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AMC Airlines Reviews

crewInitially known as AMC Aviation, which stands for Aircraft Maintenance Company, it was established in 1988 as the first Egyptian independent private company for aircraft maintenance and overhaul at the Egyptian airport to service the local private and foreign airlines. And, it is a joint stock company which has been established under the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. They eventually started operations in 1992 when they acquired their passenger charter operator’s license. The airline was rebranded to “AMC Airlines” in 2004. Its main base is at Cairo International Airport, with hubs at Hurghada International Airport, Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport and Luxor International Airport.

AMC Airlines operates charter flights from Egypt’s tourist destinations to Europe, regular charters to the Middle East, as well as domestic flights. Based in Cairo, Egypt, it also operates ad hoc VIP flights and military transport (for the United Nations).

Flying with AMC Airlines

AMC Airlines Reviews-inflightAMC Airlines has a fleet size of 4 Boeing 737-800 and 1 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 with seat capacity between 165-189. Their modern fleet allows passengers to feel safe and comfortable while enjoying the view outside. Be accompanied with their professional cabin crew and taste the hospitality. Since their crew are carefully selected for their friendliness, courtesy, and unrivalled levels of professionalism, Smile and Hospitality is their slogan.

Sit back and relax. Necessary information in-flight can be learned and accessed on the screens in seats. Staff were well-trained and ready to meet all customers’ needs during the flight; their service program onboard is qualified to satisfy travellers’ needs from meals and beverages.

Safety is a must. AMC’s technical staff do the necessary procedures and checks before every flight to assure safety for an amazing trip. Feel the Difference with AMC Airlines, as they say.

Official Website

Their official site is not as we expected it to be. It is not modernized yet it provides a lot of information regarding the airline history, services, and policies. The web page doesn’t actually give the option to book directly for a preferred flight. When we tried to look for charter flights, it was trying to redirect us to American Airline but got an error that the site cannot be reached. This is one of the reasons why AMC Airlines is not being used more than EgyptAir.

AMC Airlines Reviews of Passengers

Online, we looked for AMC Airlines reviews and found a few ones. But, one topic almost answered our question as to how it was flying with AMC Airlines.

One reviewer said, “We flew AMC when we did the day trip from Sharm to Cairo and I remember the plane being better than the one we flew Manchester to Sharm on. Plane we were on had the seat back TV’s but only had the flight route showing but it was only a short flight so that didn’t get too boring.”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   http://www.amcairlines.com/
  • Contact Number:             +20 2 26230402
  • Contact Email:                 info@amcairlines.com
  • Fax Number:                   00202-26222551
  • Head Office Address:       5 El Nasr St., El Nozha El Gedida, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


AMC Airlines might not be as popular as other charter airlines are, but we are quite confident they provide a neutral kind of service on board. Since they use a modern fleet, the normal-flight mood is already expected. There are not much AMC Airlines reviews, but what we gathered were enough to convince us to give a shot with them.

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