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Globus Airlines Reviews

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If the fleet design of greenish aircraft looks familiar, that is because Globus Airlines is an air carrier that was founded by S7 Airlines in 2007 and was more known as a Russian airline that scheduled operations from Moscow for S7 Airlines. Globus Airlines initially used Tupolev Tu-154M which were used by S7 Airlines though in time, the fleet was changed to 19 All-Boeing 737-800s aircraft incorporated from the bankrupt ATA Airlines.
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To concentrate on flying to holiday destinations, S7 Airlines sold Globus Airlines to East Line Group in 2008. From 2010, Globus has been operating mainly regular domestic services, however, still in cooperation with its former owner, S7 Airlines. Globus Airlines is based at Domodedovo International Airport. Globus Airlines is being led by their General Director, Alexander Steblin. He once proudly stated in 2014 that “Our growth dynamics of the passenger carriage is 4 times higher than of any other big players.”
Globus Airlines Reviews-aircraftSince 2011, Globus Airlines was repeatedly awarded the Certificate of Quality “Domodedovo” Moscow airport for flight punctuality.

Globus Airlines Reviews and Services
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Globus Airlines doesn’t have an official website. Tickets on scheduled flights for Globus Airlines can be purchased at all S7 Sales offices and ticket sales agents, as well as online. They also don’t have a mobile application where customers can make a booking using a smartphone. Since they don’t have their own page, there’s not much information regarding Globus Airlines online.

Globus Airlines is an affiliate member of Oneworld and has a loyalty program under S7 Priority. It was the first Russian airline that joined the airline alliance in 2010.

Apart from its main hub, the Russian airline also operates from Tolmachevo Airport.

Globus Airlines Reviews-mealsOn board, the meals were pretty typical starting with drinks followed by hot food. It was a choice of chicken and rice, or fish and vegetables, accompanied by the usual salad, bread and dessert.

But for some reason, some reviews are not being happy and satisfied flying with Globus Airlines. As one reviewer had even said “I would fly S7 Siberia Airlines again in the future, but I would avoid S7 Globus Boeing 737-800 flights at all costs.” He had given it a rating of 5/10.

On a positive note, this year, Russia’s Sibir and Globus Airlines, which operates under the S7 Airlines brand, carried 879,882 passengers in January, up 22.7% year-over-year (YOY) and S7 Airlines increased domestic traffic 25.2% in February.
Globus Airlines Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                          www.s7.ru
  • Contact Number:                    8 800 200-000-7 (toll-free in Russia) / +7 495 777-99-99
  • Contact Email:                        globus@s7.ru
  • Fax Number:                          +7 495 666 25 36
  • Head Office Address:              6/1, Aeroport Domodedovo Domodedovo District Moscow
                                                   Region, 142015, Russia


There might be just limited information regarding Globus Airlines, but what we gathered were enough to convince us that the Russian airline is one of the trusted airlines since S7 Airlines is one of the few good airlines nowadays. Have you flown with Globus Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.