a positive note the plane was mentioned to be clean and well maintained. Proper meals were provided even for just an hour flight. To sum it up, majority of the feedback regarding RwandAir are positive and recommend to use them again on their future flights.
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The official site of RwandAir provides information regarding the Dream Miles program, other customer feedback, baggage and booking information, special offers and contact chat support. We personally love how the page looks like, since it makes you feel like flying on the clouds with its 3d effect while navigating the site. Though we were just disappointed at one point that there were no cabin class information found on their official website. No-travel app service was expected since Rwanda is not a big country.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   www.rwandair.com
  • Contact Number:             +250 788 177 000
  • Contact Email:                 info@rwandair.com
  • Fax Number:                   +250 503 686
  • Head Office Address:       PO Box 7275, Int. Airport, Kigali, Rwanda

The country of the “Land of a Thousand Hills” had really made a slow process growth. Rwanda is not one of the undiscovered best destinations for green mountains, landscape and volcano national parks, plus the nightlife of vibrant restaurants is a must visit activity in Rwanda. These were just few things you would reconsider travelling to Rwanda and what we mentioned above was a review to reconsider or at least try to fly with their national airline. Remember, to see is to believe.

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