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Christchurch International Airport Reviews

Christchurch International Airport Reviews-garden cityIf you’ll recall, we already wrote a review about the busiest airport in New Zealand: Auckland Airport. But that doesn’t mean our airport of the day is just a loser at second rate. Definitely, no!

Today, we’ll be writing a review about the main airport that serves Christchurch, more known as Christchurch International Airport (CHC).

Christchurch is the 3rd largest urban area in New Zealand in terms of population. The nickname of Christchurch is the “Garden City” owing to its large botanic gardens and central park. Did you also know that Christchurch was the first place in New Zealand to officially become a city; this occurred in July 1856. CHC started with a decision in 1935 by a local council to establish a new aerodrome, and thus that’s the beginning of Christchurch International Airport.


It is not hard to get around Christchurch International Airport because the domestic and international terminals are located within the same building. CHC has a total of 5 restrooms and free showers are available too, located in the international arrivals hall. Additionally, for a fee of $5, travellers are provided with soap and towel. More showers are located at the Manaia Lounge.

Christchurch International Airport Reviews-i-siteThe i-SITE Visitor Centre serves as the airport’s help center in providing information and bookings for accommodation, transport and sightseeing tours; staff operate a full travel agency service. Airport help desks are located in both terminals and the contact line is open 24 hours.

There is a range of bars, cafés, and restaurants at Christchurch International Airport, the majority of which can be found on the first floor. Shops at Christchurch International Airport include a luggage retailer, newsagents, clothing outlets, and souvenir shops. These are located throughout the airport, although the majority can be found on the first floor. Duty-free shopping is situated in International Departures and International Arrivals.

Christchurch International Airport Reviews-restaurantsRest assured that the airline is operational for 24 hours. To stay connected, free unlimited WiFi access can be used while at the airport, by connecting to “CIAL_Free_WiFi”. Additionally, internet kiosks are situated within both terminals. However, please be aware of the new policy of airport for sleepovers, see our airport news below about “Wristband Policy.”

Getting To and From

For directions, if you are driving from the centre of Christchurch (Cathedral Square), take Colombo Street northbound and then Bealey Avenue and Harper Avenue westbound. From here, turn right onto Fendalton Avenue and continue to Fendalton Road/Memorial Avenue. Christchurch International Airport is located at the end of Memorial Avenue, off Durey Road. The total drive time to the airport from Christchurch is approximately 18 minutes.
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But, if you are planning to rely on public transportation, buses, shuttles, and taxis are an option too. Metrobus connects the airport to the city center, same with Taxis. SuperShuttle stops are located directly outside the terminal complex.

Location – Traffic – Service

Christchurch International Airport is situated 12km (7.5 miles) northwest of Christchurch city centre and operates as a hub for Air New Zealand.
Christchurch International Airport Reviews-air new zealand
The prevailing wind in Christchurch is from the north-east and to a lesser extent from the south-west, but the city is also affected by Canterbury’s nor’west foehn wind. As a result, the airport has two perpendicular runways.

The airport is a public and military type of air facility which serves non-stop destinations within Australia. CHC consists of a single terminal which caters for both domestic and international flights and statistics shows that the airport had received a total passenger count of 6,092,827 in 2015.

Airport/Terminal Map
Christchurch International Airport Reviews-map

Christchurch International Airport Reviews and News

After reading several Christchurch International Airport reviews on Skytrax, the airport had garnered an overall score of 6/10. Based on 32 Christchurch International Airport reviews, travellers are not that really satisfied with the facilities and services of the airport. One reviewer had mentioned that CHC has been the “Slowest airport I have to travel through”. On a positive note, this was the only complaint posted recently, because the following comments and feedback are all praises and acknowledgements with the airport’s effort.

The airport recently toughened up its policies, due to some travellers who were spending over a week inside the terminal and cooking on their camp stoves in the bathrooms. The airport has a wristband policy, so now only travellers who have proven that they will be departing on an early morning flight will be permitted to stay inside the terminal.
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Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:        CHC
  • Contact Email:     enquiries@cial.co.nz
  • Phone Number:    +64 3-353 7777
  • Website URL:       http://www.christchurchairport.co.nz/en/
  • Address:               30 Durey Rd, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand


Christchurch International Airport keeps on moving up the ranks. This year, CHC had taken the 51st spot from The World’s Top 100 on Skytrax (from being 76 last year); this has only proved that Christchurch International Airport reviews and the information we gathered are not just a pretty picture to make the airport look good. Remember, there’s nothing wrong being on the second place. It only means you are the closest one to compete with the best.

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