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Is JustFly Legit?

The online travel industry has helped so many travelers since the early days of the internet. With cheap flight tickets and convenient booking processes, it’s not really surprising. However, as most people know, not all businesses are created equal. Choosing a trusted online travel agency will definitely make your trip a lot easier.
In this post, we will evaluate JustFly.com. Is JustFly legit? Before you book your tickets, let’s take a look at this company’s credentials.

JustFly background

The company launched in February 10th of 2014. They claim to address the issue of ticket overpricing from other online resellers by doing their best to provide the most budget-friendly ticket deals in the market.
JustFly developed their own infrastructure which gives them access to the newest flight discounts and promos. Their team comprises of travel agents, tourism experts, software and web developers, and customer service representatives from the USA.
Moreover, by partnering up with more than 400 airlines, thousands of hotels, cruise ship companies, and international car rental businesses, JustFly’s customers can quickly book most of their necessities via the website.

Before you book a flight

JustFly airline booking

JustFly’s website clearly states all rules regarding flight cancellation, flight changes, name changes, along with other booking modifications. Much like any other travel agency, you need to make sure that all information that you provide is correct to prevent unwanted charges.
Depending on the airline, your booking may or may not be cancelled. For U.S. flights, you may cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase with a cancellation fee of $75. International flight cancellations have a fee of $150 per passenger while Canada-USA trans-border flights have a fee of $125 per passenger.
So before you book a flight online, whether from JustFly or other OTAs, double check everything before finalizing your purchase.

How to contact them

No-frills business

JustFly focuses on the basic needs of travelers. A look at their website shows us that they want to keep things simple, clean, and fast for the consumers. With an easy-to-use online and mobile booking tool, you can search for tickets without any commitment required. Please note that airlines can sometimes change their ticket prices without notifying JustFly. Your ticket price is only final once you’ve purchased them. We suggest that you constantly refresh the webpage or the app to make sure that all prices are updated.
If you’re a traveler who runs on a strict budget, this website is a goldmine. How do they do it? JustFly’s connections with travel businesses not only gives them access to promos, they also get access to unsold flight seats, hotel rooms, etc. Instead of letting these things go to waste, the suppliers often offer them at a much lower price than their original costs.

The pros and cons

Purchasing your travel bookings from JustFly have its advantages and disadvantages. Those who love cheap tickets are bound to love this company. The simple booking process is also a plus. People on the go can find their desired flight with just a little amount of typing and clicking. OTAs today are focusing on providing the best user experience and JustFly is a prime example of this.
However, the drawbacks of booking from JustFly.com also stems from the company’s minimalistic business model. Features like real-time flight tracking maps aren’t being used by JustFly.

Is JustFly legit?

After checking the company’s history and background, we found that JustFly is a legitimate online travel business. Their desire to provide the least expensive flights make them a first-choice for most people. Also, a large number of JustFly reviews that I read from different websites suggests that this company is often true to their promise.
If you’re planning to get tickets for your trip, would you consider buying them from JustFly? Let us know why or why not!