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LastMinuteTravel review

All online travel agencies tell themselves “We are a leading travel agency providing the reliable travel services,” they do this from the beginning up to the present. The main goal for these travel agencies is to make the customers say those words, therefore receiving each customer’s approval.

Did LastMinuteTravel establish  trust between them and their customers? Let’s find out with this LastMinuteTravel review.

Origins and Ownership

LastMinuteTravel was founded in 1996, their initial operation focuses on providing last minute deals and they were successful in doing so. Travel Holdings, Inc. fully owns LastMinuteTravel and other sister companies.

The current CEO of Travel Holdings is Uri Argov meaning he also lead LastMinuteTravel.

Uri Argov, CEO of Travel Holdings
Uri Argov, CEO of Travel Holdings

Online Feedback

LastMinuteTravel took quite a beating from SiteJabber.com with the negative reviews. One of the reviews had the subject of “Don’t trust this company,” the man behind the review booked a trip with LastMinuteTravel and had to cancel due to personal reasons. He was expecting a refund because the company called him and informed him they provide refunds. When he received his credit card statement, there was no trace of a refund and he immediately contacted the agency’s customer support. The agency then told him that there was never a call between them talking about a refund.

One fellow came to LastMinuteTravel’s aid by defending the agency against negative reviews. According to the man, the flight and hotel deals provided by the agency are reliable and their website is easy to use, he said “If you know how to use their site, and what to expect, you can get some AMAZING hotel deals.”


The Website

LastMinuteTravel homepage
LastMinuteTravel homepage

Customers can book whatever service they want, flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises on the website. They also allow customers to join the LMT club to gain benefits like coupons for a discounted price and extra services. In order to join, customers should sign up for an account, members can also manage their reservations on the website.

Customers can click on the service they want and then deal quickly appears with their price rates.

“LastMinutetravel” – Mobile Application

Their mobile application can be downloaded on IOS and Android. One great feature about their app is that first timers a receive 25% discount for their hotel booking. The application is kinda like a portable website, more convenience while customers manage their itineraries.

Customer Service

The agency has several customer phone lines for different countries. Their customer support is operational 24/7 for bookings and questions. Customers can also subscribe via email for updates about deals and offers. They also provide a live chat support 24/7 and a FAQs page for general and specific information.


LastMinuteTravel has thousands of connection to travel companies to fulfill their services. Their main office is located in Altamonte Springs, FL.

LastMinuteTravel contact information:

  • Website URL: http://www.lastminutetravel.com/
  • Contact number: 1-800-442-0568 or +407-215-7275
  • Fax Number: +1-407-215-9866
  • Head Office Address: 220 East Central Parkway, Suite 4000 Altamonte Springs, FL 32701


LastMinuteTravel is not that consistent with their services, they were able to gain loyal customers but at the same time angry bashers. Feel free to take part on this LastMinuteTravel review by leaving your comments below.