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Carpatair Reviews

The Romanian regional airline was established in 1999 and commenced operations in February with its first inaugural flight in Cluj-Napoca wherein the ownership of the airline is divided between 51% Romanian shareholders and 49% Swiss and Swedish shareholders. There’s not much information about the origin of the regional airline of Romania.

Carpatair Reviews-Nicolae Petrov
Nicolae Petrov

It is known that their current President and Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Nicolae Petrov. The airline is headquartered in Timisoara, Romania with 3 Fokker 100 aircrafts serving destinations to European countries.

However, Carpatair filed for insolvency in January 2014 with the aim to reorganize their company’s operations. Infolotnicze discussed this matter with Mr. Petrov and the president humbly answered all the questions. To check out his answers, click here.

The mission of the regional airline with an overall 15 years experience in the travel industry, is to become the leader in providing charter airline services by leasing out to specific organizations and occasions. Their service’s values are focused at: Safety, Quality and Reliable partnership.

In Flight Services
Carpatair Reviews-on board
The all-Fokker100 fleet airline can accommodate 100 passengers per flight. They find their medium size aircrafts as an advantage to a full range and closer customer service assistance. Carpatair consider themselves as meticulous team that provides high class performance to satisfy travelers on their holiday flight. Unlike other regional airlines, Carpatair offers special services to passengers with reduced mobility, child or infant, unaccompanied minor and pregnant women. Wheelchair and stretchers were also provided as part of their assistance.

Carpatair’s Website
The website of Carpatair reminds me of Aer Lingus green-theme layout, which makes the overall design crisp and pleasant to the eyes of the consumers. Plus the flashing image of their aircraft attracts travelers to picture a clean cabin flight experience. Well, the sole purpose of the official website lets travelers get a grasp of their company background, policies and services.

Carpatair Reviews of Passengers
Though Carpatair reviews on Skytrax’s Airlinequality.com were pretty much outdated, the comments are still not good enough to score the airline with at least an average rating appreciation. The regional airline gathered a total of 4/10 based on 10 Carpatair reviews. The most recent post was dated on the 24th of April 2011, and said:

“FCO-TSR-IAS Business Class. Check-in in FCO terrible just 1 counter 45 minutes waiting time. No lounge offered. Inflight service with very friendly and attentive staff good food. Transit in TSR as well despite of being a small and old airport was ok. Here again very polite staff.” she gave Carpatair a 9/10 star rating for her feedback.
Carpatair Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Website URL:                      www.carpatair.com
  • Contact Number:                +40 256 306 933
  • Contact Email:                    timisoara@carpatair.com
  • Fax Number:                      +40 256 306 962
  • Head Office Address:          Timisoara International Airport, 307210 Timisoara, Romania

Judging through Carpatair reviews I read and updates about the airline, we can foresee that the airline didn’t lose their direction due to insolvency, they have a goal and they’re just under construction. Well, it’s business, they all share their own times of ups and downs. If you have flown with Carpatair, feel free to share your experience below.



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SilkAir Airline Review


Since the dawn of aviation history people envisioned a better way to make the flight industry easy and comfortable for air commuters. This became a great challenge in the evolution of the flight industry. Creating innovative ways to make the flight of every air commuter. Homely is the main theme of every Airline company today domestic and abroad.

Chief-Executive-Officer of SilkAir is Leslie Thng
Leslie Thng CEO of SilkAir

Origins and Ownership

The Current Chief-Executive-Officer of SilkAir is Leslie Thng. Before being appointed as CEO in 2012,  Mr. Thng served as Vice President of Network Planning for Singapore Airlines and has been a board director of SilkAir since January of 2009.

Silkair was established as an air-charter-company in 1975, after years of providing quality service for regional air commuters mainly from neighboring countries like Brunei, Thailand, and indonesia. The company made major changes to reintroduce the new name “SilkAir Airline”  to the company, as part also of the company’s expansion to India and mainland China. SilkAir Airline is a regional subsidiary of Singapore Airlines.

What people are saying

According to online customer reviews, SilkAir continuously provides quality customer service. The majority of the reviews talk about the crew, both ground and cabin crew, describing them as “friendly” and “excellent”. Despite the positive feedback from customers, SilkAir is still haunted by different complaints like delayed flights and, poor design of the aircraft because of an aging fleet.

The WebsiteTAxEZby

The SilkAir Website provides a user friendly navigation. The impressive, simple layout of the website will surely make you read more about them. They also provide Fare Deals for the cheapest flights they have available. The feature that will surely catch your attention is the option for “Perfect Destination” it provides different destinations around the globe that will be useful for travelers.

How to contact them

SilkAir provides an online forum that displays a list of links referring you to the different departments to assist you regarding your concern. Since Silkair is a subsidiary of Singapore Airline the website also links you to Singapore Airline.

The SilkAir Flight contact number depends on your itinerary. That’s why it is best to visit their user friendly website. Click here


As part of the new milestone program in SilkAir it now operates 23 new Boeing 737 Next Generation jets as a part of their new brand campaign to offer new service to their customers. They offer both business and economic class which provides both quality service like good food, and quality entertainment that will surely indulge you to fly with them. They operate Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.


The SilkAir Hub is located in the heart of the largest transportation hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore Changi Airport. They operate 28 planes consisting of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. SilkAir also received various recognition like Top 10 List of Best Airlines Worldwide for Cabin Service by Hong Kong – based online travel magazine, Smart Travel Asia and, Awarded Regional Airline of the Year by AirlineRatings.com

Contact information

  • Website URL:                 www.silkair.com
  • Contact number:            +65 6542 8111
  • Head Office Address:     371 Beach Road, #17-08 Keypoint Singapore 199597


As a general survey about SilkAir Airline, they consistently provide good customer service to their customers, this can be their greatest prowess considering the overwhelming review about their staff and their overall service as an airline. They keep on providing innovative ways to satisfy their customers. However, SilkAir still needs improve the negative feedback from their customers. What do you think about SilkAir? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Emirates Airlines Reviews

Humans are not capable of growing their own wings, unfortunately. So as an alternative, we have to rely on technology and machinery to create our own vessel to soar through the skies. How hard would our lives be if airplanes didn’t exist? Transportation is power, travelling is an essential part of human life.

Airline industries all over the world provide the greatest service there is for transportation. One great example is Emirates Airlines.

Origins and Ownership
Emirates was founded on October 25, 1985 by Maurice Flanagan. The current CEO of Emirates is His Highness, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, 56 years old, son of Dubai’s former ruler, Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum. Al Maktoum is also the current chairman of emirates airlines and group. Al Maktoum was born on December 22nd, 1958 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates Airlines belongs to the government of Dubai, but it serves millions of people around the world.

Emirates Airlines' CEO His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum
Emirates Airlines’ CEO His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

What people are saying

Being a 4-star airline speaks for itself. Past passengers were very happy flying with Emirates, according to most Emirates reviews, every expectation was met. There was even one passenger who wrote, “it is a mystery why Emirates is not rated with 5 stars.” So it means that there’s still a lot of room for improvement and innovation. Who knows, probably sooner or later, Emirates will be ranked as a 5-star airline.

Now, going back to the customer reviews, many passengers were very happy with the comfortable seats. The flight attendants were kind and polite. Passengers were delighted with features like the fast wifi and amazing food. The best thing about these reviews is that Emirates manages to gain loyal customers who promote their great service to family and friends.

The Website

Emirates Airlines Website Reviews
Emirates Airlines website

Emirates website is pretty standard and easy to access. Passengers can check in online, they can also check their flight status. One good feature about the website is their page for altering booked flights. Passengers can manage their flight status, like change their date, pick their seat, book hotels or car rentals, and anything else to do with the flight. Their website has a page for special offers, click on it and a daily discounted offer appears, so people looking for value can find it with a little luck. Each flight listed, shows a picture of the destination, in-flight facilities and other features.

Customer Service

Emirates’ customer service functions all day and night, their phone lines are divided according to passenger concern. There is a designated number for flights, another for hotel booking, car hire/rentals and lastly a number for queries about travel insurance.
Emirates is considerate to include a page called “Help Center” for customers who might have physical disabilities. This page allows passengers to browse different FAQs; checking in, baggage, cancellations, etc… Emirates does provide email support and there were many positive reviews about their accurate and helpful customer service


Emirates offers three classes, First class, Business class, and Economy class.

First Class

To start with the best one, the first class truly has amazing features. The best one is probably the seating arrangements, or should I say, room arrangements. That’s right instead of connected seats, first class has small rooms for each passenger to enjoy their privacy. Simply go inside your room, slide the door shut and enjoy your solitude in the air. The room includes your bed/seat and a table for work or play. Each seat can be converted to a bed for a peaceful slumber. Oh by the way, each room has their own mini bar that can be accessed by pressing a button.

Emirates Airlines Frist Class Review
Experience solitude in the sky

Business Class

Besides the room feature for each seat, business class is similar to first class. A convertible seat, a mini bar, space for work, you will surely reach your destination refreshed.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Reviews
Fly with ease

Economy class

This class offers spacious room and an in-seat power supply for your laptop or other devices. You can surf the internet, write an email, or update your blog while flying. Each passenger can also adjust the ambient lighting to their liking.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Reviews
Simple Brilliance

Foods and Beverage

No matter if you are flying first class, business class, or economy class, you are surely in for a treat. Emirates Airlines serves exquisite and delicious meals for their passengers. For first class, passengers can enjoy meals from around the world. In business class,  the food options are regionally inspired and for the most part, cooked to perfection. Economy class also offers regionally inspired meals like Lamb Brochette with Arabic Spices or Grilled Chicken Breast with Caramelised Plums. Pretty sure that your appetite is ignited just by reading the menu.

Meals are even served on fancy flatware like royal doulton fine bone china with exclusive Robert Welch cutlery, this enhances the overall aesthetic of the meal.

Emirates Airlines Food ReviewsEmirates Airlines Food Reviews

For their beverages, passengers are satisfied by world-class wines and cocktails. The wine is carefully chosen to compliment the gourmet cuisine. Kids can enjoy tasty snacks and fun drinks for their delight.

In flight technology

For entertainment, Emirates provides the Ice digital widescreen which includes over 2,000 channels for movies, tv series, sports, and music. So each passenger has a wide selection of in flight entertainment.

Emirates Airlines In-Flight Entertainment Reviews
Over 2,00 channels to choose from

Baggage service

Emirates has their own baggage crew who help you as soon as you step out of your car, right up until you check in and reach your seat.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Service Reviews

Chauffeur Drive

To fully enjoy your trip without any hassle, Emirates offers chauffeur driving services. This service is available to first and business class passengers. The driver will pick you up at home and take you to the airport in style. The service works both ways, so once you land you can have a chauffeur take you to your hotel, home or wherever it is that you need to be.

Emirates Chaffeur service
Wherever you want to go

That’s pretty much it, but, what more can you ask for? Each feature and service truly aims to gain customer appreciation.

Emirates Base and Fleet

Emirates core operation is the Dubai International Airport at Al Garhoud, United Arab Emirates. With a fleet of more than 230 plans, Emirates flies to over 140 destinations in 80 countries around the world. They operate 8 types of aircraft including their pride and glory, the Emirates A380. Their fleet includes;

· Airbus A340-500
· Airbus A340-300
· Airbus A330-200
· Boeing 777-300ER
· Boeing 777-200LR
· Boeing 777-300
· Boeing 777-200
· The Emirates A380

Emirates makes sure to innovate and upgrade their airliners from time to time, to give each passenger the best travel experience possible.

In 2015 Emirates annual profit had an increased over 40%. Emirates’ annual profit is about 4.56 billion dirhams, or $1.24 billion. A year earlier, emirates had a total of 3.25 billion dirhams annual profit. Truly massive progress for the entire airline and also the country.


Emirates is a recipient of tons of awards. Aviation Industry Awards named Emirates as the Aviation Company of the year in 2014. Emirates was also named Best Airline Worldwide in 2014 by the Business Traveler (ME) award. The list goes on, Emirates truly made its mark in the airline industry.

Contact Information

For references or queries here is Emirates basic and contact information.

  • Phone number: +971 4286 4066 or +6 005 555 55
  •  Flights: +1 800 777 3999
  •  Hotel booking: +1 514 400 9337
  •  Car Hire: +1 778 806 4896
  • Travel Insurance: +1 866 878 0191
  • Fax number: +971 4295 0758
  • E-mail: media.relations@emirates.com
  • Web-site: www.emirates.com
  •  Country: United Arab Emirates
  •  IATA code: EK
  •  ICAO code: UAE


We these Emirates Airlines Reviews were helpful. Emirates Airlines is without a doubt one of the best Airlines in the world. Throughout the years, the airline was successful in gaining loyal customers who would fly with them any day. From initial booking to on-flight service, everything is brilliant. This 4 star airline truly deserves their position ranked among the top 5 airlines in the world.