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Mozio Reviews

Mozio Reviews-David Litwak
David Litwak

Mozio was established by David Litwak in 2012. The founder also serves as the travel company’s CEO. Mozio’s idea was originated from the experience of David after travelling to over 60 countries, and struggling to find the best local options for getting around. This had helped Mozio to focus on helping connect customers, local companies, and global travel brands to turn what can be one of the most confusing parts of any trip – getting to and from the airport – into a delightful experience. Today, we’ll be looking through this travel site, and see how it’s like to trust your travel plans with them.

What is Mozio?

transportationMozio is a ground transportation technology platform. They partner with all the local shared-ride shuttles, airporters, taxis, limos, express trains, ferries, helicopters, and give Online Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotels, and Car Rental agencies and websites one API, white-label solution or widget to help our partners make money off of airport transfers.

The airport ground transportation search engine will help you travel that final mile from the airport to your final destination. Whether by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, travelers using Mozio’s technology can search for and book the right options.
Mozio Reviews-pageOn Mozio, it is easy to get your way around. The page will promptly give you the option to select either To, From, What, Where, and When would you like to be picked up or sent to. The site is foreign-friendly, since the language version is interchangeable to 35 other nationalities.

The bottom part shows an option for popular rides. Mozio’s technology solutions enable travel brands to drive customer loyalty and effectively monetize on the “last mile” of every trip. Search results are based from more than 2,000 airports around the world.

Mozio Reviews of Customers

Looking through Mozio reviews, it seems like customers are being appreciative over the new travel search engine. One customer actually said:

“The cab was waiting at our apartment as requested for 4:45am Morning. Driver was professional and ride was smooth. Reservation was simple and quick. Highly recommend without a doubt.”

However, some complaints are contradicting the efficiency of Mozio. The reviewer actually felt scammed, and called Mozio a fraudulent company. Other Mozio reviews are saying, once you make the deal they are hard to keep in touch with. One customer experienced waiting forever at the pick-up spot, and was continuously being transferred when he tried to call their customer service.
Mozio Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                     https://www.mozio.com/
  • Contact Number:               +1 855 980 5669 / +1 415 969 7669
  • Contact Email:                  info@mozio.com
  • FAQ Page:                         https://www.mozio.com/faq/
  • Head Office Address:        San Francisco, California


After writing a review about Mozio, it seems like the airport ground transportation search engine had been getting a lot of mixed reviews. Though, we shouldn’t just not notice these complaints. It might be twice or thrice, but these little mistakes can cause a lot of problems in the future. Since the travel company had recently started, it is best to give time for them to prove their worth.

Have you used Mozio before? Feel free to leave a comment below.