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BookingBuddy Reviews

1 2031

BookingBuddy Reviews

BookingBuddy Reviews-TripAdvisorBookingbuddy started as a brand of Smarter Travel in 1998. In May of 2007, Tripadvisor acquired SmarterTravel Media Operator and Bookingbuddy as well. Bookingbuddy is one of the 25 brands Tripadvisor operates.

Though, TripAdvisor acquired BookingBuddy, the founder, Stephen Kaufer, is still the President and CEO of Smart Travel Media, meaning he helps in managing BookingBuddy as well.

What is BookingBuddy?

BookingBuddy’s layout is pretty simple but very appealing. The presentation of services is organized. Searching and booking for flight deals is quick and easy, the website is user-friendly, perfect for Bookingbuddy. Top travel deals are shown with a list of top travel destinations. They also keep travelers informed with travel news posted by Smartertravel. One problem though: most of the news were posted back in 2013, with no new updates lately.

pageBookingBuddy allows customers to look and book for flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, and cruises easily. That’s it, since BookingBuddy is only the middleman. There is a “Help” page for customers- kind of like a FAQs page – for general information.

The travel site is obviously one of the “Less is more” websites with user-friendly features. Being a subsidiary, BookingBuddy doesn’t include much information about their company background; that’s OK, since most customers are after their services.

BookingBuddy Reviews of Consumers

On Trustpilot.com, BookingBuddy got a 6.7 out of 10 star rating from customer reviews. According to most comments, BookingBuddy offers the best deals and is easy to do business with.

BookingBuddy Reviews-complaintsGoing back to the statement that Bookingbuddy is no stranger to insults, some reviews say that the company is untrustworthy and unproductive. Some of the negative comments advise future travelers to never use them. On Yelp, the travel meta search engine had been receiving tons of complaints. As one reviewer even said:

“This website makes booking flights a cinch!
BookingBuddy allows you to enter the basic travel info; then search every single travel search engine, including the second best travel search engine, Kayak.com, at once.
A search engine that searches search engines?! It’s totally ingenious!”

It looks like Bookingbuddy had good and bad days, also regarding their price rates, some customers claim that Bookingbuddy has no consistency in their flight deals.
BookingBuddy Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?


After reading through BookingBuddy reviews, the mixed feedback from customers had pretty much explained why the US-based travel site is not being used oftenly. Since customers are more convenient with using other new major online travel agencies rather than wasting time to wait for a travel site to upgrade and hear their concerns. But, we’re still hoping that BookingBuddy will heed its customers’ requests.

Let’s just say that they need to quit using the “Cybersquatting” method because this has been and had always made them look unprofessional apart from their boring website. I hope the manager of BookingBuddy will see what we are up to in this review.

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