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Air Wisconsin Reviews

With the help of investors from the Fox Cities that raised $110,000 ($825987.33 adjusting for inflation) to establish a new airline in 1963, Air Wisconsin was founded. The regional airline initially started with a single 9-passenger de Havilland Dove serving the purpose of connecting Appleton, Wisconsin to Chicago. In time, Air Wisconsin had gained its nickname due to its popularity and the most recent is “Air Wisky”. Air Wisconsin was the nation’s largest regional airline in the 1980s.
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Air Wisconsin’s team is made up of approximately 2,700 members dedicated to making our travelers’ experiences safe and pleasant. In partnership with American Airlines, Air Wisconsin operates nearly 500 departures per day. Air Wisconsin performs ground-handling services in 13 locations in partnership with United Express and American Airlines.

Air Wisconsin Services

Being the largest privately-held regional airline in the United States, Air Wisconsin now has a growing fleet size of 69 Canadian CRJ-200LR that can carry 50 passengers. Part of their historical fleet included British Aerospace BAe, de Havilland, Fokker, Dornier and Beechcraft. Air Wisconsin currently serves 70 destinations within Canada and the United States.
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Since Air Wisconsin operates regional jet flights as American Eagle, they’re in alliance with Oneworld. The 51-year-old airline is currently led by their president and CEO, Christine Deister.

The Website

Looking at their official site is not as usual as navigating an air carrier web page. The page promotes more on career and employment of pilots or cabin staff. It also shows their partnership with other major airlines and access for more information about their company profile.
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Not like other airlines’ pages, customers can’t book through the page of Air Wisconsin because bookings are done on the website of the specific airline partners mentioned earlier.

Given that thought, Air Wisconsin still provides quality of service. In fact, they follow a certain customer service plan. See for yourself, click here.

Air Wisconsin Reviews of Employees

Air Wisconsin, which provides regional services in the USA, feeder operations for United and American Airlines, got an overall rating of 4.5/5 on Indeed and 3.2/5 on Glassdoor. We quite notice that Air Wisconsin reviews shown online are not about the service on-board with the regional air carrier. All of the reviews are about their employment-handling background.

As one former employee said:
“This company is great to work with. They treat the employees with respect, and the benefits are great also.”
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                         http://www.airwis.com/
  • Contact Number:                   +1 920 739 51 23
  • Contact Email:                      corporatecommunication@airwis.com
  • Fax Number:                         +1 920 749 41 58
  • Head Office Address:             West 6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 203, Appleton, Wisconsin, 54914, USA


I am entirely astounded that Air Wisconsin truly esteems their workers. Their site won’t resemble a decent use for travellers looking for a place to book online, but we should remember that without a pilot or an administrator making a trip from a destination to somewhere else, flight is not possible.

Have you worked or flown with Air Wisconsin? Feel free to share your experience below.