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Icelloly Reviews

Icelloly Reviews-Founders
Adrian Walton & Lesley Etienne

Icelolly is not a dessert. It’s not a food or a recipe. It is not something that will make you freeze or is to be kept cool. Definitely not a member of the ice cream family. Icelolly is a travel site which was founded in 2005 by Adrian Walton and Lesley Etienne. However, in 2013, the company had undergone a £17m management buyout by Manchester’s Palatine Private Equity. Adrian and Lesley had even said:

“The last 8 years since we launched Icelolly.com have flown, and we have enjoyed some great times along the way. We have worked with some fantastic people, and we are confident that Dave Clayton, the management team and Palatine private equity will steer the company where it needs to go.”

In 2013, Dave Clayton who has 23 years experience in the travel industry, having spent 11 years at Global Travel before, had became the CEO of Icelolly and teamed up with the Palatine Private Equity. Moving forward, recently, Icelolly now has a new CEO, Mr. Andrew Latham. To see the news about him as the new leader of Icelolly, click here.

What To Expect of Icelolly?
Icelloly Reviews-page

Icelolly is a Bradford-based holiday price comparison provider which means they are not responsible for any booking or payment, but are only focused on providing results or sets of rates from different holiday booking sites. Icelloly Reviews-Giovanna FletcherThis only means that customers gets the cheapest or the best package deal from a wide range of holiday providers. Customers have the option to make a direct destination search or be inspired by their “Any Destination” to be inspired for more attractions worldwide.

Their company slogan “…because you’d #ratherbe on holiday” encourages travellers to maximize their holidays and have a tour. Icelolly works only with highly reputable independent travel companies. Last week they even announced that Ms. Giovanna Fletcher will be featured as their “Celebrity Mum of the Year”.

Icelolly Reviews of Consumers

After searching and reading over some Icelloly reviews online, it pretty much shows that the holiday comparison site is gaining a lot of positive feedback from its consumers but others find this not a form of business since it’s quite related to cybersquatting as explained with our LowFares Review.
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How To Reach Them?
Aside from the actual page (https://www.icelolly.com/), customers can also reach Icelolly on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. The links to these following social media accounts are located at the bottom right of Icelolly. Travellers can also get to know more about Icelolly’s company description on their Linkedin account. Their headquarters is at 1st Floor, Park Row House Park Row Leeds, LS1 5JF, United Kingdom. Icelolly has a separate page for a list of contact numbers. As explained earlier, Icelolly doesn’t do the booking. The list on the contact us page re numbers of several holiday booking sites where the results are shown.


As of now, we have no major problems with Icelolly. However in time, it will really cause a big problem if Icelolly can’t independently make holiday rate searches and offerings on their own. We can’t just benefit from the efforts of others. Have you used Icelolly? Feel free to leave a comment below.