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Wimdu Reviews
Arne Bleckwenn and Hinrich Dreiling
Wimdu is a German-based travel company. It traces its roots back to 2011 when it was registered as GmbH. This travel business was founded by two close friends, Arne Bleckwenn and Hinrich Dreiling. Arne and Hinrich had already founded other business companies together prior to Wimdu. Wimdu received funding from Kinnevik (Swedish investment company) and Rocket Internet (German internet company) amounting to $90 million. This has been recorded to be the largest investment for a European startup in history.

This has lead Wimdu to be the biggest social accommodation website from Europe in 2012. Given its continuous success, in 2014, Bleckwenn and Dreiling decided to step down as the CEOs. It was then that Arne Kahlke and Soren Kress were chosen by them to be the new CEOs, voluntarily handed over at the beginning of 2015. Just so you know, the new CEOs are the ones who founded “ElitePartner”.

What is Wimdu?

As yet growing rapidly, Wimdu has been a leading online platform offering private accommodation for all tastes and budgets. By connecting guests and hosts around the world, Wimdu offers an enjoyable authentic travel experience for those searching for a savvy contrasting option to inns.
Guests can search from 150 countries or 300,000 properties on their search engine. Basically, they just have to enter the keyword of their preferred destination, check-in and out date and number of guests. Wimdu can be interchangeable from English to 15 other languages.

Wimdu Reviews-trustpilotCustomers can guarantee all search results are valid and exclusive since Wimdu has a triple check service wherein they personally visit properties to check the quality of the establishment. Travellers unsure where to go or what to book can also check their option of Recently Booked and Top Destinations.

In a nutshell, Wimdu is the European version of Airbnb wherein customers can search for a decent apartment to rent or rent their own place.

Wimdu Reviews of Customers

However, I am being deceived in a lot of ways since Wimdu shows that their rating on Trustpilot is at 8.9/10, but when we personally checked their standing on Trustpilot, we saw a completely-different storyline. Actually, they are at 4.3/10 and according to 474 Wimdu reviews, the travel site is comparable to Airbnb in the complaint sense. Most of the consumers who posted their concerns here state that Wimdu is a fraud.
Wimdu Reviews-trustpilot
See for yourself:
Wimdu Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?


As for the name and its meaning of Wimdu, there’s nothing at all. The founders decided on the name over a few beers one evening, on the basis that it was memorable and meant nothing at all.

Now, we had gathered Wimdu reviews and facts. Feel free to be the judge if you’ll prefer trusting your travel plans with Wimdu, because we are not. By chance, if you have an experience with Wimdu, feel free to share your experience below.


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Condor Flugdienst Reviews

It is not quite obvious but Condor Flugdienst was actually founded back in 1955 and has been the largest charter airline in Germany and also the third largest commercial airline based from its fleet size of 48 and passengers flown. Condor Flugdienst is headquartered at Frankfurt and Munich Airport and carries the company slogan “Born to fly.”
Thomas CookThe theme and fleet design looks a little bit familiar with this grey and yellow heart. It is because Condor Flugdienst is part or subsidiary of Thomas Cook Group.

InFlight Services
The German leisure airline has two cabin classes on board: Premium Class and Business Class.

Condor Flugdienst Reviews-PremiumPremium Class – because they don’t want to call it Economy and to make it sound more accommodating Condor Flugdienst offers “Premium Class”. Enjoy short and medium haul flights with an unoccupied middle seat and for longhaul flights, 15 cm long leg room space. These sum it up for more privacy and comfortability.

Apart from what’s mentioned, this cabin has free seat reservation, inflight magazines, headsets for their AVOD entertainment system, separate check-in all German airports and free baggage allowance up to 25 kg. Food depends on a choice between purchasing from their special menu or selection from complimentary meals.

Condor Flugdienst Reviews-BusinessBusiness Class – Fly Business with the newly upgraded Business Class of Condor Flugdienst. This cabin class offers seats with fully-automatic, comfortable lie-flat seat with 170-degree inclination. A 15 inch monitor inflight entertainment system, each seat also has a USB port, power outlet and a personal reading light. Free baggage allowance up to 30 kg. Priority and expedite check-in, access to lounge facilities and 2500 award miles per route.

Business class also has the option for free reservation wherein passengers are provided with a cosmetic set or amenity kit and heated towelettes. Meals are exclusive, selected to provide the best on board experience from delicious five-course meals with a choice of 3 entrees.

Official Website and Mobile app
It’s not Thomas Cook, it’s Condor Flugdienst! Yes, as we mentioned earlier they are related and it seems that was pretty much shown on their official website. Condor Flugdienst page lets customers search and book online. It even gives the option to check flight status. We personally love the layout of Condor Flugdienst, since it actually provides all necessary information needed from Book & Plan, Flight Preparation, Fly & Enjoy, Get Inspired to My Booking. Those were just the header of the page.
Condor Flugdienst Reviews-page
On the later part, it promotes more of its top destinations, promo package and offers. Condor Flugdienst also include car rental, travel insurance and airport parking services. Another good news? All of these are also available on their mobile app. Though the mobile version is only available in the App Store.

Condor Flugdienst Reviews of Customers
Although the German airline had only gathered an average score online. Based on 188 Condor Flugdienst reviews, the airline receives mix feedback. But on a positive, the most recent posted were all above the average. As one customer said on April 12, 2016:

“My trip started off with a 3 hour delay due to a technical in Frankfurt. As with any low cost, one should not expect a meal voucher during that time. That said, due to the delay the cabin crew and cockpit treated the flight like it was a full fare, everything included flight. Everyone got the full movie package (usually 8 euro’s extra), a blanket, a better pillow (usually an extra cost) and some rather comfortable headphones. I was impressed from the get go. With the all the extra’s I was not certain if I got the better meal too. It was a wonderful surprise, because initially, I wasn’t sure if‘ll get a meal. This was my first time doing a medium to long haul flight on a low cost.”

To see the full story and more Condor Flugdienst reviews, click here.
Condor Flugdienst Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                             https://www.condor.com/eu/index.jsp
  • Contact Number:                       +49 6171 6500 or all list
  • Contact Email:                           tma@condor.com
  • Fax Number:                             +49 6107 9394 40
  • Head Office Address:                 Am Grunen Weg 3, Kelsterbach, 65451, Frankfurt, Germany

I was actually convinced with the overall package Condor Flugdienst had given me. They really made a good impression with just physically looking at their site. Moreover, Condor Flugdienst reviews are showing appreciation over a low-cost airline with exclusive services.

Have you flown with Condor Flugdienst? Feel free to share your experience below.