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Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-Southeast AsiaBeing one of the major airports of South East Asia and the main international airport of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) traces its roots back to 1998.

The airport had suffered a series of technical problems, particularly with regards to the baggage system, which has since been resolved. In it first year, the airport serviced just over 13 million passengers, although projections had been for considerably higher numbers. These were affected more recently by the avian flu scare.

In 2005 and 2006, Kuala Lumpur Airport was presented with an AERTA-award for being the “World’s Best Airport” for its size, and is currently managed by the Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad and owned by the Government of Malaysia.

Airport Facilities

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-foodKuala Lumpur International Airport was alleged to have the dirtiest restrooms, though plenty of restrooms are located throughout KUL. Showers are also available at the Sama-Sama Express. Rates are at RM 42.00/person, which includes towel, soap, and shampoo. If travellers are looking for cold water showers, then that’s located on the 4th floor (past the eateries).

More than 1,300 security cameras have been placed within the main terminal building and the satellite building. The air traffic control tower’s roof has also been equipped with four high-powered cameras, each with a range of three kilometres.

information centerInformation desks are located at the main terminal. Touch-screen information kiosks are also available throughout the airport.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport has a high-speed baggage handling system that includes 12 baggage carousels and 33 km of conveyor belts. And, also it has 216 check-in, 146 immigration and 26 customs counters.

There are ten ATM machines located throughout the airport. Banks and foreign money exchange are also found at the two terminals. If hungry, there is a good selection of places to eat at KUL. The satellite building boasts a large choice, with cafés and restaurants.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-shopA huge selection of shops is on hand and located on Level 3, Level 5, on the contact pier and within the satellite building. Visitors here can choose from a range of shops, including gift retailers, bookshops, fashion boutiques, and electronics shops. Duty-free shopping is available in the satellite building.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is open for 24 hours and has free WiFi available but that is only limited to an hour’s usage. Travellers just have to connect to the”FREE_WIFI@KLIA” network.


Since Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, over 8 million people live within the capital area which is a noticeably huge number that causes traffic. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the main airport where all international flights arrive.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-KLIA ExpressThere are multiple ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to the airport (and vice versa). The quickest way probably is the KLIA Express. This train brings you in 28 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur central train station (KL Sentral) to the airport.

If driving, the North-South Central Link Expressway (E6) is the primary access road to the airport. From the city centre, take the southbound E20, and then turn right onto Lingkaran Putrajaya. Follow this road onto the southbound E6, which leads directly to the airport. The journey from the city centre should take approximately 45 minutes (depending on traffic).

Location – Traffic – Service

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is situated 55km (34 miles) south of Kuala Lumpur and serves as the hub for AirAsia, AirAsia X, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, MASkargo, UPS Airlines and Gading Sari.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-Malaysia Airlines
As an international airport, all terminals are equipped with immigration processing facilities and security scanning for all passengers, including domestic passengers. The main terminal building alone is equivalent to the size of 72 football fields put together.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Malaysia and has 3 concrete runways. They had successfully accommodated 48,938,424 passengers last year but shown a slow increase compared to 48,930,409 in 2014. It’s a close score yet these large numbers are still a far cry from the 13 million when they started.

Airport/Terminal Map

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-mapOr click this link below, for a more detailed map:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews and News

According to 365 Kuala Lumpur International Airport reviews, the airport got an overall rating of 5/10. It’s just average but fair enough. since the most recent feedback are positive.

After the new low-cost terminal opened in May 2014, there had not been new development plans made or being foreseen by Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:             KUL
  • Phone Number:         +60 3-8777 8888
  • Website URL:            http://www.klia.com.my/
  • Address:                    Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia


This year, Kuala Lumpur International Airport took the 24th spot in the World’s Top 100 Airports. Malaysia is a well developed country but not as Singapore is. Services can be pretty basic, but good as travellers can experience comfort and Malaysian hospitality while at the airport.

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