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Lufthansa CityLine Reviews

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Lufthansa CityLine Reviews

Lufthansa CityLine is not just a product of Lufthansa, but it has its own Lufthansa CityLine Reviews-crewhistory before being a regional airline of Germany. In 1958, Ostfriesische Lufttaxi (OLT) was established and operated as a separate airline in Emden until 2013. But, prior to that, OLT was reorganized and began cooperation with Lufthansa for short-range international routes in 1978. In 1992, the airline became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa and was renamed Lufthansa CityLine.

The airline was previously headquartered at Cologne Bonn Airport, but now has its hubs at Frankfurt and Munich Airport. Now, the fleet size of Lufthansa CityLine consists of 55 Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft catering 75 domestic routes and European networks. However, in 2015, the airline started operating long-haul routes on behalf of its parent company, Lufthansa.

Flying with Lufthansa CityLine

Lufthansa CityLine Reviews-inflightTo be honest, there’s not much information online on the services on board with Lufthansa CityLine. However, we were able to gather some information about it. Some of Lufthansa passengers with upgrades for Business Class are actually operated and served by Lufthansa Cityline. The regional airline uses the same seat as with Lufthansa’s Business Class. Meals will depend on the route and haul of the customer.

Official Website and Mobile app

Looking on their official website saddens me because it looks like just a white page with little content. It seems to be like a one-page compressed website for all the information customers need to know about Lufthansa CityLine. The site is hard to navigate and quite confusing.

Lufthansa CityLine Reviews-pageOn a positive note, the option to book a flight is actually found at the top right of the page. Apart from that, customers can see about the history and route network of the airline. Information includes jobs and careers too. The site can be changed from Deutsch to English.

Since the airline operates under Lufthansa, there’s no designated travel app to book your flights directly with Lufthansa CityLine. The mobile application of Lufthansa is the best way to access Lufthansa CityLine using a smartphone. Or, try browsing this site using the smartphone’s Internet browser.

Lufthansa CityLine Reviews of Passengers

Lufthansa CityLine had been getting a lot of recommendations and appreciation. Some reviewers even said that they’d encountered the friendliest crew ever. Other passengers are commenting about the great inflight service they’d experienced on board with Lufthansa CityLine. It seems like the airline made a right choice to fly under the Lufthansa brand because this has attracted a lot of travellers to trust flying with this regional airline.
Lufthansa CityLine Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                http://www.lufthansacityline.com/en
  • Contact Number:          +49 22 03 59 60
  • Contact Email:              lh-cityline@dlh.de
  • Fax Number:                 +49 22 03 59 64 13
  • Head Office Address:    Heinrich-Steinmann Strasse 51147 Cologne, Germany


As we all know, Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany. But, if you’ll combine all its subsidiaries  (including Lufthansa CityLine), then Lufthansa is also the largest airline in Europe. Though, Lufthansa CityLine might be just a regional airline, but their feedback and services had proven that this airline is not your typical regional airline that’s simple and plain. Lufthansa CityLine is a far cry compared to other regional airlines in the world.

Have you flown with Lufthansa CityLine? Feel free to share your experience below.