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MIAT Mongolian Airlines Reviews

100% state-owned national airline of Mongolia was founded in 1956 with the help of Aeroflot and commenced operations with a single Antonov An-2 from Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk in July the same year. MIAT actually stands for Mongolyn Irgenii Agaaryn Teever which means Mongolian Civil Air Transport in English. The growth of the airline had been slow but sure. Today, MIAT Mongolian Airlines has a total fleet size of 5 Boeing: (3) 737-800 and (2) 767-300ER. They are actually planning to expand their fleet by adding up 2 more Boeing 737-800 in 2018.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines is in the MIAT Building in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia and operates at Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN) to over 8 destinations internationally: (5) in Asia including Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Osaka; and (2) in Europe including Moscow and Berlin.

Mongolian On Board Services
MIAT Mongolian Airlines Reviews-business class
​​MIAT Mongolian Airlines operate a two class Economy and Business Class service on all routes. Wherein on board services includes magazines, daily papers in Chinese, English and Mongolian and an entertainment system to keep their customers entertained in flight. Meals and drinks are also offered on board and are guaranteed to be fresh and healthy

MIAT Mongolian Airlines Reviews-Blue SkyThe flag carrier of Mongolia has a frequent flyer program called “Blue Sky Mongolia” which is similar to other airline’s program on earning miles per flight and redeeming them for future travel related discounts.

The Official Website
If customers are not natives of Mongolia, please be informed that ​​the page is in Mongolian by default. travellers have to click on the “EN” button located on the top right of the page to change the official site’s version to English. We personally love how the picture in motion appears on the bottom right of the front page that commercialize the Mongolian Airlines. Moving forward, the site lets travellers to search and book for flights, car rental services and hotel accommodation.
MIAT Mongolian Airlines Reviews-page
However, we notice that even if the overall appearance of the site looks really enticing, the navigation doesn’t go along with the beauty of the site. The option to switch the flashing images of the background is malfunctioning. Majority of the page still appears in Mongolian language even we changed it already to English. So in short, the official website is somehow unreliable.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines Reviews of Customers
Out of 25 MIAT Mongolian Airlines reviews, the airline had received a total score rating of 7/10 according to Skytrax’s Airlinequality. Not bad compared to what we had encountered with the lack of information and website malfunctioning. It seems like passengers are being appreciative with what MIAT Mongolian Airlines has to offer that the most recent reviewer said:

“From Ulaanbaatar to Seoul on Boeing 767. On time departure and arrival on this three hours flight. Cabin clean. Good seat. Breakfast good. Excellent staff service both on ground and during the flight. Fantastic scenery to watch during take-off out of Ulaanbaatar. Overall just a smooth, enjoyable experience.”
*This review was rated with a 9/10 score.

How To Reach Them?

  • logoWebsite URL:                            www.miat.com
  • Contact Number:                      +976 11 333 999
  • Contact Email:                          callcenter@miat.com
  • Fax Number:                             +976 11 379 919
  • Head Office Address:                MIAT Building, Buyant-Ukhaa 45, Khan-Uul District, 210134
    Ulan Bator, Mongolia

After writing this review about the national airline of Mongolia, it’s clear why the airline wasn’t included as part of the World’s Top 100 Airlines. Maybe because their official page isn’t functioning properly and there’s limited information regarding their on board services and cabin classes. On a positive note, MIAT Mongolian Airlines reviews leave them with a good background. At least, even if they are at a slow-but-sure pace, they manage to maintain a good standing to their passengers in and out of the country.

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