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EasyFly Reviews

EasyFly Reviews-Alfonso Ávila
Alfonso Ávila

One of the prominent cities in the world is Bogotá. The capital of Colombia, known for its colonial-era landmarks, has touched the tourists’ love for Spanish culture and destinations. If you recall, we already wrote a review about Avianca. Today, we’ll be talking about a newly established low-cost airline named EasyFly. Join me as we discover if it is easy to fly with EasyFly.

EasyFly was actually founded by Alfonso Ávila who was also the founder of Aero República or what is more known now as “Copa Airlines,” founded in 1992. The Colombian low-cost airline started with one British Aerospace Jetstream 41 aircraft. Now, it has grown to 17 aircraft and 25 more ATR are expected and ordered by EasyFly to expand its fleet. EasyFly uses the slogan “Hace fácil volar,” which means “It makes it easy to fly.” It operates 18 destinations and is adding 2 more routes in the future with Venezuela and Aruba.

Official Website and Mobile App

Accessing the official site of EasyFly is easy. Though, we had to inform users to be advised that the web page is in Spanish by default. To be honest, we can’t find an option to change the version of the site to English. So, for the sake of this review we translated the site via Google Translate. Basically, EasyFly lets customers book their reservations online but only for flight options with no car rental or hotel accommodation services.
EasyFly Reviews-page
The web page shows a lot more about the services, deals, and policies of the airline. It also promotes the tourism of Bogotá or other places of Colombia by mentioning their top destinations. Customers having difficulties on using the travel site or understanding the services can actually call their customer support. But, please be informed that their call center hours operates from Monday to Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

These services are also available on their travel app, though are only available in the Google Play Store for Android users.

EasyFly Reviews and Services

EasyFly had an overall score of 9/10 on Skytrax. It is based from 2 EasyFly reviews, wherein both comments are positive and dated this year. The first review mentioned that the EasyFly ground staff were helpful and professional. EasyFly Reviews-happy passengerHe even complimented on the smooth and punctual flight he had with EasyFly. The passenger actually had a short-haul flight but left no complaints about his overall experience with EasyFly. He even ended his review by saying “Would consider it if needed.”

The most recent review was posted on the 27th of March 2016. Mr. Flores had given his best opinion about EasyFly. Similar with the first review, he mentioned that the staff are nice. His flight went quietly, was comfortable, and clean.
EasyFly Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                  http://www.easyfly.com.co/
  • Contact Number:            +57 1 414 80 95
  • Contact Email:                presidencia@easyfly.com.co
  • Fax Number:                   +57 1 414 81 11
  • Head Office Address:      Avenida El Dorado 10308, Entrada 1 Interior 14,
                                           Aeropuerto Internacional, Bogota, Colombia


Based on these EasyFly reviews online, it is safe to say that the airline will be reliable for domestic or regional flights within Colombia. Since their goal is to be the leader in the travel market with the best airfare, reliable service, and high efficiency customer service, these evidently prove that it is easy to fly with EasyFly.


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SATENA Reviews

SATENA traces its roots back to 1962 under the Decree 940 order of President
Alberto Lleras Camargo “to form an aerial transport service for the benefit of the underdeveloped regions of the country, with the object of promoting the welfare of educational campaigns, agricultural and pastoral development and the economic and social progress of such territories.” Through this, the airline was entrusted with the control of the Colombian Air Force and up until now serves as their parent company.

SATENA actually stands for “Servicio Aéreo a Territorios Nacionales.” The Colombian government-owned airline which started with one C-54, two C-47, and two Beaver L-20 aircraft now has a growing fleet size of 21 aircraft (Let, ATR, Embraer and Harbin) and serves 30 domestic routes, operating international routes to Mexico, Jamaica and Cuba.SATENA Reviews-inflight

InFlight with SATENA

SATENA Reviews-Planet IFESince SATENA doesn’t use major aircraft models like Boeing and Airbus, the seat configuration inflight are all 2-2 arrangement which gives more space for passengers to sit back and relax. Another good thing about SATENA is they are a member of Planet IFE, who are actually experts on in-flight communication strategies. Another known member of Planet IFE is Avianca.

Official Website and Mobile App

SATENA Reviews-pageThe logo of SATENA is actually inspired by the colors of the Colombian flag while the bird is actually their national bird: Andean Condor. Moving forward, we love how the official site looks like.

However, we were quite disappointed that the option to change the language of the site to English is malfunctioning. Once clicked, it will redirect users to the About Us page which shows the Mission Vision of the airline.mobile app The web page is actually in Spanish by default and Google’s option to translate it to English is not working too. Too bad.

SATENA has a mobile app, wherein customers can stay connected wherever they are. The travel app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Though, SATENA reviews about the travel app are very poor since the last update of the application was in 2014. They should make developments for this, since the mobile application’s aim is to ease travel services via smartphones.

SATENA Reviews of Passengers

For some reason, there is only one SATENA customer review posted on Skytrax and it’s dated back to December 2015. On a positive note, the review was positive and was even titled “excellent choice for domestic travel.” On Airlineratings, SATENA is painting a pretty picture, since passengers are really happy with their comments over their experience with the airline. In fact, the most recent posts are rated with 10/10.

To see more of these SATENA reviews, click here.
SATENA Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:               https://www.satena.com/
  • Contact Number:         +57 1 605 22 22
  • Contact Email:             info@satena.com
  • Fax Number:                +57 1 423 85 30
  • Head Office Address:    Avenida El Dorado Suite 103-08, Entrada 1, Interior 11,
                                         Apartado Aero 11163, Bogota, Colombia


Even if SATENA doesn’t have much information online, we believe this government-owned Colombian airlines sure has been one of the most used airlines in Colombia, not only based on reviews, but also based on the information we gathered. It is safe to say that it’s worth to fly or try to ride with SATENA if you’ll visit Colombia.

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