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Bedbooker Reviews

Bedbooker traces its roots back to 2012, but without any legit information online on how it started or who owns or runs the business.  If you’ll try to check their Linkedin accounts, three names will appear as the director and administrator of Bedbooker: Lauren Heaton, Jason Bradley and Christian England. All of the three key personnel mentioned just stated that they are working with Bedbooker, but never stated any responsibility or duty. This makes it no reliable source for Bedbooker.

Booking with Bedbooker

Bedbooker is yet another lodging booking website where travellers can book their reservation via searching and comparing 792,363 hotels results from the travel site’s search engine. It is indicated on Bedbooker that cancellations are free on most room bookings. There’s also an option to subscribe with their newsletter service or see their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Bedbooker Reviews-page
In this review, to provide an example on how Bedbooker works, we search for hotels in Falmouth, Massachusetts from June 6 to 13 with 1 room for 2 adults. The result page is easy to understand with the option to filter search by name, star rating, distance and price. Facilities are also an option shown on customizing the search which include information if the hotel has free wifi, free parking or if it’s air conditioned.

Bedbooker offers booking prices which are live; what you see is what you book. Unlike other hotel booking sites, after making a reservation, customer just have to sit back and Bedbooker will do the rest, because the guests just have to show up and pay. But, please be reminded that some hotels require pre-lodging payments.

Bedbooker Reviews of Customers

Looking for feedback online is impossible for Bedbooker. I don’t know why. Maybe no one has dared to book with the new travel startup yet or Bedbooker keeps erasing their consumers’ complaints to keep their record clean. Whatever is the real reason behind it, Bedbooker holds a bad reputation. One of my friends actually suggested I write a review about Bedbooker, since she had booked with them once and had the worst experience of travel booking ever. Bedbooker Reviews-complaint

She said that the travel site is just established to acquire sales, not customers. Her birthday surprise for her 50-year-old mom was almost ruined after finding out her booking was not reserved in a specific hotel. She had to re-book the reservation on the spot, good thing the hotel was good at accommodating immediate bookings.
Bedbooker Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                         http://www.bedbooker.com/
  • Contact Number:                   +44 845 689 9825
  • Contact Email:                       customer.support@bedbooker.com
  • Fax Number:                          +44 870 741 0962
  • Head Office Address:             Block A Windy Bank Hall, Green Moor, Wortley, Sheffield S35
                                                  7DQ, United Kingdom


Seriously, at first, I thought Bedbooker means someone booking a travel vacation while slacking on the bed, laptop. Now, writing a review about Bedbooker made me realize more things about them. Bedbooker is a meta search engine where customers can book for a hotel, b&b, and property rental. But, judging through the Bedbooker reviews we found earlier, it’s really doubtful to use Bedbooker.

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