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Headout App Reviews

Headout App Reviews-Varun KhonaThe CEO, Varun Khona, had actually founded a company offering tailor-made vacations in India and scaled it to US$ 500K in revenue prior to establishing Headout in 2014. Based in Bengaluru (aka Bangalore), the mobile app is an on-demand mobile concierge service.

To download this travel app for free, click the following links below:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tourlandish.chronos&hl=en
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tourlandish/id899327000?ls=1&mt=8
mobile app

How Does Headout App Work?

What really caught our attention is how Headout entices their customers with their introduction when they said, “75% of the Earth is covered in water. Headout helps you discover the best of the remaining 25%.” For us, it sounds pretty convincing. Headout is basically a mobile on-demand concierge that helps travelers discover and book local ‘things to do’ at the very last minute.

Headout App Reviews-iconHeadout is an on-demand marketplace for experiences targeted towards travellers who are spontaneous by nature, and lists products which are delivered within the next 24 hours. It is a start up with a small and brilliant team of young individuals who are looking to revolutionise the market by creating a global brand for incredible experiences.

Customers can actually chat with a live chat representative by clicking the red chatbox icon at the bottom right. To understand more about Headout, you can also try looking at their official site, which mainly promotes the mobile application.
Headout App Reviews-staff
In a nutshell, how does the Headout app work? For example, let’s say you are traveling to NY. You land at JFK, and open up the app on your way to the hotel. You are instantly shown a list of handpicked experiences from the total available pool taking into account your location, time of the day, weather, travel style, and past purchases. Pick the one you like, insert details, pay via card, and your booking is confirmed.

Headout App Reviews of Customers

We looked into Headout app reviews, and saw that the travel app had been garnering a lot of positive feedback from its customers. Both in the App Store and Google Play Store, Headout got a 4.5/5 rating. One reviewer even said, “Awesome discounts! Quick customer service! Promising application!”

Another good thing about this travel mobile application is their version is always up-to-date, which means bugs are always fixed and concerns are accommodated and services are well-maintained.
Headout App Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   https://www.headout.com/
  • Contact Number:             (929)238-3053
  • Contact Email:                 support@headout.com
  • Twitter:                           @headout_app
  • Facebook:                        /headoutapp
  • Email:                              hi@headout.com
  • Head Office Address:       Bengaluru, India


The Headout app is one of the most trusted mobile travel apps nowadays. As a new travel startup, Headout app had surely been one of the most reliable travel concierges. No doubt, customers keep on using this mobile app. Not alone the Headout app reviews but their services are the main reasons why the name of the travel company is popular to them.


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TripFactory Reviews

TripFactory Reviews-Vinay Gupta
Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is the founder and CEO of VIA, which was India’s first startup that transitioned into a multinational organization with half of its workforce being global. The globally-recognized travel site had inspired Gupta to create TripFactory, yet another online travel business which had been known lately to be India’s largest holiday store.

TripFactory was established in 2013, and might have been just recent, but its contribution to the travel industry had been well-acknowledged until now. In this review, let us go further and discover more about TripFactory.

Get your Trip on TripFactory?

pageTripFactory is a privately-held online travel agency which provides holidays curated by travel experts and leading travel operators from 40+ countries across the globe. The company is based in Bangalore, India with offices in the United States, and allows packages to be customized based on location, activities, and budgets. TripFactory was built with the belief that consumers should get the largest choices and best prices, that are powered by the best discovery tools, so that finding the perfect holiday and booking it is simple and easy.

Exploring TripFactory wasn’t a problem since the travel site is user-friendly and the overall layout is pleasant to the eye. TripFactory gives a lot of options for customers planning for a random trip either honeymoon, pilgrimage, beach, luxury or plain adventure. The flashing image gives more flavor to the totality of the site’s travel humor. Scrolling down TripFactory will give more of their bestseller, popular domestic and international destinations, holiday themes, and of course, to promote their tourism, the best of India.
TripFactory Reviews-services

With TripFactory, consumers can buy holidays the way they like, either by customizing it online or with the assistance of Travel Experts who can plan it for them. TripFactory uses an advanced algorithm to help users search for, customize, and book holidays in real-time using search, content, and social recommendations combined on a single platform. The platform offers over 10,000 vacation packages to over 100 destinations. It also partners with leading hotel chains and airlines such as Jet Airways, Go Air, SpiceJet, and Air Costa.

TripFactory Reviews of Consumers

Checking through several TripFactory reviews, on SiteJabber, 8 feedback posted show a total score of 3/5 which might be the average, but the comments are majorly focused on complaints regarding TripFactory negligence and fraud action, as they say. On TripAdvisor, one forum was started stating that “TripFactory is fraud Company , Please don’t use to book”.
TripFactory Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   https://www.tripfactory.com/
  • Contact Number:             +91 80676 61661 /  080-3951 1859 (9 am – 10 pm)
  • Contact Email:                 care@tripfactory.com
  • Fax Number:                    7733429510
  • Head Office Address:       No 885, Azygos Building, 6th Cross Road, 4th Block,
                                            Near Bhima Jewellers, HBR Layout, Bengaluru,
                                            Karnataka 560043, India


TripFactory might be the largest holiday store online in India where consumers can buy their holidays the way they want either by customizing online themselves or seeking assistance by talking to experts who can plan for them. But, complaints are somehow bringing them down. Maybe, if they’ll just work on little things to acknowledge and change some of their most-complained services. Then, TripFactory might be a good travel site to book with.


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Airnetz Aviation Reviews

Airnetz Aviation Reviews-Atul Khekade
Atul Khekade

Airnetz Aviation, which specializes in Private Jet Charter, Helicopter Private Jet Financing, Global Distribution System, Executive Aviation, Infrastructure Financing and Helicopters, traces its roots back to 2008 as a computer software privately-held company. Airnetz Aviation has a fleet network of aircrafts and access to various airports and provides online or offline travel information, scheduling, and transaction services. After looking through Bloomberg and Linkedin, there are no registered CEOs or owners that manage Airnetz. However, we found Atul Khekade is their director.

What is Airnetz Aviation?

Airnetz Aviation Reviews-pageAirnetz is neither an airline or an online travel agency. Airnetz is a technology-focused travel firm which offers services such as aircraft financing, infrastructure financing, air charter services, helipad & airport consulting, and fleet management. That is basically how Airnetz works. Airnetz Aviation is actually headquartered in Mumbai, India and now has over 200 employees. Airnetz has in its contracts, aircraft assets worth $400 million, and is currently financing aircraft worth $100 million.

There’s another page for Airnetz Charter services and it has been a well-known air charter company called Airnetz Charter. To access this second site, here’s the link:

This charter site of Airnetz allows consumers to request a charter by entering the location and destination with either ICAO, IATA, or city search type. Customers can also choose which plane and trip type they prefer. Airnetz Aviation is used by Fortune 500 companies.

Basically, consumers just have to get a quick quote and fill up the date, timing, and personal details, specify their budget, and send the charter request. Customers then will receive different quotes from several operators. So, they could pick from which they prefer and select for their exclusive flying.

Airnetz Aviation Reviews of Passengers

Since it’s an aircraft, financing the business is done by owners and clients. Though, we tried searching for Airnetz Aviation reviews posted online, but unfortunately we found none. However, we don’t find this negative nor positive, maybe neutral. We can’t judge them with no absolute evidence. Well, the purpose of this review was actually to let consumers know that such travel businesses exist.
Airnetz Aviation Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                http://www.airnetz.com/
  • Contact Number:          +1 608 554 0461 (US) / +91 99304 03019 (Asia)
  • Contact Page:               http://www.airnetz.com/contact-us/
  • Fax Number:                +91 22 3916 7424
  • Head Office Address:   302-303 Samaj Deep, adukia lane, S V Road, Kandivali West,
                                        Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067, India


Airnetz Aviation Reviews-private jetThe only thing I am worried about now, is actually how their website looks like. We got to admit that it’s not even modernized, and the travel company was established 10 years ago. What’s wrong with a not-modernized web page? First, the functionality might be faulty. Second, it leaves the impression that the travel site is not well-maintained. And lastly, this decreased interest of the customers to trust a company that seems not professional to at least fix this very minor case of the should-be appearance of their travel business.

Have you used Airnetz Aviation before? Feel free to share your experience below.


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GoAir Reviews

The low-cost airline of India traces its roots back to 2005 when the son of Indian industrialist Nusli Wadia, Jehangir Wadia, established an airline under Wadia Group. Initially, the airline operated with a single aircraft serving four destinations including Goa and Coimbatore.

In 2009, British Airways was interested buying a stake in the airline and SpiceJet talked with a possible merger. But, both were No Deal. It was in 2012 that GoAir became the fifth largest airline in India in terms of market share following the demise of Kingfisher Airlines.

GoAir Reviews-Jehangir Wadia
Jehangir Wadia

Now, GoAir has 20 Airbus in its fleet catering 22 domestic routes. The founder is still also their managing director, Jehangir Wadia. GoAir aircraft are painted in different colour schemes such as blue and pink with the logo on the tail. In 2011, the airline announced that all its aircraft will convert to a new grey colour scheme.

Yesterday, a news article was published saying “GoAir may become first Indian budget airline to take wings to Europe”. Well, this is because GoAir has expressed its intent to fly abroad from next year and indicated Europe among several other regions in this regard, a top Civil Aviation Ministry official has said. To read the full news article, click here.

InFlight Services

As a budget airline, GoAir has only one type of service on board. The good news: passengers get to experience Business Class at the price of Economy. This service includes priority check-in and disembarkation. Travellers have a baggage allowance of up to 35 kg. Passengers have enough legroom space and a vacant middle seat, complimentary meals and beverage on air, and invitations to the lounge and restaurant at selected airports.

PC and Mobile Services

pageI don’t know, but I quite notice that the official website of GoAir has a striking resemblance with IndiGo. Maybe it’s intentional or unintentional. But, whatever is the case, it seems like GoAir is on the higher rank lately. Going back to the web page, the site is organized and easy to navigate. GoAir Reviews-mobile appHowever, I am afraid that its text size might be a problem in the future.

Moreover, travellers can freely book flights and hotel reservations online. Customers with booking can manage and check their flight status online. Information regarding GoAir’s service, policies, and news updates are also found on their site.

GoAir Reviews of Passengers

GoAir Reviews-crewWe searched for GoAir reviews and we found out that on Skytrax, they had garnered an overall rating of 6/10. Based on 38 GoAir reviews, the airline is always considered as the favorite airline in India. However, the only downside was the meals on board. Complimentary welcome drinks are given and snacks, but meals have to be paid. The cabin crew of the airline were always praised in the feedback with, “The cabin crew were nice and friendly. Overall a happy experience.”

To see more of these GoAir reviews, click here.

How To Reach Them?

  • logoWebsite URL:                https://www.goair.in/
  • Contact Number:          092 – 2322 – 2111 / 020 – 2566 – 2111
  • Contact Email:              sudhir@goair.in
  • Fax Number:                +91 22 5541 0001
  • Head Office Address:    1st Floor C-1 Wadia International Centre
                                         Pandurang Mumbai 400 025, India


Did you know that in 2008, GoAir was rated as the Best Domestic Airline for Excellence in Quality and Efficient Service” by Pacific Area Travel Writers Association? In 2011, they were also awarded with “Best Performing Airline” in Asia and Africa with all Airbus A320 by Airbus.

NOTE: Please do not confuse GoAir with the Hawaiian airline, go!


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redBus Reviews

Yet again, we write about another bus rental company in India. You might be wondering now why they are a lot of buses, bus rental and bus travel companies in India. Well, to feed you with facts, buses are one of the principal modes of commuting in many cities due to low costs of operation and high passenger carrying capacity compared to other modes of intra city transport. The government has supported the strengthening of bus transport systems in the country. Meanwhile at the travel market, another name rises from the land of spirituality and philosophy, the birthplace of three world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

In this review, we’ll be talking about redBus. Let’s see how they drive customers.

How Did It All Began?

redBus was established in 2005. Unlike other travel sites redBus has a story where the company started. The founder got the idea of redBus when one of the founders once wanted to celebrate the festival in his home town. Without the knowledge of his travel schedule, he resorted with bus transportation. However, it took him forever because tickets around the town were all sold out minutes before he reached the travel agents.

That’s when he thought of the possibility of providing bus travelers the convenience of booking a bus ticket over the internet.

What is redBus?

We once wrote about Goibibo, an Indian travel site led by Ibibo Group. redBus is run by Ibibo as well, and now had grown to be recognized as one of India’s largest online bus ticketing sites with over 2,300 plus listings of bus operators which serve over 70,000 live route across India.
redBus Reviews-page
Just a heads up, redBus is not just about bus rentals because it also provides hotel reservations booking. Since redBus’ name pretty much explains it’s a bus travel site, people often don’t notice it’s a hotel booking service. On redBus, the layout is just simple, a contrast of red and white, a heading that lets customers select, searching for a bus or hotel result.
RedBus’ services are also available on their mobile application. RedBus offers the option to directly download the app from their page by just entering customer’s mobile number. The travel app is available in the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store. RedBus’ mobile app was once awarded as the top 50 Global innovators by Fast Company
redBus Reviews-mobile appAccording to redBus reviews, the mobile app is user friendly. However, the most recent comments posted online say it’s recently not a reliable app that you shouldn’t use.

RedBus Reviews of Customers

RedBus seems to get in pair with the color red. Judging through redBus reviews, the bus travel site had garnered a below average overall rating of 4/10. The root cause of the complaints are majorly talking about the customer service of redBus and unprocessed refunds. If we will narrate each story here, this page alone is not enough. Here’s a link to see more of these redBus reviews, click here.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       https://www.redbus.in/
  • Contact Number:                 1860-300-10101 (Toll Number)
  • Contact Email:                     support@redbus.in
  • Head Office Address:           No. 1,Karle Premium,Old Airport Road,opp Bangalore, Karnataka
                                                560071 India


Should we trust redBus? No. After writing this review about redBus, we are now more convinced that India really needs  more improvement when it comes to customer service. Their ideas shared in the travel industry are good and amazing, but I guess they lack a lot in empathy and customer satisfaction skills. As we all know, business is about people. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Thrillophilia Reviews

Are you wondering what’s the meaning of “Thrillophilia”? Let me briefly explain to you. The term means love for thrill, it was originated from the word thrill which means none other than thrill and -philia which is tied to the end of a word to denote fascination over the first word. Philia is used as the exactly opposite of -phobia like for example, when we say “claustrophobia” that means fear of closed spaces, but when we say “claustrophilia” then that denotes love for closed spaces.

Thrillophilia Reviews-Chitra Gurnani
Chitra Gurnani

Moving forward., Thrillophilia traces its roots back to 2011 when it was founded by Chitra Gurnani and Abhishek Daga. Initially, the two founders had used the power of word-of-mouth and digital marketing to make the company popular. Thrillophilia had focused on online sales of adventure tours, but expanded to being a marketplace of tours and activities across Asia. Now, Thrillophilia had grown up to be recognized among the 20 travel web sites and India’s largest tours and activities company.

How does Thrillophilia work?

So, basically, Thrillophilia lets customers search for a specific location from their drop-down list box of destinations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ladakh, then it lets travellers pick what activity do they prefer doing in the selected destination. After clicking search, it will provide a list of activities and customers can sort it by priority, rating, distance, offers or what’s new. They can also customize it through hours of duration of the activity, price range, number of people, tour type and more.
Thrillophilia Reviews-page
Thrillophilia promptly promotes their mobile application which can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store. A getapp option shows at the top left of the page and a direct link at the bottom part, which both provide the service to download the mobile version of their services.

Thrillophilia Reviews-fake feedbackThough on Thrillophilia there’s a separate page for a list of Thrillophilia reviews they had gathered, but I guess what they did was bias because all the listing of feedback shown on that page are all 5-star rating comments. They are even using images to show that the feedback posted are legit and not made up. However, we noticed this:

It’s quite alarming as to why would someone have two similar shots with different reviews and stories of experience with Thrillophilia. Well, feel free to be the judge.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Thrillophilia reviews outside their page.

Thrillophilia Reviews on TripAdvisor

Thrillophilia reviews shown online are not alike the ones posted on their page. Well, of course consumers are commenting a lot about Thrillophilia services. As one reviewer said:
 “if you are planning to go through “Thrillophilia” then you in are in a wrong way. These people will collect money and will not pay to resort as a advance booking.”
Thrillophilia Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       https://www.thrillophilia.com/
  • Contact Email:                     info@thrillophilia.com
  • Head Office Address:           #419, 2nd Floor, 27th main, 1st sector, HSR layout Bangalore,
                                                karnataka 560102 India


After writing a review about Thrillophilia, it’s quite obvious that the thrill is not with the activities to be done, but the thrill goes with the Thrillophilia itself. Though a negative kind of thrill, it’s the kind of thrill which you feel unsure if you should or not book with this so-called one of the best travel sites in India. Well, it is still best to do your research first. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Yatra Reviews 2016

It’s not my intention to write yet another India-based travel site. Since it has been a year, we will be starting to write new reviews about the travel sites we once wrote about last year, just to give you a heads up of the current status or changes of a particular online travel agency. Things can change in a span of a year, that’s why we decided on re-writing some of the written travel search engines and give you the freshest feedback for 2016.

In this review, we will be re-talking about Yatra.

Creating Happy Travellers?

The known second largest online travel website in India was established in 2006 and had been in business for almost a decade in August. And last year, Yatra was recognized with “Travel & Hospitality – Most outstanding online company: B2C”. Yatra had also upgraded their official page and made it more modernized compared to last year’s layout. Though it changed its physical looks, services remain the same.
Yatra Reviews 2016-page
What really caught my attention was how Yatra had improved with their result page. In this review, we tried searching for a hotel reservation from May 1-8, 2016 in Falmouth, Massachusetts. And here’s what I got:
Yatra Reviews 2016-result pageThe new result page initially provides travellers instructions on how to navigate the new search result functionality. Now, customers can see results either by list or map view.

The mobile app now is more visible at the top right of Yatra wherein it promptly shows it is downloadable by iOS and Android users. And yes, all the services on the PC version are also shown and can be done on the mobile version.

Yatra Reviews 2016 Feedback from Customers

However, given the changes occurred on the Indian travel site, Yatra Reviews 2016 had made another stand against their updates and improvements. Consumers had been questioning why use the term “Yatra” as their company name, since the term itself means “a procession or pilgrimage, especially one with a religious purpose”. Isn’t it too foolish to use something religious over business? Moreover, customers are not even close to satisfied and had even considered the site didn’t change anything at all. Well, if these feedback weren’t enough, then here’s more, click here.

logoHow To Reach Them?
It wasn’t that hard to find the head office address of Yatra, since on Wikipedia it’s shown as “Gurgaon, Haryana, India”. Moreover, to give customers a direct address of their headquarters, it’s:
6th & 11th Floor, Tower B, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
There are also several ways to reach Yatra: either by phone number, email or try accessing their FAQ page. We didn’t list down here the following contact numbers of Yatra since they are organized on Yatra depending on the concern. Either domestic or international flights or holidays. They also accommodate booking cancellation and management. Just refer to the link below, for the actual customer support page:


I guess Yatra had changed physically changed in a year, but that obviously didn’t convince and help their consumers. Instead, the changes had made more complaints. I guess now it’s not a reason for them to use they just merely started since other travel sites that really recently established had progress and kept improving compared to Yatra which was founded 10 years ago. It is not good to trust a travel site that don’t see what’s wrong with themselves. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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TravelTriangle Reviews

The three Indian Institutes of Technology graduates (Sankalp Agarwal, Sanchit Garg and Prabhat Gupta) had founded TravelTriangle in 2011 with an agenda of connecting travelers with verified travel agents.

TravelTriangle Reviews-Founder
Sankalp Agarwal, Sanchit Garg & Prabhat Gupta

Well, the story goes like this: these three students a year before establishing TravelTriangle were actually working for Adobe, Oracle and Yahoo. Then they went on a holiday vacation to Ladakh through a travel agent and were satisfied. However, as they arrived at their destination, they met several travellers who had a better trip accommodation from a different travel agent. This rooted their idea to customize their own Holiday Plan company, now more known as TravelTriangle.

Even TravelTriangle had recently started, they were actually the first full stack Holiday Marketplace which is also privately owned.

What is TravelTriangle?
When we tried exploring TravelTriangle at first, we are still unsure if we’ll consider them as an online travel agency. Because the steps are actually basic and similar on how to search, compare and book online via travel sites. On TravelTriangle, it will initially ask travellers to enter their destination, number of days, budget and if travelling alone. In this review, I entered US, for a week (7 days), 5000 Rupee (since the budget is in Rupee by default) and with a partner. After clicking “Explore”, it led me to an option to request quotes from their experts.
TravelTriangle Reviews-page
This time it asked for more direct question like the preferred destination and departure date, then hit “Request Quotes” which will inform customers they have to wait for 24-48 hours to receive a quote from their experts. Though to save yourself from the boredom of waiting for just a random quote decided by them, customers also have the option to just manually search or “Explore All Destinations” as featured on their main page.

The later part of the page, only gives more of their top selling destinations. They also have an animated version of images of their top three travel agents below, including how many trips they had sold. On TravelTriangle they also had mentioned that they make customer’s purchase reliable and safe. However, I wonder why they are garnering this kind of TravelTriangle reviews:

TravelTriangle Reviews of Consumers
On the popular commenting site Mouthshut, TravelTriangle had gathered several negative reviews recently and in the past from their consumers. Some asked other travellers to stay away from TravelTriangle, some had consider them with the worst customer service and worst trip organizer. The most recent reviewer, said that his experience from booking to the actual service was pathetic. But what really caught our attention was the complaint where TravelTriangle misplaced their customer’s passport and didn’t help or provide compensation for their mistake.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                  www.traveltriangle.com
  • Contact Number:            +91 120 4545612
  • Head Office Address:      Pioneer House, Lower Ground Floor,A 45-50,
                                           Sector-16,Noida-201301, Uttar-Pradesh,India

In A Nutshell
Even after reading the origin and services of TravelTriangle, they have an online chat support and even their page was easy to navigate. The TravelTriangle reviews alone were enough to convince me that this travel startup should be working on some of their downsides. Specially, if these specifically affect their overall reputation which drives majority of their consumers out of their bracket.


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Ticketgoose Reviews

Yet another Indian bus booking site. Maybe for some reason, buses are really in demand in India. Because compared to other countries, India has numerous bus booking site apart from Ticketgoose. If you’ll remember, we once wrote about AbhiBus which means “Bus Now” in Hindi and also MakeMyTrip. But as per request of a traveller friend we’ll be talking about Ticketgoose today. Let’s check what’s the difference or similarity of this bus booking with the others.

What is Ticketgoose?
This Indian based bus booking site is headquartered in Chennai but has sub-offices operating in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Unlike other bus booking sites, Ticketgoose doesn’t have a short story of how they started, but show that they had been established in 2007 and has been one of the fastest growing companies in the chosen field.
Ticketgoose has 130 employees who help to search for booking from 3000 destinations in India, from 700+ bus operators with 10,000+ buses plying on 20,000+ routes, and a network of 6000+ on-site agents. Ticketgoose doesn’t only offer bus booking services, but also provides end-to-end software and other value added solutions for the Bus Transport Industry.
Ticketgoose Reviews-mobile app
Ticketgoose also has a mobile version of these services accessible using customer’s smartphones. According to some Ticketgoose reviews, the mobile app is easier and more hassle-free to navigate with its Android version. The mobile app lets customers to search, book and make a payment merely just by using a smartphone. It also provides real time booking updates. Moreover, it lets consumers manage, cancel and check their bookings.

Ticketgoose Reviews of Customers
Based on Ticketgoose reviews posted on ComplaintBoard and ConsumerComplaints which are trusted national or Indian forum sites, the bus booking site had been infamous for its bad record of money stealing false booking. As we notice, the main problem of the consumers was actually the customer service of Ticketgoose and their false booking process.

One reviewer had booked 6 tickets from Bangalore to Cochin, though after making a payment received an error message saying “Oops… Unable to confirm your ticket with the operator. Please wait, Our Customer support will call you in 10 minutes for assistance or call us @ 088 80 80 80 80!!!” (with a reference number)

Ticketgoose customer support did call him after 15 minutes, but before he was able to explain the situation the line got disconnected and they never called back. What made this worse was when he checked his bank statement, the booking was actually debited. He never got a refund.
Ticketgoose Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                              www.ticketgoose.com
  • Contact Number:                        088 80808080 (From 7 am to 11 pm everyday)
  • Contact Email:                            support@ticketgoose.com
  • Head Office Address:                 #1/61-17, Ravi Colony, Paulwells Road, Saint Thomas Mount,
                                                       Chennai – 600 016, Tamil Nadu, India.

Apparently, Ticketgoose seems to have loose ends here. The recently established bus booking site has a lot of things need-to-improve, from customer service to the alleged stealing-money booking process they have. Well, if you’ll ask me, I won’t use the site. One factor is the page looks really unprofessional or not the typical of serious business page for me. Looking on Ticketgoose makes you doubt if the site is actually legit or not. So beware or better yet, stay away!

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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IndiGo Reviews

IndiGo Reviews-Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal
Rahul Bhatia & Rakesh Gangwal

One of the best low-cost airlines nowadays is IndiGo. The Indian-based budget domestic airline traces its roots back to 2006 with Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal. Prior to that, in 2005 IndiGo had made a firm order of 100 Airbus A320-200 in plan of commencing operations by 2006. However, they received their first aircraft by August 2006 and by the end of this year, they will already have 6 aircraft by then.

Now, IndiGo has a fleet size of 107 aircraft catering to 40 destinations: (35) domestic and (5) international. The Indian low-cost airline operates at Indira Gandhi International Airport and is still being managed by their founders Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal. IndiGo airlines is one of the few air carriers that just recently started and had ranked up to be part of the world’s top 100 airlines.

InFlight Services
There’s not much information given online regarding the inflight experience with IndiGo. However, we tried to gather these images for reference:
IndiGo Reviews-cabin
We also learned that IndiGo offers an inflight menu for a variety of meal choices and inflight magazines for entertainment.

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PC and Mobile Version of Services
I personally love the overall layout of their official website, it actually looks like a Windows-themed page that provides airline services. The first time we looked at the site, we weren’t even confused since the website is user friendly and very easy to navigate. Tech savvy persons won’t find any problems using the IndiGo’s page at all. Appearance matters, IndiGo made sure it’s not just about good looks. Because, the site’s functionality includes the typical booking, managing and check-in online.

IndiGo Reviews-mobile appIndiGo also promotes destinations on their page and provides travel insurance, airline policies, services and information. Hotel reservation booking and car rental services are also available. Of course, as being part of the top airlines, IndiGo has a mobile version of all these services and the app is available in the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

IndiGo Reviews of Passengers
I wasn’t surprised to see an almost perfect score rating from 138 IndiGo reviews. The Indian-based low-cost domestic airline had gathered an 8/10 impression from its passengers. Reviewers are telling in chorus that their inflight experience had always been good. To actually see these recent IndiGo reviews, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                        www.goindigo.in
  • Contact Number:                  09910383838 / +911246613838
  • Contact Email:                      marketing@goindigo.in
  • Fax Number:                        +91 124 406 85 36
  • Head Office Address:            Level 3, Tower C, Global Business Park, Gurgaon, Haryana,
                                                 122001, India

IndiGo Reviews-logoOverview
Just so you know, IndiGo is at the 44th spot from the world’s top 100 airlines in 2015. They had been consistent with their services from booking to after boarding. This pretty much explains why a low-cost airline had been globally recognized and been talked about online. I guess word of mouth is really powerful. I might seek to fly with them sometime this year.

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