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Thrillophilia Reviews

Are you wondering what’s the meaning of “Thrillophilia”? Let me briefly explain to you. The term means love for thrill, it was originated from the word thrill which means none other than thrill and -philia which is tied to the end of a word to denote fascination over the first word. Philia is used as the exactly opposite of -phobia like for example, when we say “claustrophobia” that means fear of closed spaces, but when we say “claustrophilia” then that denotes love for closed spaces.

Thrillophilia Reviews-Chitra Gurnani
Chitra Gurnani

Moving forward., Thrillophilia traces its roots back to 2011 when it was founded by Chitra Gurnani and Abhishek Daga. Initially, the two founders had used the power of word-of-mouth and digital marketing to make the company popular. Thrillophilia had focused on online sales of adventure tours, but expanded to being a marketplace of tours and activities across Asia. Now, Thrillophilia had grown up to be recognized among the 20 travel web sites and India’s largest tours and activities company.

How does Thrillophilia work?

So, basically, Thrillophilia lets customers search for a specific location from their drop-down list box of destinations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ladakh, then it lets travellers pick what activity do they prefer doing in the selected destination. After clicking search, it will provide a list of activities and customers can sort it by priority, rating, distance, offers or what’s new. They can also customize it through hours of duration of the activity, price range, number of people, tour type and more.
Thrillophilia Reviews-page
Thrillophilia promptly promotes their mobile application which can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store. A getapp option shows at the top left of the page and a direct link at the bottom part, which both provide the service to download the mobile version of their services.

Thrillophilia Reviews-fake feedbackThough on Thrillophilia there’s a separate page for a list of Thrillophilia reviews they had gathered, but I guess what they did was bias because all the listing of feedback shown on that page are all 5-star rating comments. They are even using images to show that the feedback posted are legit and not made up. However, we noticed this:

It’s quite alarming as to why would someone have two similar shots with different reviews and stories of experience with Thrillophilia. Well, feel free to be the judge.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Thrillophilia reviews outside their page.

Thrillophilia Reviews on TripAdvisor

Thrillophilia reviews shown online are not alike the ones posted on their page. Well, of course consumers are commenting a lot about Thrillophilia services. As one reviewer said:
 “if you are planning to go through “Thrillophilia” then you in are in a wrong way. These people will collect money and will not pay to resort as a advance booking.”
Thrillophilia Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       https://www.thrillophilia.com/
  • Contact Email:                     info@thrillophilia.com
  • Head Office Address:           #419, 2nd Floor, 27th main, 1st sector, HSR layout Bangalore,
                                                karnataka 560102 India


After writing a review about Thrillophilia, it’s quite obvious that the thrill is not with the activities to be done, but the thrill goes with the Thrillophilia itself. Though a negative kind of thrill, it’s the kind of thrill which you feel unsure if you should or not book with this so-called one of the best travel sites in India. Well, it is still best to do your research first. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Asiatravel Reviews

The Singaporean based pan-Asian travel site was established in 1995 and is being led by their CEO and Boh Tuang Poh. The humble beginnings of the Asiatravel actually began with just hotel reservation services leading its way to acquire and provide more travel services such as flights and tours. Since it started way back in the 1900s, Asiatravel was the first of its kind in Asia. Now, the travel site operates to several other offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and UAE.

On Asiatravel, customers can choose between hotels, flights, tours and attractions to search, compare and book online. Asiatravel offers discounted airfares from over 500 airlines, which can be booked on an instant confirmation basis and with the best price guarantee. Moreover, when customers book a combo of two from which, they’ll get additional 30% savings.
Asiatravel Reviews-page
With their company slogan “Global Reach, Local Touch”, travellers can book accommodations with all inclusive. Since Asiatravel initially started with hotel reservations, on their homepage it pretty much promotes top hotel destinations more than tours and flights. Aside from English, Asiatravel’s language can be changed to 12 other versions to make the site more understandable.

Asiatravel was awarded simultaneously for “Best Online Travel Agent” in 2013, 2014 and 2015 by TTG Travel Awards.
Asiatravel Reviews-mobile app
However, on Asiatravel some page functionalities are not working, maybe it’s not modernized, like it’s been ages since it was last updated. Anyhow, Asiatravel has a mobile app for customers who are more like a smartphone user or always on the go. The mobile app is available in the App Store and Google Play store and offers similar services to its PC version.

Another downside of the travel site is rooted from Asiatravel reviews. There are several feedback online showing ungratefulness over the pan-Asian travel search engine. What’s even worse was the reviewers had considered Asiatravel as a scam, fraud, tricky and deceiving site. These accusations were based on their personal experience.

The most recent review was posted on 20th of March 2016, wherein the consumer complained about overcharging beyond what was discussed. They checked their booking with the hotel and were advised that additional charges will be made. He called to Asiatravel and was hung up on not less than 5 times.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                        www.asiatravel.com
  • Contact Number:                  (65) 6732 6773
  • Fax Number:                        (65) 6732 1226
  • Head Office Address:            615 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01- 01, Singapore 319516

Asiatravel Reviews-confusedConclusion
It is still quite confusing if we should or we shouldn’t trust Asiatravel. But after making this review and after all the research and facts we made to compile all essential information regarding Asiatravel, no doubt Asiatravel has to work on some loose ends. They might not be as good as other major travel sites, but at least as a small travel company they were able to provide services that no other travel site can offer. However, they should be more aware of their consumer’s feedback or satisfaction. Because not all of them are impressed, this has been their major problem too.

Have you booked with them? Feel free to leave a comment below.