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VaycayHero Reviews

VaycayHero Reviews-giraffeThe name was brightly planned for it leaves us with an impression that they are our heroes in vacation rentals. However I am not convinced that they can save customers from the distress of finding the cheapest rates possible because I found out about VaycayHero in the worst way possible, through a friend’s complaint who was disappointed with her vacation booking. Let me write a review about this vacation rental site to enlighten future users.

It is clear that the founder of VaycayHero was Amitav Chakravartty who had initially gotten the idea of starting a travel site after he booked a vacation rental and realized he was trespassing on a U.S. congressman’s property and that the home was not a vacation rental. The same fate happened to his co-founder Anirban Bardalaye. It it where both have decided to start a trusted vacation rental site called Zaranga but it wasn’t as perfect as they planned because it’s as worst as they experienced.

Zaranga is an online vacation rental marketplace that provides guests with the convenience of online booking and cost savings from being able to name their own price. Later on, it was rebranded to VaycayHero. I wonder why?

How does VaycayHero work?

Once you get on VaycayHero, it will impromptu provide customers to get the road to be a VaycayHero. So, VaycayHero might really mean Vacation Hero? Let’s chunk in the details. VaycayHero has a different approach compared to other vacation renting sites. As their company slogan says “Book like a hotel, stay like you’re at home.” It gives the impression of feeling at home while booking for others’ residences.
VaycayHero Reviews-page
Good thing about VaycayHero, it provides an option to search where the customers want to rent or an option to click on the drop-down list box right before the “Where do you want to go?” bar, to give them a full list of suggested destinations wherein the middle part of VaycayHero also shows thumbnails of pictures and rates of their featured homes internationally.
featured homesAt the bottom right of the page, an option to chat with a customer service agent live is available, but if they’re offline, a number (888-317-7774) is provided to call them with an extended option to leave a message of the customer’s concern.

VaycayHero Reviews of  Customers

For some reason, now there are no more Zaranga reviews or VaycayHero reviews found online. I swear we just saw the bunch of complaints posted last week and now they’re suddenly gone out-of-the-blue. Well there’s no wrong if you admit mistakes but hiding your errors can be worse. We don’t base our judgement on one person. Just because my friend complained about VaycayHero means I am going against them, but seeing those missing VaycayHero reviews now makes me sure they are not a good vacation rental site.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                https://www.vaycayhero.com/
  • Contact Number:          1-888-317-7774 / 1 843-419-5388
  • Contact Email:              support@vaycayhero.com
  • Head Office Address:    5335 N Kings Hwy, #649, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, USA


VaycayHero, being Zaranga initially, is not a good thing, because Zaranga is a vacation rental site and is known more as a scam than a convenient vacation booking site. I hope this review helps. It is still best to do your research first before booking.

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