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There are several dreamers in this world who at some point in their lives would say, “I want to establish my own airline someday”. Very few people would take the risk and give it everything they have to make that dream a reality. Thanks to that group of dreamers, millions of people are given the benefit of travelling through air.

One particular dreamer is Dr. Chang Yung-fa, the founder of Eva Air.


Eva Airlines Corporation was established in September, 1988 by Evergreen Marine Corporation’s chairman Dr. Chang Yung-fa. The next year, Eva Air was founded in March.

Founder of Eva Air, Dr. Chang Yung-fa
Founder of Eva Air, Dr. Chang Yung-fa

The current President of Eva air is Cheng Chuan-yi. Chuan-yi started out as the Senior Vice President of the project division for Eva air on July 1st, 2004, then he was promoted to executive vice president of project division on March 14th, 2011.

Eva Air's President, Cheng Chuan-yi
Eva Air’s President, Cheng Chuan-yi

What people are saying

According to customer online reviews, Eva air is one of the best trans-continental airlines on the globe. Customers stated the service from ground floor all the way to the inflight experience is outstanding, good food, good service and most importantly, a good flight.

Eva air’s business class took the spotlight when customers described it as the “most economical business class fare” of all Star Alliance members. However, it seems that there are complaints with economy class. Customers were disappointed about the unattentive flight attendants and unappetizing meals. A good thing about the economy class are the big seats and the wide screen panasonic EX3.The wide aisle space was acknowledged and the reclining seats are comfortable.

Eva air received 8 out of 10 points from Airlinequality.com. In TripAdvisor, the recommendation rate for Eva Air is 85%.


The Website

Eva Air’s website is standard and user-friendly, it allows users to pick the language they prefer. Most people probably used global english. Every detail in your itinerary can be managed, like checking in online, asking for refunds, checking flight status and arranging hotels and car rental services. Eva Air has a designated page for promotions. It displays a list of destinations on the left side and their discounted prices on the right.

Eva Air's homepage
Eva Air’s homepage

Eva Air application

In order to expand their connections to customers, Eva designed their own mobile application for smartphones. Customers can easily book flights, check upcoming flights, and manage their travel itinerary.

Eva Air mobile application
Convenient access

Customer Service

Eva Air has several offices worldwide. There are different phone lines available according to what region you select. Their customer service is not open 24/7 but the schedule is can be viewed on their website, click here to take a look. There is also a FAQ page included for general questions and answers. The website has a comment section wherein customers ask away.


Customers have 5 class choices to choose from, the royal laurel, premium laurel, business, elite and economy. Eva spiced things up rather than the usual first, business and economy class.

Royal Laurel

Standard for the best classes, the premium laurel features a cabin with angled, lie-flat seats. Eva air teamed up with RIMOWA to provide overnight kits. Each passenger aboard Eva’s new new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is given the following, lotion, lip balm, skin care products, screen cleansing cloth for phones, sleeping mask, sleeping socks, toothpaste, toothbrush and a comb. Each cabin is equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, HD touch screens and USB and Ipod ports.

Royal Laurel class, Eva air

Premium Laurel

The seats in this class are innovative. Hard-shell reclining seat for sitting and sleeping does provide great comfort, with electrically lumbar support and  adjustable headrest and footrest. This class strives for supreme comfort.


Business Class

For the sitting arrangement in the business class, each row is positioned 44-45 inches apart for wide room to move around.

Eva air business class

Elite Class

The seats are 38 inches long and 19.5 inches with ample leg room. Each ergonomic chair includes a mood light to set the ambiance manually.

Elite class, Eva air
Comfort and Entertainment

Economy Class

Shape-memory cushion material with ergonomically designed seats await passengers in the economy class to help avoid fatigue, each seat and headrest can be reclined to whatever position you want.

Eva air, Economy class

Food and Beverages

For royal laurel passengers their fine dining starts with a glass of champagne followed by crusty bread with extra-virgin olive oil. Their menu includes perfectly cooked steaks and fresh lobsters. Each meal is all-natural and low calorie for health concerns. Trolley service also passes by handing out different kinds of cheese and fruits.

Foods from different countries are served in the premium laurel class with a variety of beverage choices from coffee to refreshing drinks. For the kids, microwavable treats are prepared within just minutes.

Complimentary meals and beverages with snacks are served for the business, elite and economy class.

In flight technology

The Star Gallery on-board entertainment provides passengers with HD video screens containing the latest tv shows, movies, music and video games.

Star gallery, Eva Air In Flight entertainment
Star gallery, Eva Air In Flight entertainment


Eva Air’s main hub is the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Eva Air have 6 airliners and 2 for cargo, their entire fleet size in 66 airliners reaching 74 destinations.

Passenger Airliners:

  • Airbus A321-200
  • Airbus A330-200
  • Airbus A330-300
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30
Boeing 777-300 in action
Boeing 777-300 in action

Cargo Airliners

  • Boeing 747-400F
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Eva Air is a proud member of Star Alliance. Industry experts from AirlineRatings.com ranked Eva Air seventh among top 10 airlines worldwide in 2015 and SkyTrax gave them a 4 star rating.

Here’s their contact info:

  • Website URL:www.evaair.com
  • Contact number: +886 3 351 5151 for more contact number info click, here.
  • Fax Number:+886 3 351 0005
  • Head Office Address:EVA Air Building, 376 Hsin-nan Road, Luchu, Section 1, Taoyuan, Hsien, Taiwan


Eva Airlines entire travel service is amazing and soon to be improved. They manage to gain loyal customers from all over the world and they are being recommended by thousands of people. Eva Air is ranked as the 9th best airline in the world by SkyTrax, impressive.