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AppleVacations Reviews

AppleVacations Reviews-John Mullen
John Mullen

AppleVacations? From the name of the company it’s quite obvious where and what it does一provide vacation bookings in New York. But let’s talk beyond that. In this review, let us understand and discover further what is AppleVacations.

AppleVacations started as a small company called “Atkinson & Mullen” which was founded in 1969 by John Mullen and his brother-in-law, Al Atkinson. Mullen, being the sole proprietor of the company, rebranded the business to “AppleVacations” and entered into one of the larger travel package operators in the U.S.

The travel site is under the supervision of a privately-owned vertically-integrated travel and hospitality company, Apple Leisure Group (ALG), in which this travel group also oversees AMResorts, Travel Impressions, CheapCaribbean.com, AMStar DMC and Unlimited Vacation Club.


“America’s Favorite Vacation Company” as their company slogan says. AppleVacations was once voted as the “Best Tour Operator to Mexico”. They are almost 50 years in travel service. They provide vacation services the way they provide themselves because AppleVacations knows how important it is. Great service, convenience and value are the three things AppleVacations had promised to its consumers. Scanning through AppleVacations, customers are not really that convinced to book with the travel site. The flashing image of its tourism is catchy though the overall layout is not modernized.
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The American-based vacation booking site lets travellers search, compare and book for vacation packages, hotel reservations and flights. These services are switchable from the tab located at the left hand of the page. The headings of AppleVacations focus on providing information regarding the tourism of the following: Caribbean, Mexico. Bahamas, Hawaii, Central and South America. Ski is also shown as the last option, though when we click on it, it’s a deadlink.


After reading several complaints and AppleVacations reviews, we are now convinced that travellers shouldn’t trust this site. Consumers’ feedback were actually enough to let us know how inefficient AppleVacations is. Judging through TripAdvisor, they went viral when a forum was trending as the tourists said “Please listen!! Do not book with Apple Vacations” while on ConsumerAffairs, customers are continuously sending and posting comments, wherein those were all complaints. To see more of these AppleVacations reviews, click here.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                           http://www.applevacations.com/
  • Contact Number:                    (800) 517-2000
  • Contact Email:                        trips@applevacations.com
  • Head Office Address:              7 Campus Blvd Newtown Square, PA 19073 United States
                                                   (P.O. Box 6500)

Points To Reconsider
AppleVacations Reviews-rotten apple

We are really disappointed with all the online travel agencies that failed to fulfill their goal in providing utmost customer service. Nowadays, you can only count with your hand which are the remaining travel sites safe to book with一the few ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.

Based on AppleVacations reviews, the travel site seems to have major problems with their services and packages offered. They were not consistent with the deals they offer and this was the main reason why customers are no longer booking with them. Maybe if AppleVacations will just try to make changes on their functionality and services, then maybe it will make a good shot for them to regain consumer’s trust.

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