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redBus Reviews

Yet again, we write about another bus rental company in India. You might be wondering now why they are a lot of buses, bus rental and bus travel companies in India. Well, to feed you with facts, buses are one of the principal modes of commuting in many cities due to low costs of operation and high passenger carrying capacity compared to other modes of intra city transport. The government has supported the strengthening of bus transport systems in the country. Meanwhile at the travel market, another name rises from the land of spirituality and philosophy, the birthplace of three world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

In this review, we’ll be talking about redBus. Let’s see how they drive customers.

How Did It All Began?

redBus was established in 2005. Unlike other travel sites redBus has a story where the company started. The founder got the idea of redBus when one of the founders once wanted to celebrate the festival in his home town. Without the knowledge of his travel schedule, he resorted with bus transportation. However, it took him forever because tickets around the town were all sold out minutes before he reached the travel agents.

That’s when he thought of the possibility of providing bus travelers the convenience of booking a bus ticket over the internet.

What is redBus?

We once wrote about Goibibo, an Indian travel site led by Ibibo Group. redBus is run by Ibibo as well, and now had grown to be recognized as one of India’s largest online bus ticketing sites with over 2,300 plus listings of bus operators which serve over 70,000 live route across India.
redBus Reviews-page
Just a heads up, redBus is not just about bus rentals because it also provides hotel reservations booking. Since redBus’ name pretty much explains it’s a bus travel site, people often don’t notice it’s a hotel booking service. On redBus, the layout is just simple, a contrast of red and white, a heading that lets customers select, searching for a bus or hotel result.
RedBus’ services are also available on their mobile application. RedBus offers the option to directly download the app from their page by just entering customer’s mobile number. The travel app is available in the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store. RedBus’ mobile app was once awarded as the top 50 Global innovators by Fast Company
redBus Reviews-mobile appAccording to redBus reviews, the mobile app is user friendly. However, the most recent comments posted online say it’s recently not a reliable app that you shouldn’t use.

RedBus Reviews of Customers

RedBus seems to get in pair with the color red. Judging through redBus reviews, the bus travel site had garnered a below average overall rating of 4/10. The root cause of the complaints are majorly talking about the customer service of redBus and unprocessed refunds. If we will narrate each story here, this page alone is not enough. Here’s a link to see more of these redBus reviews, click here.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       https://www.redbus.in/
  • Contact Number:                 1860-300-10101 (Toll Number)
  • Contact Email:                     support@redbus.in
  • Head Office Address:           No. 1,Karle Premium,Old Airport Road,opp Bangalore, Karnataka
                                                560071 India


Should we trust redBus? No. After writing this review about redBus, we are now more convinced that India really needs  more improvement when it comes to customer service. Their ideas shared in the travel industry are good and amazing, but I guess they lack a lot in empathy and customer satisfaction skills. As we all know, business is about people. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Busbud Reviews

Busbud has evidently been one of the most popular bus booking sites nowadays. But have you ever tried to wonder how does it work? I mean, it is not always safe to assume things based on how others see it. It doesn’t mean it’s famous, that it is eliable. Remember, the term “infamous” exists. Now, in this review let us check Busbud from in and out.

Let’s start by discovering how it all began.

History of Busbud

After finishing his MBA at Harvard., the founder of Busbud had the eagerness to explore the world before deciding what’s next with his life. It was summer in 2011 when Louise-Philippe Maurice backpacked across international destinations, but notice he had a hard time knowing where to go and from what bus point he should be. That sprouted  the idea in him and he started drafting a business plan on his 10-hour bus ride to Argentina.

Busbud Reviews-Maurice, Michael and Frederic
Maurice, Michael and Frederic

Went back to Montreal after his Argentina journey and founded Busbud with his trusted longtime friends Michael Gradek (Busbud CTO) and Frederic Thouin (CAO). Yes, to answer your question. Maurice is the founder and CEO of Busbud.


Here’s how the bus site looks like:
Busbud Reviews-page
Busbud provides services from 55 countries, 6,000 cities and 500,000 routes which indicates that this bus booking company offers super fast booking tools, with the most options to book on handled by their friendly customer support team.
Busbud Reviews-mobile appWith the help of some angel investors and ventures, Busbud had acquired several rounds of funding which had helped them improve their mobile app for iOS and Android. In 2015, they relaunched the new look of their mobile version. The update lets travellers browse and book bus tickets directly on their phones for city-to-city trips across North America, South America, Europe and Africa. Since the new launch had been done, Busbud had provided full coverage routes in Mexico.

To see more about their mobile app, click here.


The Canada-based bus booking site had several feedback shown online. It is quite impressive that Busbud had an almost perfect rating on Trustpilot. Let’s take a closer look why.

After scanning through Busbud reviews, why does it seem like all these feedback that raised their rating to 9.2/10 are all just made up? Believe me, this doesn’t seem legit at all. Maybe, if this was done on TripAdvisor by real profiles of travellers then I’ll be more convinced that this is not just an act of misleading Busbud reviews. See for yourself, click here.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      https://www.busbud.com/en/
  • Contact Number:                514-700-0451
  • Contact Email:                    support@busbud.com
  • Head Office Address:          5425 Casgrain Suite 901, Montreal, QC H2T 1X6, Canada

Points To Reconsider

Why does it always have to end like this? Busbud is actually a good bus site, but they don’t have to pretend that a number of customers are pleasing their services every 2 hours just to make it seem perfect. Busbud should just let the natural comments keep coming, so they would know where to work on, because it matters, to accept mistakes than to cover them up with another lie.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Ticketgoose Reviews

Yet another Indian bus booking site. Maybe for some reason, buses are really in demand in India. Because compared to other countries, India has numerous bus booking site apart from Ticketgoose. If you’ll remember, we once wrote about AbhiBus which means “Bus Now” in Hindi and also MakeMyTrip. But as per request of a traveller friend we’ll be talking about Ticketgoose today. Let’s check what’s the difference or similarity of this bus booking with the others.

What is Ticketgoose?
This Indian based bus booking site is headquartered in Chennai but has sub-offices operating in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Unlike other bus booking sites, Ticketgoose doesn’t have a short story of how they started, but show that they had been established in 2007 and has been one of the fastest growing companies in the chosen field.
Ticketgoose has 130 employees who help to search for booking from 3000 destinations in India, from 700+ bus operators with 10,000+ buses plying on 20,000+ routes, and a network of 6000+ on-site agents. Ticketgoose doesn’t only offer bus booking services, but also provides end-to-end software and other value added solutions for the Bus Transport Industry.
Ticketgoose Reviews-mobile app
Ticketgoose also has a mobile version of these services accessible using customer’s smartphones. According to some Ticketgoose reviews, the mobile app is easier and more hassle-free to navigate with its Android version. The mobile app lets customers to search, book and make a payment merely just by using a smartphone. It also provides real time booking updates. Moreover, it lets consumers manage, cancel and check their bookings.

Ticketgoose Reviews of Customers
Based on Ticketgoose reviews posted on ComplaintBoard and ConsumerComplaints which are trusted national or Indian forum sites, the bus booking site had been infamous for its bad record of money stealing false booking. As we notice, the main problem of the consumers was actually the customer service of Ticketgoose and their false booking process.

One reviewer had booked 6 tickets from Bangalore to Cochin, though after making a payment received an error message saying “Oops… Unable to confirm your ticket with the operator. Please wait, Our Customer support will call you in 10 minutes for assistance or call us @ 088 80 80 80 80!!!” (with a reference number)

Ticketgoose customer support did call him after 15 minutes, but before he was able to explain the situation the line got disconnected and they never called back. What made this worse was when he checked his bank statement, the booking was actually debited. He never got a refund.
Ticketgoose Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                              www.ticketgoose.com
  • Contact Number:                        088 80808080 (From 7 am to 11 pm everyday)
  • Contact Email:                            support@ticketgoose.com
  • Head Office Address:                 #1/61-17, Ravi Colony, Paulwells Road, Saint Thomas Mount,
                                                       Chennai – 600 016, Tamil Nadu, India.

Apparently, Ticketgoose seems to have loose ends here. The recently established bus booking site has a lot of things need-to-improve, from customer service to the alleged stealing-money booking process they have. Well, if you’ll ask me, I won’t use the site. One factor is the page looks really unprofessional or not the typical of serious business page for me. Looking on Ticketgoose makes you doubt if the site is actually legit or not. So beware or better yet, stay away!

Feel free to leave a comment below.