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Nordwind Airlines Reviews

Nordwind Airlines Reviews-Pegas TouristikPegas Touristik’s Russian and Turkish branches had founded Nordwind Airlines in 2008. The Russian airline initially started with a fleet of three Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Since their parent company is Pegas Touristik, the Russian tour operator is known to be one the best providers of booking needs and services.

Now, Nordwind Airlines has a total of 26 aircraft consisting of 8 Airbus and 18 Boeing routing to 81 destinations. Pegas Fly is a subsidiary, and the airline operates at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Nordwind Airlines primarily links airports in Russia with holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Flying with Nordwind Airlines

Nordwind Airlines has two cabin classes: Economy and Business Class.

economyEconomy Class passengers never feel they are just flying an economy flight since the cabin offers the most comfortable style. Being stylish and elite are the two traits of this cabin class. Seats are made of luxurious leather with a 75-cm pitch. Customers are provided with meals and other amenities. As they say, “You will feel like a dove; pure and peaceful, while travelling in economy class.”

Nordwind Airlines Reviews-businessBusiness Class customers can finally relish the prospect of travelling with privilege. Passengers are promised with the best, since the cabin class aims to let travellers savour their flight to full extent. Leather seats have a 97-cm pitch. Meals are carefully prepared by chefs who create astounding culinary art. They even said, “Just have a seat and enjoy the exclusive treats we have prepared especially for you.”

The Website

Their official website is one of the few good things about Nordwind Airlines. We all know that the Russian airline is not that famous, but we can assure that their services are exclusive. Online, customers can book for a flight by using the web page. Passengers can also check their flight status and manage their booking. Nordwind Airlines also provides hotel reservation services. If by chance, the site is in Russian by default, the option to change the language from Russian to English (shown as EN) is located at the top right of the page.
Nordwind Airlines Reviews-page
Unfortunately, Nordwind Airlines isn’t very mobile-friendly, as it does not yet have an Android or an iOS application.

How To Reach Them?

  • Nordwind Airlines Reviews-logoWebsite URL:                    http://www.nordwindairlines.ru/en/flights/fleet
  • Contact Number:              +7 (495) 730-43-30
  • Contact Email:                  nws@nordwindairlines.ru
  • Fax Number:                     +7 (495) 730-25-93
  • Head Office Address:        Sadovnicheskaya Street 14, Building 2, Offices 303-304-304A,
                                             Moscow, 115035, Russia


We were actually reading about Russian tourism until we stumbled upon this airline. Writing this review was out of curiosity at first. But, now, the purpose is to provide you relevant information to be more aware about the services, features, and reviews about Nordwind Airlines.

To be honest, there are not much information regarding Nordwind Airlines. However, their website provided all the needed information. I had never flown with Nordwind Airlines before, but judging through what we gathered earlier, I think travelling with them can be a good option.

Have you flown with Nordwind Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.


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If the fleet design of greenish aircraft looks familiar, that is because Globus Airlines is an air carrier that was founded by S7 Airlines in 2007 and was more known as a Russian airline that scheduled operations from Moscow for S7 Airlines. Globus Airlines initially used Tupolev Tu-154M which were used by S7 Airlines though in time, the fleet was changed to 19 All-Boeing 737-800s aircraft incorporated from the bankrupt ATA Airlines.
Globus Airlines Reviews-S7 Airlines logo
To concentrate on flying to holiday destinations, S7 Airlines sold Globus Airlines to East Line Group in 2008. From 2010, Globus has been operating mainly regular domestic services, however, still in cooperation with its former owner, S7 Airlines. Globus Airlines is based at Domodedovo International Airport. Globus Airlines is being led by their General Director, Alexander Steblin. He once proudly stated in 2014 that “Our growth dynamics of the passenger carriage is 4 times higher than of any other big players.”
Globus Airlines Reviews-aircraftSince 2011, Globus Airlines was repeatedly awarded the Certificate of Quality “Domodedovo” Moscow airport for flight punctuality.

Globus Airlines Reviews and Services
Globus Airlines Reviews-onboard

Globus Airlines doesn’t have an official website. Tickets on scheduled flights for Globus Airlines can be purchased at all S7 Sales offices and ticket sales agents, as well as online. They also don’t have a mobile application where customers can make a booking using a smartphone. Since they don’t have their own page, there’s not much information regarding Globus Airlines online.

Globus Airlines is an affiliate member of Oneworld and has a loyalty program under S7 Priority. It was the first Russian airline that joined the airline alliance in 2010.

Apart from its main hub, the Russian airline also operates from Tolmachevo Airport.

Globus Airlines Reviews-mealsOn board, the meals were pretty typical starting with drinks followed by hot food. It was a choice of chicken and rice, or fish and vegetables, accompanied by the usual salad, bread and dessert.

But for some reason, some reviews are not being happy and satisfied flying with Globus Airlines. As one reviewer had even said “I would fly S7 Siberia Airlines again in the future, but I would avoid S7 Globus Boeing 737-800 flights at all costs.” He had given it a rating of 5/10.

On a positive note, this year, Russia’s Sibir and Globus Airlines, which operates under the S7 Airlines brand, carried 879,882 passengers in January, up 22.7% year-over-year (YOY) and S7 Airlines increased domestic traffic 25.2% in February.
Globus Airlines Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                          www.s7.ru
  • Contact Number:                    8 800 200-000-7 (toll-free in Russia) / +7 495 777-99-99
  • Contact Email:                        globus@s7.ru
  • Fax Number:                          +7 495 666 25 36
  • Head Office Address:              6/1, Aeroport Domodedovo Domodedovo District Moscow
                                                   Region, 142015, Russia


There might be just limited information regarding Globus Airlines, but what we gathered were enough to convince us that the Russian airline is one of the trusted airlines since S7 Airlines is one of the few good airlines nowadays. Have you flown with Globus Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Domodedovo International Airport Reviews

Russia. Moscow. Always known to be the strongest country in the world. The place where Napoleon Bonaparte won and lost. The country where Astoria hotel in St. Petersburg is located—Hitler planned to hold a huge celebratory banquet once he’d conquered the city.

Russia holds the record for the world’s longest railway (Trans-Siberian Railway). It’s the largest country in the world by area (17,075,400 square kilometers) and it covers more than a ninth of the Earth’s land area. Just by that, imagine how many tourists visit or Russians enter and exit everyday?

In this review, let’s go ahead and talk about the busiest airport in Russia: Domodedovo International Airport (DME).


insideThe 24-hour airport has information kiosks located throughout the terminal. A flight information desk is located in the center of the passenger terminal. Smoking is only allowed outside the airport’s premises. Showers are also available at the Business lounge while Baby Care Rooms are included in the restrooms. Baggage carts are available free of charge.

There are several restaurants, bars and coffee shops at Moscow Domodedovo International Airport. Among these are an Uzbek eatery, an Italian café and an Irish bar. The main shopping area is situated on the second floor of the terminal complex. Shops selling perfumes, souvenirs, toys and many other items are available. Duty-free shopping is an option for international passengers.

Domodedovo International Airport Reviews-internet centerTo stay connected, DME has free WiFi throughout the airport but travellers should connect to the “MTS/Tascom”, “MTS/Tascom_Free”, “MTS_Wi-Fi” or “MTS_Wi-Fi_Free” networks. Passengers without mobile devices can use the Domodedovo Internet Center, where they can rent computers or use other business services such as printing and scanning.


Domodedovo International Airport Reviews-AeroexpressThe main road leading to the airport from Moscow is the Kashira Highway. Take this road southwards and merge onto Domodedovo Airport Road, which leads to the terminals.

The airport is also connected with the Paveletsky Station via the high-speed, non-stop Aeroexpress train. 24 hour minibus shuttle services are also available at the Domodedovskaya underground station and the airport. Special Taxi desks are located in the domestic arrivals hall.

Location – Traffic – Service

Domodedovo International Airport is situated 42km (26 miles) south of central Moscow and is a hub for Globus Airlines, Red Wings Airlines, RusLine, S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, VIM Airlines and Yamal Airlines. Since the airport is one of three major airports surrounding Moscow, it has been the busiest in the country as well.

The privately owned airport has one terminal building comprising two separate concourses for domestic and international flights. DME has 2 reinforced concrete runways that had accommodated 33 million passengers in 2014.

Airport/Terminal Map
Domodedovo International Airport Reviews-map

Domodedovo International Airport Reviews and News

Unfortunately, a busy airport doesn’t come up with a good review. According to 51 Domodedovo International Airport reviews on Skytrax, the aiport had a total rating of 4/10. Passengers are mostly complaining about the slow lines and service at the airport but it’s noticeable that the most recent reviews show a strong acknowledgement of the improvements of DME. One reviewer even said:

“Moscow Domodedovo seems to be improving since my last visit in October last year. British Airways check in was hassle free. Being a smoker, the Russian police were good enough to let me leave what little hand luggage I had beside the entrance security to save the security check over and over. A few nice coffee shops and eateries before security, but a tad pricey. International departure area has a lot of touristy shops which are overpriced, so if getting souvenirs do so before you get to Airport.”
-Steve Fraser (United Kingdom) 7th May 2016
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                 DME
  • Phone Number:             +7 495 933-66-66
  • Website URL:                 http://www.domodedovo.ru/en/
  • Address:                         Domodedovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia


Being the busiest airport from the biggest country in the world, Domodedovo International Airport had won several awards ever since. DME is still part of the World’s Top 100 Airports and this year, they took the 53rd spot. Even receiving a 4/10 overall score rating for reviews, the airport sure had been good at providing and maintaining transportation service.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Red Wings Airlines Reviews

Red Wings Airlines Reviews-Alexander Lebedev
Alexander Lebedev

Red Wings Airlines traces its roots back to 1999 when it was initially known as VARZ-400. The name was from a Russian acronym which means “Vnukovo Avia Repair Factory” and it was actually rebranded to Airlines 400 in 2001. Before moving forward, let’s have a little icebreaker regarding the airline’s origin. The owner of the airline is a Russian tycoon: Mr. Alexander Lebedev. The idea of establishing an airline sprouted from the aim of creating an air service that consists only of Tupolev (Ty 204-100B) fleet.

Alexander also owns Blue Wings which automatically makes the German airline the sister company of Red Wings. Moving forward now, the airline offers international charters and domestic scheduled services from Vnukovo International Airport and Domodedovo Moscow Airport to 20 other destinations. The fleet now consists of more than Tupolev, including Bombardier, Irkut and Sukhoi on their total and current fleet size of 13.

To be honest, we found out about Red Wings Airlines and decide to write a review about it, in an infamous way. It’s infamous because we just stumbled on the incident that happened in 2012, where one of their aircraft had an runway overrun accident which caused 5 fatalities and fortunately there were 3 survivors. While the accident aircraft has been written off, Red Wings Airlines remains the largest operator of Tupolev Tu-204-100B.
Red Wings Airlines Reviews-crew
To see a more detailed explanation of the incident, click here.

Flying with Red Wings

There was limited information regarding the cabin class offered on board. But online, it pretty much shows one type of service which well accommodates passengers with utmost hospitality from their jolly and lovely flight attendants. Looking to various Pinterest and AirlineMeals posts, Red Wings Airlines has an inflight menu offering a selection of meals. As noticeable, the cabin crew were kept neat and well maintained.

Official Website

For some reason, we can’t locate where can we change the site language to English. Since the airline was originated from Russia, the page is in Russian by default. But for this review we tried translating some parts of the page to better explain what does it offer.
The official website of Red Wings provides travellers the option to search for flights and book online. They can also learn more about the airline’s services, history, development, news and policies. The page also offers a brief description regarding the inflight experience with Red Wings from seat selection, special assistance and car rentals. Like other airline sites, Red Wings offers package deals and promotes their country’s tourism.

Red Wings Airlines Reviews of Passengers

However, there were only limited reviews found online. The best we had found was actually on Airlines Inform, though these feedback are backdated to 2014. We are not sure if this will help, but feel free to check them: http://www.airlines-inform.com/flight-reports/search.php?tags=Red+Wing
Red Wings Airlines Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      www.flyredwings.com
  • Contact Number:                +7 800 200 33 66, +7 495 212 12 51
  • Contact Email:                    info@flyredwings.com
  • Head Office Address:          19, Zavodskoye Highway, Moscow, 119027, Russia


I am pretty much shaky on how to end this review. We can’t say they are reliable or not, since the information were limited, the incident in 2012 was an accident and the official website is in the Russian language. It’s hard to determine how it is to fly with Red Wings Airlines, but we are hoping this Red Wings Airlines reviews did help you somehow.

Have you flown with Red Wings Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.