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5 Reasons to Go to Japan

It’s not really that hard to fall in love with Japan. Travelling to Japan is a chance to visit a country that is most steeped in the tradition and culture of their own country – deeply proud and very generous people. It is a challenge and a massive reward holidaying here. So much so that I am now planning on returning to live there. Today, we’ll be encouraging you, or you might already have it on your list. But, we’ll be telling you the 5 Reasons to Go to Japan!


In spring, the Sakura bloom in Japan and everyone wants to be outside to catch this million dollar view. See the cherry blossoms with your own eyes and most of all wait for the Hanami or flower viewing that signals the end of winter and the beginning of the Sakura bloom.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Temples and Shrines

All the beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are reason enough to visit Japan. One of the best-preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto offers something like 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines within the limits of the Kansai Region city, while Nara is home to no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to some of the best temples not only in Nara Prefecture, but in the country.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Mount Fuji

Take a selfie behind the majestic 12,389 ft Fujisan, then post it on your Facebook and be the envy of all your friends stuck back home. Mount Fuji is one of the world’s best known mountains. It’s considerably easier to climb than other famous mountains such as Everest and Kilimanjaro. You should definitely buy a walking stick! Because, each climbing station on the way up the mountain has a branding iron. You brand your stick at each station up the trail.

Japan 2012

Before getting directly to the one of the most visited destinations in Japan, let’s talk about Tokyo. The capital is actually the top tourist destination in the country. And, in the heart of Japan you’ll find the famous mobile suit Gundam Statue (Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT) at the main entrance of Diver City Tokyo. Inside, tourists can watch a  footage of the 1/1 Gundam taken from a crane, famous scenes from past Gundam series, which reviews show as impressive and highly-detailed. Also, life-sized characters from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE are here. Just don’t forget to drop by the souvenir shops and Gunpla Tokyo, the biggest exhibition having 1,000 kinds of Gunpla models on display.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Cosplay

The birthplace of anime. Fanatics are going crazy for the wide variety of anime features, merchandise, commercial businesses, and entertainment only available in Japan. Find your way to Tokyo and storm the entrance gate of the Suginami Animation Museum and meet all the famous anime characters you love so much.

Many people might not have a certain affection as others towards anime, but maybe if they see the rich culture with their own eyes, they’d understand why some people stay up all night just to finish their favorite anime season.

Otaku is actually term to describe someone being obsessed over something. But, the term is more prominent now-a-days as someone with an obsession over anime. Forget about Comic-con for now or any convention for now, go to Japan and ask the citizens for advice about cosplaying.
5 Reasons to Go to Japan-vocaloid
There are actually more than 5 Reasons to Go to Japan; but, in this article we narrowed it down to five. Believe us, Japan is one of the countries you shouldn’t be missing. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun and do all these 5 Reasons to Go to Japan, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.


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Kansai International Airport Reviews

Kansai International Airport Reviews-man-made islandThe construction of the man-made island was done in 1987-1990s; the airport built to gain the losing trade of Kansai region to Tokyo was opened in 1994.

Not to scare you, even after twenty years of planning, three years of construction, and fifteen billion (US) dollars of investment, the man-made island sunk, making for the most expensive civil works project in modern history. Kansai International Airport is located 15 feet above sea level and the site is built on compacted fill. So, it suffers from subsidence that it sinks at 2-4 centimetres a year.

Though, on a positive note, Kansai International Airport had always been there and kept on fighting even after earthquakes and typhoons hit them. In this review, we’ll be talking about Kansai International Airport (KIX).

Airport Facilities
Kansai International Airport Reviews-food and restaurants

Getting your way around to one of the largest airports in Japan is easy because numerous information counters are found throughout the airport. Locations are in Terminal 1 at the first, second, and fourth floors. The main information center is located at the northern side of the second floor. Terminal 2 has an information desk in the main concourse. A Tourist Information center is in Terminal 1 as well.

If you’ll think that transfer between terminals is complicated, it’s not. Because, they are just a walking distance from each other. Travellers with a baby or a small child can borrow strollers in Terminal 1.

There are many cafés, bars, and restaurants at Osaka Kansai International Airport, serving both Japanese and Western fare. The majority of these options are in Terminal 1, but Terminal 2 has a small selection of restaurants and cafés, while newsagents and a wide variety of shops are available at Kansai International Airport, including duty free outlets, designer boutiques, electronics retailers. and gift shops.

To stay connected, free unlimited-access Wi-Fi is available throughout KIX.

For a list and more detailed information of the facilities, click the link below:

Kansai International Airport Reviews-loungeThe KIX airport lounge is open for 24 hours and no advanced reservations are needed. Though, a restriction is given under the Osaka Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection: customers under the age of 16 cannot use the lounge between the hours of 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM, and customers under the age of 16 – when accompanied by a guardian – and customers within the ages of 16 and 17 cannot use the lounge between the hours of 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The airport lounge is located in Terminal 1 at 2F (North).

Getting To and From

If you are driving your way to Kansai International Airport, the road access is built via a dedicated access bridge (with a toll gate on entry). This connects to the Bayshore Route on the Hanshin Expressway, which leads northwards to Osaka. There’s also a direct rail access to Kansai International Airport, so that means railway companies can be your other means of public transport
Kansai International Airport Reviews-MK Skygate Shuttle
Making your way out? Buses are available to all major hotels in surrounding destinations, while shuttle services are available from MK Skygate Shuttle. Also, taxis are readily available outside the terminals, serving central Osaka and other destinations.

Location – Traffic – Service

Kansai International Airport is situated 50 km (31 miles) southwest of Osaka and serves as the hub for All Nippon Airways, FedEx Express, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Nippon Cargo Airlines, and Peach. KIX is the international gateway for Japan’s Kansai region, which contains the major cities of Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. Currently, the airport has only two terminals and runways. The public type airport had already accommodated 23 million passengers last year.

Airport/Terminal Map
Kansai International Airport Reviews-map

Kansai International Airport Reviews

Looking through 58 Kansai International Airport reviews on Skytrax, the airport had been making a steady standing on their rating with their passengers. They actually got a total of 6/10 rating. Good enough, but checking the current updates and comments, it seems like customers are not that happy with their overall experience at Kansai International Airport. Some are complaining over long lines and some about the immigration.

To see more of these Kansai International Airport reviews, click here.

Contact Information:


A third terminal facility is planned for the airport, scheduled to open in March 2017. Did you know that Kansai International Airport is at the 9th spot now on the World’s Top 100 Airports? Cool right? KIX had been on the 12th spot last year, but now rose 3 steps forward.Kansai International Airport Reviews-thumbs up

We’ll be looking forward to seeing more about Kansai International Airport in the future. Being part of the Top 10 is no joke. Just imagine an airport competing and being compared to Incheon International or Singapore International Airport. The Asians sure had been good at getting numbers and recognition globally.

Have you been to Kansai International Airport? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Chūbu Centrair International Airport Reviews

2The airport code of Chūbu Centrair International Airport (NGO) was actually derived from the location of the air facility in Nagoya. The airport opened in the spring of 2005 at the D-shaped island within the Ise Bay (artificial island) in Aichi Prefecture, which was landscaped with the natural environment and wildlife in mind. Though, NGO was actually the second airport built on a manmade island (after Kansai International Airport).

Just so you know, Chūbu Centrair serves the third largest metropolitan area in Japan, centered around the city of Nagoya. The region is a major manufacturing centre, with the headquarters and production facilities of Toyota Motor Corporation and production facilities for Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. In this review, let’s discover more about the international public airport for the region of Chūbu.


Chūbu Centrair International Airport Reviews-Fu No YuChūbu Centrair International Airport is operational for 24 hours and has five information counters at the airport. These are located on the first, second, and third levels of the terminal building. Staff at these desks can also help travellers with registration for use of rental wheelchairs and baby pushchairs. Please be advised that volunteers dressed in orange jackets can also assist with queries.

If passengers need to change their clothes after a long flight, there are change rooms located in the departures and arrivals lobby. A one-of-a-kind bathhouse, “Fu No Yu,” wherein customers can watch the planes landing and taking off, is located at the Relaxation Plaza, open from 8 am to 10 pm.

Sky Town areaThere are many places offering meals, snacks, and drinks at the airport. Several Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Western restaurants can be found, and there are plenty of cafés, bento kiosks, and ramen noodle bars. The widest choice is available at the Sky Town area on the fourth level of the terminal. Unfortunately, there are no 24-hour food and beverage concessions available at the airport. The Family Mart, which seems to be more of a convenience store, is open 24 hours.

Most shops are located on the third and fourth levels of the main terminal building. Among the options are several food shops selling Japanese and local specialities, fashion boutiques, electronics, and gadget retailers, bookshops, and outlets selling travel accessories. Duty-free shopping is located in International Departures.

Travellers stay connected with the free WiFi throughout the airport and, additionally, 6 internet kiosks are available at the airport too, though it’s not free (100 yen per 10 minutes).

Getting To and From

It takes approximately 40 minutes to drive from central Nagoya to Central Japan International Airport. First, head south on the Nagoya Expressway (tolls apply), then merge onto the Chita Peninsula Road, before finally following the Centrair Line westwards to the airport.

Nagoya RailroadThrough public transport, the Nagoya Railroad transports passengers from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Central Japan International Airport in as little as 28 minutes.

Buses to many destinations in the region, which are operated by a number of different companies, leave from outside the terminal building and take approximately about one hour into Nagoya.

Taxi ranks are located directly outside the Access Plaza, on the second level. A taxi information desk is positioned next to the central information counter on the second level for bookings and information.

Location – Traffic – Service

NGO is situated on a manmade island 35 km (22 miles) south of Nagoya in central Japan which serves as the primary hub for All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Jetstar Japan. The first-class airport and main international gateway for  Chūbu region currently has one main terminal, a new terminal for domestic low-cost flights, and one runway. Chūbu Centrair International Airport was continuously being recognized for being the World’s Best Regional Airport in 2015 and this year. In 2011, statistically, NGO had accommodated over 15 million passengers.

Airport/Terminal Map
Chūbu Centrair International Airport Reviews-map

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:          NGO
  • Phone Number:      +81 569-38-1195
  • Website URL:          http://www.centrair.jp/en/
  • Address:                 1 Chome-1 Centrair, Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture 479-0881, Japan


For some reason, we weren’t able to find Chūbu Centrair International Airport reviews online. However, even without the feedback of travellers, we are confident that this airport is one of the busiest yet organized air facilities in the world. Being the airport in the third largest metropolitan area in Japan is not easy. But, despite that, NGO is globally recognized as the 6th best from the world’s top 100 airports this year by Skytrax.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Fukuoka Airport Reviews

Fukuoka Airport Reviews-YataiDid you know Fukuoka has the most yatai (a small, mobile food stall in Japan typically selling ramen or other food) in all of Japan? That the city is home to Japan’s oldest Zen temple? That a festival is held here every other day? This is how cool Fukuoka city is. I wonder if the airport is as amazing as the city is. In this review, let us discover Fukuoka Airport (FUK)

Airport Facilities

The airport has several facilities throughout the airport and its terminals. There are information desks located at the domestic and international terminals. There are plenty of restrooms located throughout the airport but unfortunately, there are no showers available.

There are coffee shops and kiosks selling sushi, ramen, Japanese and Western dishes and numerous shops and restaurants located within the domestic terminal.
Fukuoka Airport Reviews-shopTo keep the travellers connected, there is WiFi service available in the domestic terminals, departure lounges, and in the international terminal departures lounge. The airport offers internet kiosks and computer workstations for a fee.


Fukuoka Airport Reviews-directionFukuoka Airport is accessible in just a few minutes from downtown Fukuoka by subway and bus. Highway buses depart from both terminals to popular destinations such as Kumamoto, Nagasaki and Beppu.

To Domestic Terminal
Fukuoka Airport domestic terminal is just two subway stops from Hakata Station (5 minutes, 260 yen one way) and a further three stations from Tenjin Station (12 minutes, 260 yen one way).

To International Terminal
The international terminal at Fukuoka Airport lies across the runway from the domestic terminal and is not directly accessible by subway. Instead, Nishitetsu Bus operates frequent local buses between the airport and Hakata Station (15 minutes, 260 yen). Alternatively, take the free shuttle bus from the international to the domestic terminal and catch the subway into central Fukuoka (see above). A taxi ride from the international terminal to Hakata Station takes about 10-15 minutes and costs approximately 1200 yen.

Location – Traffic – Service

airlinesFukuoka Airport is a domestic and international airport located 1.6 NM (3 km; 1.8 mi) east of Hakata Station in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. FUK has one runway which had successfully accommodated a total of 20,004,320 passengers in 2014. The airport is used for public and military purposes and is being operated by Civil Aviation Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Fukuoka Airport was built in 1944 as Mushiroda Airfield by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force for the World War II. After the war, JAL airlines was established in 1951, wherein the airline introduced jet service on the Fukuoka-Tokyo route in 1961.

Although Fukuoka Airport is known as one of the most convenient airports in Japan, it is constrained both by its inner-city location and by its single runway.

Airport/Terminal Map
Fukuoka Airport Reviews-map


There are two terminal in Fukuoka Airport: Domestic and International Terminal.

Domestic Terminal
This terminal is spread out over three long buildings and serves flights on virtually every major Japanese carrier (JAL, ANA, Fuji Dreams and IBEX Airlines) and budget airlines (Skymark, Peach Aviation, Jetstar Japan, Vanilla Air, Spring Airlines, Air Do, Starflyer and Solaseed Air) with connections out to all corners of Japan.

International Terminal
This terminal is located in a separate building across the runway and is connected to the domestic terminal by a free shuttle bus. Regular flights to Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and several other countries depart from here.

Fukuoka Airport Reviews of Travellers

Based on Skytrax, the airport had garnered an average score of 5/10 from 17 Fukuoka Airport reviews. Travellers are giving FUK mixed reviews. Some passengers said the airport is hectic and confusing, while other say it’s organized. Some even stated that the baggage reclaim immigration and custom clearance were fast and smooth. But, if judged by the recently posted, the Fukuoka Airport reviews are positive.To see more of these Fukuoka Airport reviews, click here.
Fukuoka Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:               FUK
  • Phone Number:           +81 92-621-6059
  • Website URL:              http://www.fuk-ab.co.jp/english/
  • Address:                      778-1 Shimousui, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
                                       812-0003, Japan


However, Fukuoka Airport has ranked down to the 98th spot this year from the world’s top 100 airports, in which they were at the 93rd spot last year. Given that change, FUK didn’t take that as a hindrance for them to be upset, but more of a challenge for them to do better.

Have you been to Fukuoka Airport? Feel free to share your experience below.


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get contact detail of all All Nippon airways offices like phone numbe,r fax, address, email and working hours.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews

All Nippon Airways or ANA for short, is one of those companies that provides an all around excellent flying service.

Origins and Ownership

ANA is an airline descendant of Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane, which was founded on December 27th, 1952. The airline headquarters is based in the Shidome City Center located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The man in charge is Osamu Shinobe, born on November 11th, 1952 in Tokyo, Japan. Shinobe became the CEO on April 1rst, 2013. There are 12,360 employees working for ANA.

Osamu Shinobe, CEO of ANA airways
Osamu Shinobe, CEO of ANA airways

What people are saying

ANA has been operational for almost 60 years, over the years thousands of customers decided to share their experience with ANA. Kind words are present in most of the online reviews, nice flight, smooth ride, stress free trip, etc. The majority of previous passengers really enjoyed their experience with ANA. One common complaint is that the economy seats are tight, but there were counter-reviews saying that the seats are very spacious. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

One guy described ANA to be the “saving grace of the trip when it came to traveling back home.” There are tons of positive reviews and most of the negative ones are about the seats. Looks like ANA needs to do something about those seats! However, overall they seem to be doing great according to the reviews and improvements are most likely on the way.

The Website

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews website
ANA’s homepage

ANA’s website is pretty standard for airlines, a picture of a sky, or anything that has something to do with air travel for the background and the company’s slogan (Inspiration of Japan) beside the company name. The website is user-friendly, very easy to use. Flight status can be checked and altered on the site and arrangements for hotels and car rentals. Just like most airline websites, ANA presents their latest flight promos and discounted prices. One thing that’s a little bothersome about the website is the small font size, barely readable, not all people have good eyesight so your browsers magnifying glass may be your friend in this case.

Customer Service

ANA’s customer service doesn’t operate 24/7. Phones lines are open from 6:00 to 22:00 (UTC+09:00) for queries regarding domestic flights and 08:00-20:00 (UTC+09:00) for international flights. Questions can be directed through the website and they of course have a  Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. There are two phone lines to customer service, 03-6741-1120 (Tokyo) and 06-7637-6679 (Osaka).


Unlike most airlines, ANA offers 4 classes, first class, business class, premium economy class and economy class.

First class

Each passenger can rest in square cabin designed for comfort, convenience, and privacy and seats can be easily converted to full flat-beds for a peaceful slumber. ANA has their own group of connoisseurs who select the best ingredients and famous chefs to prepare each serving. The menu for first class includes Japanese kaiseki style cuisine and modern European meals. ANA provides a premium amenity kit including headphones, slippers and lounge wear to all first class passengers.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) first class reivews
First class cabin

Business Class

ANA is the first japanese airline to feature a “staggered seat,” meaning the seats flatten out when you’re ready for a rest. ANA promotes the idea of making their passengers feel at home while while flying 40,000 feet above the ground.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) ANA's business class reviews
ANA’s business class

Premium Economy and Economy Class

The premium economy class and regular economy class only differ when it comes to seat space. Premium economy has a small armrest while economy has a smaller one.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) economy class ReviewsANA (All Nippon Airways) economy class Reviews

Food and Beverage

Each flight serves japanese and international inspired meals cooked to perfection by a professional chef. ANA established a team of connoisseurs to carefully pick the best selection of ingredients and come up with the best meals and desserts. Of course, regardless of class, good quality wine, sodas, coffee and more beverages are evenly distributed to everyone.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) food Reviews

In flight Entertainment

ANA provides full digital AVOD (Advert-supported video on demand) for first class passengers riding selected airliners only. Digital noise cancelling headphones are given to first class passengers and noise cancelling headphones for  business and premium economy passengers. ANA Sky live TV contains various channels for movies, TV series, music, sports and even unreleased movies from Japan.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) In flight entertainment reviews
In flight entertainment


ANA airways has two hubs, the Haneda International Airport and the Narita International Airport both located in Tokyo. ANA has the total of 205 planes in their fleet, including the Boeing 737-500 and Bombardier Dash 8 Q400. ANA is also a member of Star Alliance.

ANA airways was ranked as a 5 star (out of seven) airline by SkyTrax in 2014.

Contact information

If you need to get in touch with ANA Airlines.

  • Website URL: www.anawings.co.jp
  • Contact number: +81 3 6735 1116
  • Fax Number:+81 3 6735 5481
  • Head Office Address: 63 Okadamacho, Higasti-ku, Ohota-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkai, Japan


We hope you enjoyed these ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews. Talking about travel services, ANA is truly one of the best. Being a 5 star airline is a big deal. ANA is truly an inspiration and a source of pride for Japan.