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Munich Airport Reviews

Apart from Russia, this country has been the most populous European country in the world (population: 82 million). Next to the Czech Republic, the Germans are the second biggest consumers of beer. They once held the title with the world’s youngest billionaire by their German Prince Albert II von Thurn und Taxis, with net worth estimated at around $1.9 billion (USD).

Munich Airport Reviews-EcologyWhen it comes to environment, Germany has been the pioneers of the ecological movement and green politics. But of course, the term “Ecology” itself was originated from a German biologist, Mr. Ernst Haeckel in 1866. Moreover, the Germans had been the world’s largest exporter of goods. By these facts alone, can we trust that Germany is also good at travel business and transporting travellers internationally. Then let’s check their international airport: Munich Airport

Munich Airport Reviews of Passengers

To start off, let’s check the feedback of the passengers. It seems that out of 146 Munich Airport reviews, the airport had harbored a total of 5/10 score rating. Not bad, but still not enough to consider as a good airport. However, it is noticeable that Skytrax had recognized MUC as a 5-star airport. But given that acknowledgement by World Airport Awards, customers are complaining about the lack of transport facility throughout the airport.Munich Airport Reviews-long-walk

One reviewer on 1st of March 2016 said that MUC is one of the airports that she doesn’t like at all. It was too big, that she had to walk kilometers from gate to the baggage claim area then the exit. And upon exit will start another agony with S-Bahn, a rapid transit railway system in and around Berlin. Prices are high. On a positive note, she mentioned that services are good since they do their best to make travellers feel comfortable. In this review, she gave Munich Airport a rating of 6/10.


Since the airport was mentioned big, well it is actually huge with 15.6 km² and because of that the international airport of Germany has a large space to fill it with airport facilities and services:

To keep customers feeling fresh all flight long, shower rooms are available just a few steps from the arrivals area, located in the Central Area, Level 03 or in Terminal 2. What’s in it for them? Well, these six unit exclusive showers are not for charity. The fully equipped shower rooms with toilet, sink and plenty of space to put belongings cost 15 euros for usage. No worries, because fresh towels are provided along with shower gel and shampoo.

Accidents can’t be prevented and MUC is prepared for that. Doctors and medical specialists are available throughout the airport. There are actually 10 medical establishments to look after passengers, click here to see the list. For the Shop and Dine list, click here.

To keep passengers updated with current news, Airport TV is available on broadcast for CNN and the German news channel N24 everyday from 6 in the morning till 11 in the evening. Though this is located only at the waiting areas at the departure gates (in the security area).

Munich Airport Reviews-AirbräuLike we mentioned earlier about beer with Germany. The Munich Airport has the the world’s first airport brewery: Airbräu, that serves seven different kind of beers. Game On with the MUC’s “The Merkur Spielothek” which offers games and gambling located in the Terminal 1-Level 3 and Terminal 2-Level 3.

Munich Airport is not Top 3 airport for nothing. Free unlimited WIFI is available throughout the airport by connecting to “Telekom” network. After registration, traveller will receive an email confirmation. Please be reminded to keep the email, since it contains a link that will change or cancel the user’s account.

Getting To and From

There are several ways in getting to and from MUC. Based on Munich Airport Reviews, passenger can go by bus, car rental, hotel shuttles, limousine, taxi or train. If by driving, customers can get directly to Munich Airport through the A 92 Munich-Deggendorf autobahn.

The official site of the airport had been generous with these kind of directional information. See the links below:

Location – Traffic – Service

MUC is located 28km (18 miles) northeast of Munich. The airport is the hub for the largest airline in Europe: “Lufthansa” and also for Air Dolomiti and Condor. Known as the 32nd busiest airport in the world and yet again keeping winning the “European airport championship” against other European airports in eight years, MUC has 2 concrete runways and 2 passenger terminals which accommodated 40,981,522 passengers in 2015.

Airport/Terminal Map
Munich Airport Reviews-map


Munich Airport Reviews-Franz Josef Strauß
Franz Josef Strauß

Past and Present: The decision for building the new airport was made by the government of Bavaria in 1969. Initially the airport was named as “Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß” which was originated from their long-time Minister-President Mr. Franz Josef Strauß. Wherein the airport was owned by “Flughafen München GmbH” and branded themselves as “M – Flughafen München” or “M – Munich Airport”. But since the airport’s name was too long, most people nowadays use the term “Flughafen München” which means Munich Airport or simply MUC.

Future: Like other airports Munich Airport had already made plans for further expansion of a third runway and a satellite in Terminal that will boost the capacity of the airport’s terminal. To see the latest news and updates regarding MUC, bookmark the link below:

Contact Information:

  • logoAirport Code:                 MUC
  • Phone Number:             +49 89 97500
  • Website URL:                 www.munich-airport.de/en/
  • Address:                        Nordallee 25, 85356 München, Germany


Moreover, the airport has been recognized with “Europe’s best airport” while maintaining its rank from the world’s top 100 airlines in Skytrax: World Airport Awards in 2015 (as Top 3). To sum it up these made them won the “European airport championship” for the eighth year. Kudos to the German Airport and more power to their travel business and world-renowned services.