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Busbud Reviews

Busbud has evidently been one of the most popular bus booking sites nowadays. But have you ever tried to wonder how does it work? I mean, it is not always safe to assume things based on how others see it. It doesn’t mean it’s famous, that it is eliable. Remember, the term “infamous” exists. Now, in this review let us check Busbud from in and out.

Let’s start by discovering how it all began.

History of Busbud

After finishing his MBA at Harvard., the founder of Busbud had the eagerness to explore the world before deciding what’s next with his life. It was summer in 2011 when Louise-Philippe Maurice backpacked across international destinations, but notice he had a hard time knowing where to go and from what bus point he should be. That sprouted  the idea in him and he started drafting a business plan on his 10-hour bus ride to Argentina.

Busbud Reviews-Maurice, Michael and Frederic
Maurice, Michael and Frederic

Went back to Montreal after his Argentina journey and founded Busbud with his trusted longtime friends Michael Gradek (Busbud CTO) and Frederic Thouin (CAO). Yes, to answer your question. Maurice is the founder and CEO of Busbud.


Here’s how the bus site looks like:
Busbud Reviews-page
Busbud provides services from 55 countries, 6,000 cities and 500,000 routes which indicates that this bus booking company offers super fast booking tools, with the most options to book on handled by their friendly customer support team.
Busbud Reviews-mobile appWith the help of some angel investors and ventures, Busbud had acquired several rounds of funding which had helped them improve their mobile app for iOS and Android. In 2015, they relaunched the new look of their mobile version. The update lets travellers browse and book bus tickets directly on their phones for city-to-city trips across North America, South America, Europe and Africa. Since the new launch had been done, Busbud had provided full coverage routes in Mexico.

To see more about their mobile app, click here.


The Canada-based bus booking site had several feedback shown online. It is quite impressive that Busbud had an almost perfect rating on Trustpilot. Let’s take a closer look why.

After scanning through Busbud reviews, why does it seem like all these feedback that raised their rating to 9.2/10 are all just made up? Believe me, this doesn’t seem legit at all. Maybe, if this was done on TripAdvisor by real profiles of travellers then I’ll be more convinced that this is not just an act of misleading Busbud reviews. See for yourself, click here.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      https://www.busbud.com/en/
  • Contact Number:                514-700-0451
  • Contact Email:                    support@busbud.com
  • Head Office Address:          5425 Casgrain Suite 901, Montreal, QC H2T 1X6, Canada

Points To Reconsider

Why does it always have to end like this? Busbud is actually a good bus site, but they don’t have to pretend that a number of customers are pleasing their services every 2 hours just to make it seem perfect. Busbud should just let the natural comments keep coming, so they would know where to work on, because it matters, to accept mistakes than to cover them up with another lie.

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