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Dragonair Reviews

The current Chairman of Dragonair, Kuang-Piu Chao, was also the mind behind the beginning of the Hong Kong-based international regional airline in 1985 and had been the first local competitor for
Cathay Pacific, though the competition didn’t lead to a bad outcome because it was later discovered that Cathay Pacific was concentrating on a boom in travel elsewhere in the 1980s leaving the undeveloped mainland China market to Dragonair.
Dragonair Reviews-cathay dragon
Dragonair has been an affiliated member of Oneworld since November 2007 and carries an all-Airbus 42 fleet headquartered at Hong Kong International Airport. Dragonair provides air carrier services across the Asia-Pacific region from Hong Kong. Just so you know, Dragonair will soon be rebranded as Cathay Dragon since Cathay Pacific had taken over the airline in 2006.

For this change, a new livery will be adopted. The major differences will be: that instead of the Cathay Pacific green theme, it will have a light maroon theme. The titles will say Cathay Dragon along with Chinese lettering reading the name. Dragonair’s Dragon logo will be retained and will appear next to the cockpit windows.

Flying with Dragonair

Since Dragonair had arrived at the next logical step in its journey, the airline remains with three cabin class of service: Economy, Business and First Class.

Dragonair Reviews-onboardUsage of personal electronic devices is restricted in flight, as they may interfere with the aircraft systems and must remain off while the aircraft is taxiing, during takeoff, and landing though small handheld electronic devices are allowed as long as they are in “Flight Safe/Airplane” mode with Wi-Fi functions disabled.

To keep passengers entertained and satisfied, they have their entertainment systems connected to passengers’ devices which give a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, games and publications. Inflight shopping is also offered on board to satisfy travellers’ shopping pleasures. A wide range of delicious menu choices is offered on board, representing the best of Asian and Western cuisine. Meals are prepared to match the local flavours of the travel destination.

Official Website and Mobile App

Even if Cathay Pacific acquired Dragonair, the airline still uses their own official website provided there’s a link on the header that shows the rebranding to Cathay Dragon. Travellers can access their Marco Polo Club account online and non-members can join using the official site; this will redirect customers to a page in Cathay Pacific since the Marco Polo Club is the loyalty program of Cathay Pacific.
Dragonair Reviews-page
Basically, like other official sites, their page lets customers search and book for flights. Travellers can also check-in and manage their booking online. If tourists are not aware of the airline, the page will be helpful for them to know the latest offers, news, policies, and services of Dragonair. Another option is by subscribing to their newsletter service located at the bottom part of the page. The site’s language is interchangeable within 18 Asian languages.

Dragonair has a mobile app similar to Cathay Pacific. In a nutshell, the travel app is the mobile version of all the PC version’s functionality and services.

Dragonair Reviews of Passengers

As expected, Dragonair is leaving a good impression to its passengers. Based on 157 Dragonair reviews on Skytrax, the Hong Kong regional airline provides total satisfaction inflight. What even caught our attention was some of the Dragonair reviews are saying Dragonair is better than Cathay Pacific. That explains their overall rating of 7/10 which ends almost all feedback with “would recommend Dragonair.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       http://www.dragonair.com/ka/en_PH.html
  • Contact Number:                 +800 2747 3333 / +852 3193 2200
  • Fax Number:                        +852 3193 3889
  • Head Office Address:           Dragonair House, 11 Tung Fai Road,
                                                Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong, China


Dragonair had already climbed their ranks with their excellent and efficient service. Being a 4-star airline now, Dragonair is on its way down the 5-star road. Well, kudos to an airline ranking on the 18th spot in 2015 which moved up from being on the 28th in 2014. The great leap of an almighty dragon!

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Dragonair Airline Review

It’s only logical to accompany airline names with creatures that fly. Garuda Indonesia and American Eagle are two examples, one peculiar airline is Dolphin Air, why dolphin? Anyway, airlines like these have rich history about how they came up with their name.

One airline that does stand out, the Dragonair Airlines, an epic mythical creature that soars through the air, awesome imagery.

Origins and Ownership

Dragonair is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific and was founded on May 24th, 1985 by Chao Kuang Piu. Chao Kuang is now the present honorary chairman of the airline, while the current CEO is Ying Wah Yau, also known as Algernon Yau.

Dragonair's CEO, Algernon Yau Dragonair Airline Review
Dragonair’s CEO, Algernon Yau

Yau has been Dragonair’s CEO since July, 2014, he was the former CEO of Cathay Pacific Services Ltd. from June 2011 to July 2014.

What people are saying

Dragonair is considered to provide efficient services, boarding is fast, attendants are helpful, food is tasty and seats are comfortable. One common complaint from customers is the occurrence of delayed flights, one parton going on holiday was disappointed when his flight was delayed for a whole hour.

Customers were suggesting for the airline to do something about delayed flights, but still, the same customers who complained about delayed flights complimented the extensive service by the attendants.

On airlinequality.com, Dragonair got seven out of ten points for their service. On airlineratings.com, Dragonair got a perfect seven star for their safety rating and six for the airline service. If you think about it, most reviews are coming from disappointed customers, but with Dragonair’s excellent service, customers are encouraged to show their appreciation.

Website Function

Dragonair Airline Website Review
Dragonair website

Booking flights, checking in and managing bookings is a breeze online. The Dragonair interface is organized with its simple design and development, even a kid can navigate his way through it. Dragonair provides packages with discounted prices for flights and hotel reservations. Flight deals are presented right on the homepage, the website checks your location and boom, flight deals appear.

Customer Service

Their customer support isn’t open 24/7, there are designated office hours for each branch worldwide. Click here, for more details about their customer support. Customers can submit their complaints and suggestions and comments on the website. Customers can also get the information they want from the FAQs page on the website, the page is efficient and accurate.

On-board Experience

Dragonair Airline On-Board Review

Dragon Air offers three class, First Class, Business Class and Economy class.

First Class

First class features private seats that can be converted to a full flat bed anytime. The airline’s goal is to provide a wide space for each passenger so they decided to add extra space for storage and work.

Business Class

With recent innovation, the business class seats are 21 inches wide with extended leg rests and can be reclined to whatever position you want. The headrest can be adjusted 6-ways according to your liking to avoid stiff necks and headaches. In front of each passenger is a personal storage for small bags, amenities and personal devices.

Economy Class

Passengers can fly in comfort with cradle mechanism seats that can recline up to 6’’. Every passenger can keep their personal items inside of the built in storage in each seat.

Entertainment in the air

Talking about in flight entertainment, nobody gets left behind, no matter what class you fly. First class passengers can enjoy movies, tv programs and music with PTV 10.4 TO 15.4 inche screen. StudioKa brings a wide selection of entertainment choices. Each seat has a multi-port connector for RCA, smartphones and usb connection. Emporium and Silkroad magazines are also distributed.

StudioKA equips business class flights with 12.1 inch touch screen with noise cancelling-headphones. There is also a 110V AC port for charging devices.

Lastly, economy entertainment comes with audio and video demand from a 9-inch touch screen tv and 110V AC power supply for laptops and other electronic devices.

Authentic food serving

Dragonair serves 20,000 meals per day, cooked by award-winning chefs. Dragonair offers a wide selection of Western cuisine with tasty snacks, beverage and desserts. Dragonair serves authentic tea from china and high-quality chosen by professional wine consultants.


Every passenger (except infants) are allowed to bring luggage not exceeding  56x36x23cm (22x14x9 in) in size and 5kg (11lbs) in weight. Of course, dangerous items and tools are restricted. Customers can ask for additional allowance but of course, not without a fee! For more information, click here.


Dragonair’s main hub and headquarters is the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong. Dragonair has a total of 41 passenger aircraft ready for take off. Their fleet includes the Airbus A330-300 (type 1, 2,3), Airbus A321-200 and Airbus A320-200. There are over 3,445 employees working for Dragonair worldwide. Dragon air is a proud member of the Oneworld alliance. Skytrax 2015 named Dragon air as the best Regional Airline and best Regional Airline in Asia.

Dragonair Airline Review

Dragonair’s contact information:

  • Website URL:http://www.dragonair.com/
  • Contact number:2747-3333
  • Fax Number:+852 2560 1411
  • Head Office Address:Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong


Dragonair is starting to climb the ranks with their excellent and efficient service. Being a 4-star airline now, Dragonair is on its way down the 5-star road. Going back to the name, Dragonair picked a creature with great power that can travel through the sky with brilliance. Too bad they don’t breathe fire, all in all, Dragonair is in the running for being one of the best or even the best.