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Travelrepublic Reviews

There’s not much information posted online as to how Travelrepublic was established, but on their Linkedin account, it shows they were founded in 2003. The privately held travel company has been operating for 13 years now. Now, with the limited descriptions shown online regarding Travelrepublic, let’s go ahead and probe further and discover if Travelrepublic is one of the travel sites you should be looking on to book with.

The Republic under Travelrepublic

Upon visiting Travelrepublic, it will shortly provide an option to sign up to their newsletter service appearing at the top of the page, above their customer service number.
Travelrepublic Reviews-page
Basically Travelrepublic is yet another European travel site where travellers can search, compare and book their flights, hotel reservations, car rental and cruises packages. As I look on Travelrepublic, for some reason it reminds me of the old site of TravelSupermarket. Moving forward, it seems like Travelrepublic is proud to show they are a full member of ABTA; they even displayed their ABTA No. on their page.

Searching through their travel search engine gives customers results from 305,187 hotels and 555 airlines they’re partnered with. They even provide a list of not so overrated destinations worldwide on their “Recommended for you” section and feature several other “Hotel Deals” on their main page alone.

Travelrepublic is a user-friendly web page. Likewise, we tried using the travel site for a sample search (for Hotel Deals); while waiting for the results, they guarantee us that options shown will be the lowest provided. Here’s how their results page looks like:
Travelrepublic Reviews-result pageAll results can be filtered by bed & breakfast, room only, star rating, property type and even an option to select the facilities available on the said hotel.

As said on their company description, they are one of the largest and most well-established online travel agencies in Europe and have been successfully helping people book their hotels, flights and other travel arrangements. But we don’t need just words, let’s look through Travelrepublic reviews.

Travelrepublic Reviews of Customers

Well, we shouldn’t let bygones be bygones when it comes to travel experience over fraudulent action in the travel industry. According to 9 recent Travelrepublic reviews, it shows that the European-travel site had been garnering a lot of complaints with their said “helping people for over 12 years”. It is quite obvious that they are doing the opposite.

Travelrepublic Reviews-complaintsOne reviewer even said If you have any kind of problem they don’t want to know! I booked transfers with them, they use a company called A2B transfers who are terrible do not turn up and you are left making your own way to airport! Travelrepublic are not interested! I will never use this company.”

This proves that after booking, Travelrepublic will care less what happens to you after. I guess I can consider this mean.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      https://www.travelrepublic.co.uk/v2/
  • Contact Number:                020 8974 7200
  • Contact Page:                     https://www.travelrepublic.co.uk/v2/contact-us
  • Fax Number:                       020 8974 7228
  • Head Office Address:          Clarendon House 147 London Road Kingston upon Thames,
                                                Surrey KT2 6NH United Kingdom


I am not quite sure whether to trust or not to trust Travelrepublic since their web page layout seems good enough and reliable, but consumers are narrating a different kind of story. Either we base our theories over physical appearance or over personal experience. It’s your discretion, your choice.

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