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Porter Airline

Established privately with the Porter Aviation Holdings, the Porter Company has history with some of Canada’s best airports, Billy Bishop being one of them (dating back to as far as 1939). Since its establishment, the Company has been able to harness and harmonize with a number of investors.

Porter Airlines

The Interface of an Advantage:

As an online portal of the company, the website acts as a perfect communication tool between the business corporation and the customers. With its easy to understand and easy to use software, the website’s homepage is self-explanatory and simple. Critically viewing this aspect, this kind of interface simply adds to the customer service credits. Furthermore, user reviews report a high degree of satisfaction regarding the queries asked, and a commendable 24/7 service. The overall reputation of the website and the company rates to excellent on online polls.

The Offers of a Lifetime:

The Company proves now and again that it puts its customer’s first rather than money making tactics. As opposed to most of the other flight companies where business is gold and the customers have to deal with hassle of customs and airports, unanswered queries and fluctuating prices, Porter comes with a reassurance of being customer-friendly, with some simple, yet highly important gestures. These gestures begin from the strategic placement of its airport right down to every staff member that the company has ever employed.

The airport in question is in Toronto, and is downtown. What does this mean? It means you have easy access to it. It means that the area of maximum traffic has been organized. It means that the company has struck gold again. Furthermore, it promises a quick service, so that the airport is not a scene of hustle and bustle and harassed faces checking watches every minute. According to online polls that have been conducted to review the company’s reputation and check for scams, the customer service reaches a level of excellent, with most claiming that the flights were on time.

Thirdly, the company brings a friendly staff for its customers. Added to this is the bonus of- wait for it- free wine and snacks, delivered to your seat in glassware and well cleaned plates. The very gesture of this first class VIP treatment of everybody makes this review even more flattering for the company. The planes have been made more comfortable, with the omission of the middle seat in the second and third class areas, and the expansion of the place per seat to 32 inches. You want to stretch your legs? You can.

The lounges of Porter have been made comparable to the flights in terms of comfort. A critical appraisal of this step must be mentioned because waiting for a flight is the most cumbersome part of travelling. The lounge offers newspapers free of cost, with Wi-Fi and light snacks, also completely free.

These simple yet flattering gestures have won the company many customers, and as though this wasn’t enough, the company has come up with the VIPorter Rewards idea. The idea states that the customers earn points when they use Porter and sign up on the website. The more the points, the more you have the chances of flying to the destination of your choice, and that too free of cost.


The word “free” seems to be second nature to the Company. With a customer service of one of a kind and facilities that do not only make your journey easy but also understand you, the company has received excellent customer reviews and high ratings on online polls. Conclusively speaking, attempts to prove that this all is a scam have failed miserably. The Company is safe, efficient and should be given a try once if you are in Toronto.