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1 2004

El Dorado International Airport Reviews

As part of one of the busiest airports in the world, El Dorado International Airport had been in operation since 1959. It might take a few years for the BOG to construct and build their terminal, building, and runways. But, in 1973, they successfully accommodated nearly three million passengers. That year turned out to be one of the most prosperous for the industry of aviation, registering high passenger growth in both domestic and international traffic.

Now, in this review, we’ll be talking more about El Dorado International Airport (BOG).

Airport Facilities

El Dorado International Airport Reviews-restaurantsTo get travellers around, information desks are located in both terminals of El Dorado International Airport. Additionally, there is a tourist information desk in Arrivals. There are a total of 5 ATM/cash machines throughout the airport. Restrooms are available in each terminal while showers are available in the Avianca Lounge in the International Terminal.

There is a central food court in both the main El Dorado terminal complex and in Puente Aéreo, while a selection of cafés can be found airside in both terminals. Duty-free is available in the international departures area, while a number of other shops offer goods including local crafts.El Dorado International Airport Reviews-shop
For travellers needing to kill time or needing entertainment, a small casino is found at the airport too. Customers can also be connected through their electronic devices with free WiFi access of BOG. El Dorado International Airport reviews say that the signal is strongest after you go through security. Public telephones are also provided within the terminals.


Travelling by car from central Bogotá, Calle 26 runs directly to the airport, which is clearly signposted. The total drive time from central Bogotá to the airport is approximately 20 minutes. But, for means of public transport, Transmilenio shuttle bus offers transportation to airport travellers within the  downtown city center.
El Dorado International Airport Reviews-Transmilenio
A free shuttle bus provides travellers with easy connection between the two terminals. Allow about 15 minutes for travel time.

Licensed taxis are recognized by the color yellow and white. Taxis are located to the right of the international arrivals terminal and are available 24 hours a day. For safety reasons, do not use any other than the official yellow and white taxis.

Location – Traffic – Service

El Dorado International Airport is situated 15km (9 miles) northwest of central Bogotá and operates as the main hub for Avianca, Copa Airlines Colombia, LATAM, Satena, EasyFly, and Viva Colombia. BOG is a public and military type of airport, economically and politically speaking; El Dorado International Airport is the chief Colombian airport serving the country’s main international gateway. It is handling both international and domestic flights coming to Bogota.
El Dorado International Airport Reviews-Avianca
Last year, the airport had accommodated a total of 29,956,551 passengers which had made a steady 2 million passenger increase annually.

Airport/Terminal Map

El Dorado International Airport Reviews

According to 58 El Dorado International Airport reviews shown on Skytrax, the international airport in Bogota had gathered an average score of 6/10 from recent travellers who had even mentioned that the staff are very professional. One reviewer even ended up his comment with “One of the best airports I have ever used. Highly recommended.” To see more of these El Dorado International Airport reviews, click here.

El Dorado II by 2020
In 2015, plans have made to improve their aerial access. The development consists of a major expansion to the current main terminal with the effect of increasing the number of gates from 37 to 56 and thus raising the capacity of the airport from 27 million passengers to 40 million. The plan also involves improvements to the runway to increase efficiency. These two major developments are part of a greater endeavor to modernize the nation’s airports.
El Dorado International Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:        BOG
  • Phone Number:    +57 1 2662000
  • Website URL:       http://eldorado.aero/en/
  • Address:               Cl. 26 #103-9, Bogotá, Colombia


To be honest, there are not much information about the airport on their website. But, looking through El Dorado International Airport reviews posted online, the airport had been popular nowadays. For customers looking forward to find out more about this airport, they won’t have a hard time searching for information. Because, BOG had gone up to the 46th spot this year on the World’s Top 100 Airports (being 94th last year).

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