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6 Facts about Maldives

MaldivesWe are 99% sure that almost all wanderlusters have Maldives on their destination list. Who wouldn’t dream of visiting this paradise with its rich marine life. If you are not aware of Maldives, then you are missing half of your life. Hit Google and search for Maldives. Be enticed with its awe-inspiring diving sites and underwater activities. Since the tropical nation is strategically located along major sea lanes in the Indian Ocean and is one of the world’s top island destinations, Maldives has a lot more to offer than its known marine vastness.

But, how well do you know this magnificent paradise? In this article, we’ll be sharing some interesting ideas and things you would love to hear and know about Maldives. Tune in to 6 Facts about Maldives!

Underwater Meetings
6 Facts about Maldives-Underwater Meetings

Maldives is composed of 99% water and 1% land. Due to the unpredicted climate change and rising ocean level in 2009, the first underwater cabinet meeting was ordered by their President, Mohamed Nasheed. All the government officials, including the president, wore scuba gear. This act was to raise concern and awareness to climate change.

Zero Tolerance to other Religions

Tourists are advised to worship their own God or follow their own religious belief privately. Likewise, travellers are prohibited from bringing religious materials into the country. Maldives is a Muslim country and disobedience may act to disrespecting or offending their own religiosity. This might lead to a prison sentence or lifetime imprisonment as well.

Coconut under Arrest!

Coconut under arrestMaldivians believe in black and white magic. This lead to a report in 2013, where a coconut was under arrest due to loitering around during presidential elections. The reason for the detainment of the alleged coconut, was because studies show that coconuts are used as a frequent ingredient for magic spells and rituals. However, no spell caster was proven guilty and it was released on the same day. To see the news, click here

Safest Travel Destination

6 Facts about Maldives-Safest Travel DestinationIt’s pretty much obvious that Maldives is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. Rich with over 1200 corals islands, the tropical country last year won the award for “World’s Leading Beach Destination” and “Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination” according to the World Travel Awards 2015. Weekends are during Friday and Saturday and alcohol is forbidden outside resorts.

Founder was an Exiled Indian Prince

Prince Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya established the first kingdom in Maldives. By then, Maldives was known as “Dheeva Maari” and legends say that the King of India was displeased and sent away his son to the island.

98% Literacy

98% Literacy“Education is the key to success;” this applies to Maldivian people where residents make the education program difficult. A hundred percent of children are enrolled in primary school, which requires above-average grades to move on to the next level. Annually, 99% percent of students graduate.

They are weird in a unique way. Maldives is beautiful, nuff said. This only proves why tourism is the largest economic industry there. There’s a whole lot more about the Sunny Side of Life: sunny all year long, waves like nowhere else, underwater beauty like paradise! Visit Maldives for a perfect holiday.

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