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Expedia Reviews

Initially Expedia.com was just a software that provided information about various air travel matters like flight status, prices and hotel arrangements. In 2001, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates decided to turn Expedia into a public company as an internet-based travel website. Throughout the years Expedia grew and became a multi-billion dollar company providing services to millions of travelers.

Expedia Reviews
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates


Flight process issues

Certain conflicts between Expedia and customers still arise due to un-updated changes in prices when Expedia fails to confirm with the airline offering it. With that, a customer might finalize everything, including payments and suddenly have to deal with increased prices.

To help curb this issue, Expedia offers customers the option to refund or cancel their flights easily. A unique feature they offer is that you can book a flight on their website, and also cancel it right there without having to contact the airline. Each customer can receive a full refund, however there are certain policies which need to be followed. One example is cancellation of flights. To receive your refund immediately, notify the policy holder for your cancellation and inform them the reason. If the reason is a certain illness, simply provide medical documents and your attending physician if applicable.  Failure to notify the company regarding your cancellation and just simply not showing up for your flight should be avoided. Expedia is doing their part, so each customer should also exert effort if they want something done, like receiving a refund. It’s a give and take relationship, basically, remember to do your part.

Unreliable Information

Unfortunately, like any international company, negative reviews are inevitable and have begun to surface, even recently. Many Expedia customers have stated complaints such as; flight delays, sudden price changes, conflicts with car rental agencies, and additional fees for cancellation. Information about deals and arrangements on their site may be true, but are subjected to change.


Marketing is also an important factor Expedia takes into account. All online travel agencies, not only Expedia should keep-up with the latest changes in online marketing and promotions. The primary reason for marketing is of course keeping things interesting enough for the customers to build trust toward Expedia. Expedia really needs to shake things up from time to time by coming up with new ideas to promote and increase their credibility by fulfilling their responsibilities to the customers well. One thing they did was initiate the Expedia’s platinum marketing program. This program guarantees the same cheap offers and prices for flight deals. With this more and more customers were attracted to do business with Expedia.

Expedia’s  convenient interface

Expedia assists people in gaining access to flights, hotels, vehicle rentals, and anything else to do with travelling. The website presents everything up front and simple. Their main value is honesty. The information provided is summarized for the customers to fully and quickly understand what they’re getting into. The initial process of searching and booking flights is essential, but the real focus for every service is to fulfill everything they offer.

The Ultimate Scratch Pad

Expedia includes the Ultimate Scratch Pad function for their returning customers to find great deals on upcoming flights, as well as keeping track of their current reservations such as their flight status. All you have to do is login and you’ll receive any relevant updates.

Expedia Scratchpad Reviews
Here’s a glimpse at a customer’s account


Expanding Horizons: the Mobile App

Creating a mobile app is a common thing these days. Better connection and easier access to information is their priority. Looking at it, the Mobile application is a portable version of the Ultimate scratch pad.

Expedia Reviews - Mobile App
Expedia’s handy application


Customer Conclusion

Many customers were left with a bad taste in their mouth when they decided to do business with Expedia. Keeping up with major changes really is hard. Credibility should be maintained to keep loyal customers. Unfortunately, the ratings for Expedia were very low and recovery may seem a bit hard. But, there are still methods to get back on track and since Expedia has done a great job of staying alive all these years, they will surely find a way to turn the public opinion around.

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