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Redtag.ca Reviews

Redtag Reviews

Owned by the Red Label Vacation, RedTag is a Company based in Canada, and holds the honour of being founded by the founders of Bel Air. The Agency is currently situated in Ontario.

A Website as Comprehensive as the Deals:

The website is where our review begins because the website is where the image starts to build. What are the possible pitfalls of a wrongly designed website? Well, these are a complex interface, ambiguity of information and poor updating. RedTag solves all these problems through its comprehensive online portal. The updates on the website run around the clock and the calendar, allowing the customers to know the latest deals and packages without any delay, and scratching off the older ones that are no longer functional. The company promises no inconvenience to the customers through the booking of deals that no longer exist. This is not only efficient and time saving for the customers; it also saves the humiliation of being told on the phone that the deal you just booked has been out of business for quite some time.

An Army of Agents:

What does the company do? Does it simply book your flights, hand you your ticket and let you run your own course? Well, no. The company has hired about 150 travel agents to aid you in your decisions if you ever become indecisive. Do you want to know which discount deal will be the best for you? Are you confused about the airline you should book? Are you confused about the flight destination? The travel agents are available on all working days within working hours and are just a simple call away. The number through which they may be contacted is flashed in bold letters right at the top of the website. Convenient, isn’t it?

Deals, Deals and Deals:

The website is quite an adventure. Once you visit it, you seem surrounded by a sea of deals. You fill out your ticket and the next tab asks if you want to get a deal. One of the daily deals is the exemption of the booking fees from a certain flight destination, say Europe. All of the flights to Europe would then be booked without any booking fees. Each day a ticker runs, telling you of the most economical deals that have come up that day. Regularly updated, these deals are worth checking out once.

Proof? Yes Please:

The company’s efficient performance and worth can be judged from the fact that some of the major Canadian companies use RedTag as the major airline booking company. Toronto Maple Leaves is an example that will definitely cause a few to put their coffee mugs down and reconsider their decision to select another online travel agency. The Canadian Football League is another. Then there are the Toronto Raptor, the Montreal Alouettes, the Toronto Argonauts, Edmonton Oilers and finally the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Had the company been a scam, none of these would have looked at the website a second time, and yet, here they are, regularly booking flights through this company. This is why we are making a redtag .ca reviews in 2015!

Summarizing and Concluding:

We hope you enjoyed these Redtag Reviews. With a history that flashes famous names of Bel Air and Red Label, the company has a reputation that speaks for itself, through the famous Canadian companies using it on a regular basis. The best thing about RedTag, however, are not the deals that would make us all water at our mouths, or the honest and comprehensive policy shown on the website interface. It is the help provided to the customers through the many travel agents that it sponsors. It is no wonder that the company gets a high rating from the customer reviews. Hope that you will enjoy this Redtag reviews that we did in 2015 by our team.