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OpenSkies Reviews

The name of the airline sounds familiar? Yes it does. Here let me share with you a quick fact what does “Open Skies” mean. Open Skies is an agreement from the European Union which enables any European-based airline  to fly from any city within the EU to any city within the United States, and vice versa. In short, it’s an agreement in which aircraft can fly between two countries without any restrictions. I wonder if this agreement is related to the origin of the airline’s name. Maybe yes, maybe no.

OpenSkies is actually a subsidiary airline of British Airways founded in 2008 with the aim of reducing over-dependence of routes flying to US and European cities with the hub of BA (British Airways) at London Heathrow Airport. This happens after the mentioned Open Skies agreement in 2008. This answers our initial guess and fact about the origin of the airline’s name.

Flying OpenSkies
OpenSkies has only three aircraft (Boeing 757-200) in its fleet and to be specific with the destination, it provides non-stop flights between Paris, Newark and New York while carrying the slogan “The transatlantic airline, par excellence”. OpenSkies joined Oneworld alliance as an affiliate member in 2012, since British Airways is a founding member.
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The rumored Business Class only flights to US and European cities had changed plans to expand their cabin to more classes as Eco for economy, Prem Plus for premium economy and Biz Bed for business class. All information regarding each cabin classes is located on their official website. To enjoy exclusive inflight entertainment all cabin classes have iPads available for usage.

PC and Mobile Services
The official website was organized to fit in one page loaded with all relevant information needed which is actually accessible from the page of British Airways’ partner and alliances section. With OpenSkies travellers can search and book for flights, hotel reservation and car rentals services (from mentioned destinations above).
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Openskies has an iOS app that is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Check in, get flight alerts, and view mobile boarding passes all in one convenient place. Also, if you’re a member of Openskies Executive Club, you can manage your profile, view your points balance, and more.

OpenSkies Reviews of Passengers
According to 55 OpenSkies reviews, the airline had scored a total of 6/10 rating on Skytrax. This resulted from mixed reviews posted online. Some are complaining about the cabin’s seat, others are saying the quality of service with OpenSkies devalues in the long run. But majority of these reviews are being positive with the agenda of OpenSkies that they always make sure to leave a review with a 10/10 score.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                            www.flyopenskies.com
  • Contact Number:                      +33 1 7422 42 00
  • Contact Email:                          info@flyopenskies.aero
  • Fax Number:                             +33 1 7422 42 20
  • Head Office Address:                Bat 519, 5, allee du commandant Mouchotte, Paray Vielle Poste,
                                                     91781 Wissous Cedex, France

Why OpenSkies? As they say, they provide personalized customer service, from conveniently located airports and their intimate cabins won’t make you think twice about flying with them. And of course with the reputation and good record of British Airways, it will provide you more reasons to fly with this airline.

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