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eDreams Reviews

Edreams is now a large online travel agency in Barcelona, founded in 1999 by Javier Perez -Tenessa Block. Their journey up to now has been quite long, the two main turning points for them was in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, Permira, a European private equity house became a major stakeholder in Edreams, enabling them a broader market reach. July 2011, eDreams merged with GO Voyages to acquire Opodo and Travellink which resulted to the founding of the ODEGEO group.

Unbelievable Deals

Some of edreams deals are unbelievable! Imagine a trip from New York to Miami costing thirty four dollars, you’d think deals like that would be a rarity, right?  All in all, eDreams offers cheap and convenient deals to its patrons. Their slogan is “Great trips starts with great prices.”

eDreams Price Reviews


eDreams also has a pretty good and unique refund system. When you book a flight, they challenge you to find it at a lower price. If you find one within two days, they’ll ask you to email them the info, they’ll cross check and if it’s legit they’ll match the price. This not only unique, it’s also comforting.

Erratic price changes

Edreams is partnered with more than 100 flight companies, they’ve had issues relaying accurate, updated pricing information and much of the online negativity stems from customers being lured to a purchase by one price then given another, post purchase. .

In a Nutshell

Edreams isn’t perfect, like most travel companies. Yeah, the prices they display aren’t always accurate, but all in all their rates are pretty low and because of all of this they get mixed reviews. Some people are quite satisfied, while others are not at all.


Hope these eDreams reviews made your decision a little easier, feel free to leave a comment below!