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Navagio Beach Guide

If you are familiar with the new and trending South Korean series, “Descendants of the Sun,” then you should definitely know what this beach looks like, that’s considered as the most beautiful beach of Greece.

Navagio is an isolated island beach worth seeing. Commonly known as an exposed cove or the shipwreck beach in Greece, it was originally known as “Agios Georgios.”

The Shipwreck
Navagio Beach Guide-mv-panagiotis

Known as “MV Panagiotis,” the ship was actually built in 1937 as Saint Bedan and was wrecked in 1980. It was alleged to carry contraband cigarettes and wines for Italian Mafia and was chased by the Greek Navy and ended up wrecked during the stormy weather and washed ashore. The crew abandoned the ship and remained as fugitives.

White Pebble Promise
Navagio Beach Guide-white-pebble-promise

As the myth says, couples who take a white pebble from Navagio Beach will have eternal love if they can return the rock on the paradise and still be together. This explains why there are several white pebbles placed on the shipwreck. It’s kind of romantic, but this tradition remains a myth.

Cliff View
Navagio Beach Guide-cliff-view

We do recommend for you to see the top view of Navagio Beach, the same spot where the female protagonist stands atop to reminisce her memories of her leading man.

Now, how? The best suggestion we have is to rent a car and drive around. But, if you don’t drive, a public bus to the island’s capital could be an option. Though, you have to walk 5 km to get to the actual viewing platform.


In the hit series, the protagonists created a fictional country “Urk” as the location of Navagio Beach. But in reality, this awe-inspiring isolated beach is situated at the northwest coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece: not Urk, but Greece.


There’s only one way to get there and that’s by sea. Since it has been a top destination, several tour companies offer boat trips to this famous attraction in Greece. Now, it’s your call which offer or package deal you would like to deal with.
But, you have to keep in mind, it is not as peaceful as it is in the series. It is the most commercial place on the island. You are lucky if only a few tourists booked on the same day. And, sorry, you can’t stay there as long as you want. Because, the next batch of tourists awaits for their turn to experience the beauty of Navagio Beach.

You could also try to watch this 3-minute video of Navagio Beach to be fully inspired of other activities:

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