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Airnetz Aviation Reviews

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Airnetz Aviation Reviews

Airnetz Aviation Reviews-Atul Khekade
Atul Khekade

Airnetz Aviation, which specializes in Private Jet Charter, Helicopter Private Jet Financing, Global Distribution System, Executive Aviation, Infrastructure Financing and Helicopters, traces its roots back to 2008 as a computer software privately-held company. Airnetz Aviation has a fleet network of aircrafts and access to various airports and provides online or offline travel information, scheduling, and transaction services. After looking through Bloomberg and Linkedin, there are no registered CEOs or owners that manage Airnetz. However, we found Atul Khekade is their director.

What is Airnetz Aviation?

Airnetz Aviation Reviews-pageAirnetz is neither an airline or an online travel agency. Airnetz is a technology-focused travel firm which offers services such as aircraft financing, infrastructure financing, air charter services, helipad & airport consulting, and fleet management. That is basically how Airnetz works. Airnetz Aviation is actually headquartered in Mumbai, India and now has over 200 employees. Airnetz has in its contracts, aircraft assets worth $400 million, and is currently financing aircraft worth $100 million.

There’s another page for Airnetz Charter services and it has been a well-known air charter company called Airnetz Charter. To access this second site, here’s the link:

This charter site of Airnetz allows consumers to request a charter by entering the location and destination with either ICAO, IATA, or city search type. Customers can also choose which plane and trip type they prefer. Airnetz Aviation is used by Fortune 500 companies.

Basically, consumers just have to get a quick quote and fill up the date, timing, and personal details, specify their budget, and send the charter request. Customers then will receive different quotes from several operators. So, they could pick from which they prefer and select for their exclusive flying.

Airnetz Aviation Reviews of Passengers

Since it’s an aircraft, financing the business is done by owners and clients. Though, we tried searching for Airnetz Aviation reviews posted online, but unfortunately we found none. However, we don’t find this negative nor positive, maybe neutral. We can’t judge them with no absolute evidence. Well, the purpose of this review was actually to let consumers know that such travel businesses exist.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                http://www.airnetz.com/
  • Contact Number:          +1 608 554 0461 (US) / +91 99304 03019 (Asia)
  • Contact Page:               http://www.airnetz.com/contact-us/
  • Fax Number:                +91 22 3916 7424
  • Head Office Address:   302-303 Samaj Deep, adukia lane, S V Road, Kandivali West,
                                        Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067, India


Airnetz Aviation Reviews-private jetThe only thing I am worried about now, is actually how their website looks like. We got to admit that it’s not even modernized, and the travel company was established 10 years ago. What’s wrong with a not-modernized web page? First, the functionality might be faulty. Second, it leaves the impression that the travel site is not well-maintained. And lastly, this decreased interest of the customers to trust a company that seems not professional to at least fix this very minor case of the should-be appearance of their travel business.

Have you used Airnetz Aviation before? Feel free to share your experience below.