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Great Lakes Airlines Reviews

Great Lakes Airlines was established by Doug Voss and Ivan Simpson in April 1977. The airline started scheduled services in 1981 with flights between Spencer and Des Moines. After acquiring an airline alliance, Great Lakes Airlines added six cities to their route network. Presently, the American regional airline keeps expanding with a fleet size of 28 Embraer and Beechcraft catering to 21 destinations. This year, Great Lakes Airlines entered a codeshare agreement to take advantage of an opportunity for growth.

Great Lakes Airlines Reviews-route mapThere are not much accidents with Great Lakes Airlines. Records show only two cases. But, they were backdated to 1996 and 1998. So, it is safe to assume that Great Lakes Airlines is taking extra care with their passengers.

Since some flights of Great Lakes Airlines are under the program Essential Air Service, a U.S. government program enacted to guarantee that small communities in the United States – which, prior to deregulation, were served by certificated airlines – maintained commercial service. It only means the safety standards of the airlines are well-maintained.

Flying with Great Lakes Airlines

inflightThere’s not much information online shown about the inflight service of Great Lakes Airlines, but according to their official site, passengers are being assigned on a seat plan upon check-in. One crew serves as the attendant of the flight for service and safety.

Since the airline flies with Beechcraft and Embraer, we can expect that the airline’s passenger volume is not that much: between 10-30. Well, this going to be  good news for people who doesn’t want crowded places. Plus the idea of less people to attend, more care distributed.

Official Website

Looking through the official site, I am not sure if it’s really this small and consciously compressed to a one-page view. Basically, the site lets customers search and book for flights online. As they say on their page, “We’ll take you there.” On a positive note, they are promptly showing the security information at the bottom of the page. Customers can also be updated of the changes about baggage allowances.

Great Lakes Airlines Reviews of Passengers

However, according to Great Lakes Airlines reviews, the airline is struggling to win the heart of their passengers. On ConsumerAffairs, they are garnering a lot of complaints recently. When I say complain, then it means customers are not satisfied with their flight But, the problems are directed to the payment method and charges done by Great Lakes Airlines, not to their on board accommodation. They can somehow manage to fix this in time, to lessen the ruckus.

How To Reach Them?

  • Great Lakes Airlines Reviews-logoWebsite URL:               http://www.greatlakesav.com/
  • Contact Number:        +1 307 432 70 00
  • Contact Email:            mmatthews@greatlakesav.com
  • Fax Number:               +1 307 432 70 01
  • Head Office Address:  1022 Airport Parkway, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001, USA


Great Lakes Airlines might not have any recognition lately, but after writing a review about them, it’s quite obvious that this is one of the trusted regional airlines of the US. Apart from the current issues, customers are struggling over mischarges; we believe Great Lakes Airlines can solve this problem in no time. Who knows? We might even see the airline as part of the 2016 World’s Top 100 Airlines.

Have you flown with Great Lakes Airlines? Feel free to leave a comment below.