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Red Wings Airlines Reviews

Red Wings Airlines Reviews-Alexander Lebedev
Alexander Lebedev

Red Wings Airlines traces its roots back to 1999 when it was initially known as VARZ-400. The name was from a Russian acronym which means “Vnukovo Avia Repair Factory” and it was actually rebranded to Airlines 400 in 2001. Before moving forward, let’s have a little icebreaker regarding the airline’s origin. The owner of the airline is a Russian tycoon: Mr. Alexander Lebedev. The idea of establishing an airline sprouted from the aim of creating an air service that consists only of Tupolev (Ty 204-100B) fleet.

Alexander also owns Blue Wings which automatically makes the German airline the sister company of Red Wings. Moving forward now, the airline offers international charters and domestic scheduled services from Vnukovo International Airport and Domodedovo Moscow Airport to 20 other destinations. The fleet now consists of more than Tupolev, including Bombardier, Irkut and Sukhoi on their total and current fleet size of 13.

To be honest, we found out about Red Wings Airlines and decide to write a review about it, in an infamous way. It’s infamous because we just stumbled on the incident that happened in 2012, where one of their aircraft had an runway overrun accident which caused 5 fatalities and fortunately there were 3 survivors. While the accident aircraft has been written off, Red Wings Airlines remains the largest operator of Tupolev Tu-204-100B.
Red Wings Airlines Reviews-crew
To see a more detailed explanation of the incident, click here.

Flying with Red Wings

There was limited information regarding the cabin class offered on board. But online, it pretty much shows one type of service which well accommodates passengers with utmost hospitality from their jolly and lovely flight attendants. Looking to various Pinterest and AirlineMeals posts, Red Wings Airlines has an inflight menu offering a selection of meals. As noticeable, the cabin crew were kept neat and well maintained.

Official Website

For some reason, we can’t locate where can we change the site language to English. Since the airline was originated from Russia, the page is in Russian by default. But for this review we tried translating some parts of the page to better explain what does it offer.
The official website of Red Wings provides travellers the option to search for flights and book online. They can also learn more about the airline’s services, history, development, news and policies. The page also offers a brief description regarding the inflight experience with Red Wings from seat selection, special assistance and car rentals. Like other airline sites, Red Wings offers package deals and promotes their country’s tourism.

Red Wings Airlines Reviews of Passengers

However, there were only limited reviews found online. The best we had found was actually on Airlines Inform, though these feedback are backdated to 2014. We are not sure if this will help, but feel free to check them: http://www.airlines-inform.com/flight-reports/search.php?tags=Red+Wing
Red Wings Airlines Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      www.flyredwings.com
  • Contact Number:                +7 800 200 33 66, +7 495 212 12 51
  • Contact Email:                    info@flyredwings.com
  • Head Office Address:          19, Zavodskoye Highway, Moscow, 119027, Russia


I am pretty much shaky on how to end this review. We can’t say they are reliable or not, since the information were limited, the incident in 2012 was an accident and the official website is in the Russian language. It’s hard to determine how it is to fly with Red Wings Airlines, but we are hoping this Red Wings Airlines reviews did help you somehow.

Have you flown with Red Wings Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.